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Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Took A Slight Detour

This will be quick, as I don't have much to tell right now. Hayden Reece (still not sure whether it's "Reese" or "Reece" so I'll just spell it like I want to) was born this morning, November 7th by Caesarian section, and all went well. Katie is sore (understandably) but doing well otherwise.
Hayden has a full head of hair, I hear, and weighed 6 lbs can't remember the ounces (does that make me a terrible grandma?) and is 20 inches long.
About 2pm or so this afternoon (6pm or so in Puerto Rico), Zach called to say that Hayden was taken to ICU, as they didn't like that she was "breathing too fast." I have no idea what that means, and Zach didn't either. Katie is distraught. She was finally able to get her doctor to OK her to get in a wheelchair to go see her baby, and she was a little more calm after that. She told me that Hayden is very cute, looks a lot like Mia, but is different around the mouth. Bigger mouth? That wouldn't be hard - Mia has my little keyhole mouth.
So now we're still waiting to hear the results of any X-rays they take and/or tests they're running. Katie was tired when I last talked to her around 4:00 this afternoon. She was going to try and sleep, and I haven't had a call from her since. I'll call her again in the morning and see if they know any more. Katie's bishop and Zach gave little Hayden a blessing, so that made me feel better. We'll know more in the morning.
Mia seems to have the flu, and was running a temp of 103 this afternoon. She misses her mom and dad, but Katie's friend Nellie is taking good care of her. Tomorrow Momo arrives (Zach's mom) and life will get a little more organized. If you think of it, give this little family, and especially Hayden, a little shout out in your prayers. I'm sure everything will be fine. Right? Yes, it will be fine, but right now I'm regretting choosing to come later rather than now.
Until tomorrow -


  1. Oh, Karen, you must be going a little crazy about now...but you're right. The baby's had a blessing, and all will be well.

    One of my sister's babies and one of my grandchildren had the same "fast breathing" issue after being born. One had inhaled a bit of fluid, one a bit of meconium. They were put on antibiotics and kept in the hospital a couple of days extra, but everything was fine.

    Still, I'm sending you big hugs, because it's always scary when anything at all is even a little wrong.


    PS. Love the name! Congratulations, Grandma...You are one ahead of me.

  2. Hi Mom, sorry I couldn't call you back last night, my battery died. Anyway, I pumped Hayden's first feeding late last night and they said this morning that they will give it to her through the tube. Also this morning they said that her oxygen hood has been discontinued so that's good news. As long as she keeps breathing well without it, I'll get to hold her for the first time this afternoon. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but have them up! It breaks my heart seeing her like that and not be able to snuggle her so she knows everything will be OK. I will be discharged tomorrow and hopefully she'll be discharged later this week. Love you! Call me if you get a chance, my phone is back up and running :)I've been walking the halls this morning and feel SOOOO much better than day one. Slept through the night as well. I should be all rested by the time Hayden comes home.


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