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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring On The Christmas Traditions

Wow - it's Christmas time already. This year was so jam-packed it just flew by! I just barely got out the Thanksgiving decorations in time for that holiday, and it's already time to start dragging out the Christmas things. I brought in a couple of items and then I got paralyzed. I have so many ideas floating around in my head (because I never seem to decorate exactly the same way twice) that I'm not sure where to start. And the gift wrapping - that's taken on a life of it's own! I have a mountain of gifts waiting to be wrapped -some need to go far away so I really do need to get cracking.
Baking. Every year I feel so ambitious in the baking department, and every year I seem to end up making the same things. And not enough of them. This year it would be nice to expand the repertoire and/or make more of the others. What are your favorite holiday treats?

On Christmas Eve we'll have Rex, Ronna, and the grandkiddies. Actually they'll be here for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to think of fun things to do - either generally speaking, or on Christmas Eve. Last year was our first year of doing Christmas Eve solo - with just our kids and grandkids and no aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The kids are still small, and there will be only two of them, so a Nativity enactment is out. What else do you all do on Christmas Eve (or throughout the season) that is fun and makes memories?

I love to hear about other people's traditions, and am always looking for something we can adapt to our family here. Up until now, ours have pretty much centered around a sugarfest of Christmas treats, and some wassail or hot chocolate. Treats are good, but I was hoping to come up with something a little more memory-making - or maybe ya'll are no more creative than I am? (No - I'm sure you are. Don't disappoint me, now!)

As the Christmas season gets in full swing, and I'm wrapping and painting and shopping and baking and trying to spread Christmas cheer, I hope you'll give me a little peek into your holiday traditions. What is fun, and works for you and your family?


  1. I'm LOVING the Elf on a Shelf! YOu should decorate cookies with Lexi so she can leave them out for Santa that evening-that would be fun to do on Christmas Eve. YOu can also get some carrots taht you can pack up cute for her to leave for the reindeer. YOu should also have her write a list for Santa that you can throw in the fire place...I LOVED doing that as a kid!

  2. I'm glad you reminded me about the list - I'd forgotten about that!


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