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Monday, December 21, 2009

What I Did On My Before-Christmas Weekend

Over the weekend I pretty much did one thing, and one thing only: I baked cookies. You see, I suddenly realized over the course of last week that this was the last weekend before Christmas, and I hadn't baked even one cookie. If there were going to be Christmas treats this year, I had one weekend to make them, and this was it. Friday night, L and I trudged out to the store after work (one of his favorite things to do, one of my most dreaded things to do). We loaded our cart with sugar, flour, jam, butter, peanut butter, more butter, eggs, vanilla and candy canes. Lots of candy canes. Oh - and chocolate chips and cocoa. The sugar fumes were deadly.

One thing I'd wanted to do was to put together some jars of hot chocolate mix, both classic (with little marshmallows) and peppermint (with crushed peppermint candy). L didn't want to - thought it would take way too long. He fussed around about it for a minute or two, and then 30 minutes later we had 7 jars of cocoa mix to give away as little gifts. And THEN he was so excited about it you'd have thought the whole thing was his idea. Boys... *shaking head*

Saturday was D-Day, or rather B-Day (for Baking). I got up, and mixed up a batch of jam thumbprint cookies (our family's favorite!) and put them in to chill. I mixed up the dough for Snowball cookies, and put them in to chill. Then I made peanut butter cookies. These are so easy to make, but then I make them special by dipping an edge in melted chocolate and then crushed peanuts. It makes them look like they're wearing jewelry. Delicious jewelry. L came in at this point and stirred chocolate for me while I dipped the cookies. Peanut butter cookies are his favorite, and I think he was hoping for a nice warm cookie, fresh from the oven. I gave him the one that broke - chef's reward.

About this time I had to run out and get some shampoo at the beauty supply. The aesthetician in back was having a special: $5 to get your brows, lip and chin waxed. DEAL - I went for it, and now I am smooth instead of like an old goat. What a nice treat that was! I plan to go back real soon for a facial. But back to baking.

When I returned we started in on the thumbprint cookies. These are so good - all buttery with a nice little indent of raspberry or apricot jam in the middle. I can't even start eating these or I'll never stop. L came in again and helped on the assembly line. The dough must be rolled into balls, then dipped in an egg wash, then rolled in coconut. Once on the baking sheet you press your thumb gently into the ball to make an indent (but GENTLY or it will smash all over the place). Then you fill the indent with jam, bake them, and then try not to eat the whole pan.

*Messy Kitchen*

The last to bake were the Snowball cookies - little balls of almond and vanilla yumminess that are coated with powdered sugar after they're baked. These are hard to resist too, but the recipe doesn't make that many so I had to exercise great will power.

Right about this time my feet began to ache very badly, so it was time to clean up and relax. L said I snored gently as soon as I put my head down. (Is there a delicate way to snore gently??)I was pretty tired. Even L said his legs were sore the next day from standing so much! We're used to sitting at desks all day so we're kind of delicate when it comes to standing on our sticks for any length of time. We should work on that, I guess.

On Sunday I got up extra early and made 2 more batches of cookie dough: more jam thumbprint dough, and a chocolate peppermint dough that you dip in white chocolate once they're baked. Then I went to church. I noticed that I smelled like cookie dough. It kind of made me sick. Too much sugar, if there is such a thing.

We made the extra batch of jam thumbprints, but the chocolate dough remains in the fridge for another day. The recipe is intimidating, so I'm kind of circling it for now, hoping the dough doesn't go bad while I work up my courage. It's the kind of thing where you have to roll it out, freeze it, cut the shapes, freeze it again, then bake, then dip in chocolate. It's a lot to think about all in one day.
Christmas Tree Closeup of Kiddie Tree &Tabletop View

But even with the cookies we've already made, we have enough to eat and enough to give. The perfect amount. And my house is decorated, presents are bought and wrapped. I think I'm ready. And just in the nick of time!

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  1. You have so much flair...Your cookies sound really cool. Especially the peanut butter with chocolate dipped on one edge and nuts.

    And I am so jealous that your packages are wrapped. Mine are not. I have felt pretty sick. Today I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, so hopefully I will rally soon. In the meantime, I am just plugging away trying to get everything done and not succeeding because it's like I'm walking in sludge. And they are all coming the day after tomorrow.





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