Daily Affirmation

The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last week's insanity is a distant memory.  Quarter end is over, and things will start fresh on Monday.  I've de-stressed and am feeling much better, thank you for asking.  I was out running some errands this morning and noticed that a new yoga studio opened just down the street.  I've been waiting for this for such a long time.  There are many yoga studios in Fullerton, in Huntington Beach, in ANY of the beach cities, even one in Brea.  But I know myself, and unless its right in my backyard and I can get there in 5 minutes, I won't go.  So now, here, FINALLY is one in my backyard.  I stopped in, talked to them about what they have available, and signed myself right up for an unlimited trial period: I can go as much as I want for the next month for just $25.  By that time I should know whether or not I'm loving it, or whether I'd like to forget it.
So for now I'm stoked.  I start Monday night at 8:00.  It's perfect - I have time to get home at 6, have dinner, change, and drive over without feeling rushed or crazy.  And I'm finished in plenty of time to come home, unwind, and get to bed.  One night it's a yoga stretch and meditation class, another night it's tai chi, another night it's a yoga cleanse class, and Fridays (should I choose to go on Friday) it's "shake your soul" yoga - explained as more of a cardio dancey sort of yoga.  Fun.  Rhythmic.  On some nights there wasn't a class planned in that 8:00 slot, but the lady said should there be enough of a demand she would create one.  Awesome! - I'm there.  I had some concerns that I would be the only stiff-muscled slightly chubby older yoga beginner there, but she soothed my concerns.  They may be valid concerns, but she took away the self conscious fears.
I feel like I've just done something incredibly good for myself.  I picture how lean I can look, how much my posture could improve, how much stronger and toned my muscles could be.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.   A month - I need to stick with it for a month.  But I think I will, don't you?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Donkey On the Edge

Did you ever have a day where you wanted to shoot something?  Well, today was my day, and I wasn't feeling real picky about the target.  It's a combination of many many things: lots of stress at work, wedding in the works, achey joints, and, and, ...wow, that doesn't sound like much, does it?  It's hard to describe stress at work... it's like every day your boss is cranky and irritable (which is not his usual self so you wonder: is it something I did? What's up?), another sales district just did a hostile takeover of part of your district, we may not make our numbers for this quarter, and virtually every person in the company thinks that admins are fair game for every freaking task they need done.  In short, I'm not feeling the love.  I'm overwhelmed with work and stressed out.  But at least I'm not alone.  There are three of us in the office who are ready for intensive therapy.  So there's that. 
Then, there's the wedding plans.  For anyone who's ever been involved in planning a wedding, that pretty much sums it up.  Big time emotional ball of craziness.
Throw in the aching joints and that is the piece de resistance.  Nothing says "Good Morning" like knees that don't like to bend or ankles that don't like to bear weight.  Sweet.  The last two days I've literally cut out all sugar, doubled up on the Advil and Excedrin, and its slowly improving.  Maybe.  It's hard to tell until the Advil/Excedrin wear off.  
The cherry on top is, I also have a big zit on my face.  I had a facial on Saturday because I wanted my skin to look glowy.  Well, it brought up the mother of all zits, and it's glowing, all right.  Luckily, Bare Minerals does a great coverup job.  But c'mon - I'm 56 for heaven's sake!  WHY am I still getting zits at 56?!?
So you can see why, when my daughter sent me the picture of Mia, below, it made me want to leave all the junk behind, and be a small girl splashing her toes in a fountain at the park on a sunny day.  What a feeling!  Freedom, cool water on your feet, warm sun on your back, no cares.  Complete serendipity.

For what it's worth, I think my boss could sense there was a donkey (or two or three) on the edge today.  On his way back to the office from lunch, he called to collect our orders for Starbucks.  He has a wifey and two daughters.  The man has learned how to read the mood in the room, and do what he has to do to get himself out of the line of fire.  He's not only a nice man (just a little crabby lately), he's a genius.  You cannot get mad at a man bearing a tall soy hot chocolate, no whip, with peppermint.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brightly Shining Stars

This is our newest grandchild, Hayden Reese.  Today was her blessing day.  Isn't she beautiful?  Katie sent me this picture only this morning (PR is four hours ahead of us in time, so her day was half over when mine was beginning).  It's pictures like this that remind me how sweet and innocent these little spirits are, and how great our responsibility is to them.  It's quite awesome, frankly.  It is with great regret that I look back on certain times, and wish I had tried harder, done better, put in a more courageous day's work.  So I love these little children with all my heart.  They are a second chance, a second opportunity to teach a small child to love Heavenly Father, their brothers and sisters all around them, and, most importantly, themselves.  Because if you love yourself, you can see your divine heritage.  And if you can see that, choosing the right is so much easier.  Then we can all be like stars shining brightly, shining for the whole world to see.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Just Wanna Dry Out

The sun was peeking out this morning on my way to work.  Really - it was!  It's gone back into hiding, but it was out for a quick minute.  It's been nice having real weather for awhile, and I love to hear the rain on the roof at night when I'm all toasty inside.  But my house isn't next to a muddy burned out hillside.  I haven't been evacuated.  I haven't lain awake at night listening for the roar of tons of mud barreling towards my home.  So it's good that the last showers and bad weather and wierd tornadoes are on their way out. 
L and I went walking last night and just when we got far enough away from the house to turn back we were treated to a bout of thunder and lightning.  No rain - just a lightshow and noise.  But it made me feel a little vulnerable being outside while the weather was so volatile.  So enough is enough - its good to see a bit of blue sky poking through dark clouds.  I can't wait for a glimpse of the beautiful, snow covered mountains.  We live in a beautiful state with so much diversity - soothing ocean in one direction, and majestic mountains in the other.  Something for everybody.
Nothing much to report. 
Wedding plans: rolling along, but no venue yet for the non-temple festivities.  I hear rumblings, but really - I'm just trying to stay out of the way, and not have opinions or advice.  It's for the best.  Still looking for a dress.
New Glasses: Need some.  Need to make a Saturday appointment.  I'll be needing a new pair to wear when I'm not wearing contacts.
Diet: Ate 2 squares of cornbread this morning for breakfast.  There wasn't anything else, and I didn't have time to cook eggs.  I will repent at a later meal.  Otherwise going as well as can be expected for someone who sits all day at a desk.  I need to move more on the weekends.
Valentine's Day: It's coming.  I like it.  I like sending the grandkiddies cards and things,  and I like getting my sweet L a little surprise.  And I like the flowers he sends me.  Usually it's to the office, but this year its on Sunday.  A Valentine's Day quandary.
My i-Phone: I think L is enjoying it as much as I am - maybe even more.  He's researched all kinds of apps for me to put on it.  The first one I downloaded was Kindle.  Love it!  Then last night we downloaded Radio Paradise, so I can listen to great music wherever I am.  Today he found out that Pandora has an app too, so we'll probably do that one too.  AND - I want my scriptures on there. L has found the one that everyone likes, and that works the best (according to reviews).  Then I think I'll be set.  I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I have, but I have to say it rocks.

Newport Beach *water spout*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Kansas in the OC

It's too wet and cold to go out walking tonight.  So I've just been watching The Biggest Loser, trying to get enthusiasm for doing some small weights (5 lbs) to try to firm up my arms and shoulders.  I hate weights.  But I did it.  I'm working up to 3 sets of each exercise but tonight it was just two.  With my RA, if I get sore it lasts for days, so I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible by breaking into it slowly.  Even though I hate it, that's hard for me to do.  I feel like I'm being a baby.
It was another pretty good day diet wise, although more difficult than yesterday.  The enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of losing weight wears off quickly, doesn't it?  So then you're left with - hopefully - your determination.  I'm proud of myself though.  For two days I've forced myself to walk past treats and get busy with something else so I forget about them.  Doesn't sound like much, but the first week or so is the hardest.  Then, as your body rids itself of the refined sugar, it gets a little easier.
To anyone out there trying to do the same thing, I'm with you.  I've never been one of those super disciplined people turning down bread and sweets without a second thought.  No, I'm the one who likes to have a good time and deny myself nothing.  So this is hard.  
I read my scriptures again today.  I'm hoping the discipline of that will help me be disciplined with food.  Couldn't hurt, right?  Sorry for all the diet and exercise talk.  Mostly it's to keep myself psyched up.  And to deny that I want a cookie.  As soon as I'm in more of a routine, I'll stop yapping about it.  Hopefully by tomorrow, huh?
It was so rainy today - there was a tornado warning for various parts of Orange County, including the Irvine area where I work.  So what did we do?  Did we head for the safer inner offices?  No, we all had our faces plastered against the windows, watching for the tornado.  Good times.  It didn't come to Irvine, but apparently it hit Huntington Beach and sections of Newport.  Cars and boats were thrown around a bit.  That's pretty dramatic for this neck of the woods!  Tomorrow promises an even bigger storm.  Better batten down the hatches.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Post Vacation Blues & Wedding News

I'm having a hard time getting back into routine.  When I checked my work email on Sunday night (after being on vacation for over a week) I found that I had over 300 emails waiting for me.  Seriously, I felt like crying.  It took me over an hour to just go through them, weeding out the junk, dealing with a few, and at least whittling the list down to the necessary 160 left to deal with this morning on my first day back to work.  I don't know what's worse: that desperate feeling you get when you haven't had any breaks or vacation for awhile, or that sick feeling you get when you have to go back to work after being gone - and you know all of the misery that's waiting for your return.  It almost makes you swear off of vacations.  Almost.
There's just so much to think about right now - work seems like such an annoyance, except that it pays for all of the other things you'd rather be doing.  We have a wedding date, folks, for Scott and Ashley.  June 19th.  I was able to meet Ashley's mother on Saturday over lunch.  She was out from Florida for the weekend to try to get some things accomplished.  And dang if she didn't - they actually got a dress! (At a wonderful bridal boutique recommended by ME!)  She had her eye on a venue for the reception and pre-wedding dinner, but I never did hear if they were able to see it, or if it was what they wanted.  Seriously, in all the discussion about this dinner menu, and that reception detail, I found myself really really glad that any and all decisions were not up to me.  I am merely the mother of the groom - you know, just be quiet and wear beige.  In all the wedding talk, I got one theme right - it is going to be very ambitious.  Totally wonderful, I have no doubt - but it made me a little tired.  Right now my big task is to come up with a guest list.  I think I can handle that.  The color scheme is going to be eggplant and jade.  So if any of you see a wonderful dress suitable for me that will fit in with that color scheme, let me know, won't you?  Actually, if you see any wonderful dress at all, let me know - I don't care what color it is.  
I've started Day One of The Diet.  So far, so good.  I stayed away from the office mini candy bars, and declined hot chocolate.  I had salad with grilled mahi mahi at Rubio's for lunch.  A small bowl of chili for dinner.  (My one sin was a square of cornbread - but I walked an extra mile in between rainstorms tonight).  Anyway, wish me luck - I'd really like to look better for the wedding AND feel better for life.  I'm not sure why weddings always make us want to be thin, but they do.  At this point, I'm trying to forget about THIN, and just accomplish LESS FAT.  I think that's possible.  L needs to stop bringing home Trader Joe's Kettle Corn, though.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Esta Bien

I'm home.  I'm tired.  I'm sick.  I think I have a cold.  Puerto Rico was wonderful.  I saw a different side to it than last year when we were merely tourists.  This trip I faced reality as a mainlander transplanted to Puerto Rico - and reality ain't always pretty.  It's a whole different culture, and it's hard to get used to doing things in ways we (as stateside citizens) don't always consider smart or efficient.  There are no such things as doctor appointments.  You simply show up and wait with your sick child until your name is called.  First come, first served.  Forms to fill out for a new baby/patient are in Spanish.  If you don't speak Spanish, you are many times out of luck.
The music in Walmart is in Spanish.  You are told that you can't bring your shopping cart into the Walmart McDonald's, but you're told in Spanish.  However, when they see your blank stare, they either speak English, or they are good natured about pantomiming their request.
I did see the difficulties of trying to adapt to a life there as a young mother whose husband is gone A LOT.  It would be hard, and it would make me homesick.  But I was so impressed with the support system my daughter has.  Such wonderful friends she's met through church, and all are away from family while going to med school, optometry school, or they may be in the FBI stationed down there.  They're all in the same boat, so to speak, and they were all lovely and fun.  Katie is so lucky to have met such wonderful women to surround herself with.  But also, wherever we went, people were kind and helpful.  Grandmas in Walmart would stop and say lovely things about my granddaughters - at least I think they were being complimentary, judging from their facial expressions.  It was always in Spanish, so I would just nod and smile and say "Si...si... gracias."  Or maybe "esta bien" - that one seemed to work too.   When we went to the movies, people would graciously guide us to the ENGLISH speaking version of the movie we wanted.  
All in all, people were very kind, and it's a beautiful island to visit.  And the people themselves are just beautiful - really strikingly attractive people.  Last time L and I were there, we stayed at the Sheraton in a touristy section of San Juan, and we did touristy things, and everyone spoke English.  This time was different.  In the real neighborhoods of PR, your world is mostly in Spanish.  Costco pipes in Spanish music.  Ditto with Walmart, and the mall.  So I suddenly understood why my daughter feels such joy when she's back home, when I hit LAX and it struck me: everything is in ENGLISH.  The piped in music, the announcements, everything.  All in a language I understand.  It was good to be home.

Going to bed now after a glass of EmergenC and a handful of vitamin D.  And lots of moisturizer.  My skin feels like beef jerky right now.  Warm humid weather is tough to get used to, but you just can't beat the dewy effect it gives your skin!  Everyone glows...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Time In Paradise Is Short

My week in Puerto Rico is flying by. When I arrived it seemed that I had a huge expanse of days ahead of me, and suddenly, I have only one more full day before my travel day to go home.  We had so many plans of what we were going to do, but as usual with young children, you can only do what you can do.  They sometimes have other plans.  I was reminded very quickly that the real reason I came was not to play - it was to help my daughter get some R&R.  I think I've been a little successful in that regard, and that gives me some satisfaction.  Little Hayden is demanding at this age, but we've figured out that she needs to drink 4 ounces instead of 3 (she's hungry!) and she likes to be rocked out on the balcony in the evenings.  She is soothed by the evening breeze and the sound of the little coqui frogs.
One of the first evenings I was here, we thought we would go to the park after dinner for a walk, and to let Mia play.  The weather had other plans:

But no matter.  The breeze was cool, and the hard rain falling down was lovely to listen to.  Instead of the park, we made brownies.  Here is Mia helping out.  Yep - I get that same look on my face when confronted by chocolate.

Yesterday we journied to Arecibo, where there is a historic lighthouse and a very nice beach close by.  There was a little park to play in, a small zoo (sad looking ponies, a donkey, chickens, a blue parrot, and some tortoises, and 2 alligators), and a mini aquarium where we went inside to steamy heat and watched baby sharks and other tropical fish swim.  It was advertised as being air conditioned.  Apparently, that meant a large fan blowing around one bend in the cave like space.  No matter, we exited to ocean breezes (HEAVEN!) and made our way up a steep walk to the lighthouse.  It was a beautiful vista up on top, and in the shade the temperature was gloriously cool.
Back down the walk and to the beach.  Mia and I collected small shells along the sand, while Katie took a dip.  Then Zach took Mia in the water, and built a sand castle with her while Katie and I sat in the shade with Hayden.  Here is Hayden chilling with her mohawk blowing in the breeze:

Then Katie, Mia, and I went in the water together.  By that time the tide was coming in and the waves were getting bigger and stronger.  I was knocked down once, and twice we all had to dive under the waves to escape certain pounding.  Mia weathered it all like a champ and we all lived to tell the tale (although I looked like a drowned rat).  But it was exhiliarating to swim in the clear blue water with my daughter - a good memory with lots of laughs.

Today we celebrated Mia being potty trained (she didn't need to have a pull-up on last night!) by taking her to a movie.  Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.  Frankly, it's a movie only a 4 year old would love, but I had great fun watching her love it.  We bought popcorn and a soda and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We lunched afterwards at Chili's in the mall.  I seem to have gotten an allergy to something here, as I was  pretty congested all day, but Zach found the magic pill: Advil Cold & Sinus.  Pure genius.  I am feeling like myself again.

Mia and I played with the markers (she drew a cloud and rain, a snowman and snow, and who knows what else), then we had a wonderful tea party with loads of food, then a quick play with the princesses and ponies before it was time for bed.  A prayer and a sweet kiss goodnight, and the little princess was off to sleep for another night.  She has a birthday party tomorrow, so we need to go out and get a gift.  I need to stock her up with some new drawing paper too, before I leave.  It's been wild, and tiring, and wonderful.  I've found energy I didn't know I had, and I've rediscovered my silly self - someone who can make a four year old say "Again!" over and over.  Today I took to calling Mia "Isabella" in a silly way.  For some reason she finds it hilarious, so that is our little joke.  All day long if she would balk at something, or start to get sulky, all I would have to do is say "Isabella - just do it!"   And she would.  Silly?  Yes.  But it worked.  Every time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puerto Rican Lullaby: Coqui Frogs

Saturday night in Puerto Rico.  I'm sitting in Katie's front room, just off the balcony.  There's a choir of coqui frogs singing in the night.  So peaceful.  Katie is in the bedroom, trying to soothe Hayden to sleep.  Easier said than done.  Mia is long gone.
The first night I arrived (Thursday) it rained off and on for most of the night.  I mean, it really RAINED.  A downour.  A cloudburst.  I loved it.  We sent up to the rooftop terrace during one letup and I was shown the view.  Darkness and mountains and rainforest in one direction, San Juan city lights and ocean view (although not at night) in another direction. The coolest breeze was blowing and it was wonderful.  Predictably, the second I stepped outside the airport terminal, my hair poufed up into a gentle frizz that hasn't stopped yet.  The only way to tame it is to let it air dry, blow dry the front and straight iron the bangs and very front pieces.  The rest is pulled into a low bun.  And really, it's too hot and sticky to blow dry much else anyway.  It really saves a lot of gettin' ready time, as there's really no point for me to go to any more work than that as long as I'm on the island.
Yesterday was spent playing with Mia, and holding Hayden in between.  Katie has her hands full, and I'm here to help.  Mia loves to color: with markers, with pencils, with whatever she can get her hands on.  She likes me to draw and color with her, but whenever I draw something, she'll give it a once-over and then very quietly color over it.  A polite, but negative assessment?  No matter - it's a wonder to watch the joy she gets from a simple marker or tube of glitter glue.  By the end of the day she is covered with marker and bits of glitter from elbow to fingertip.  She has an infectious laugh that I'll do anything over and over for just to hear it again and again.
Today Zach very kindly offered to watch the girls so Katie and I could spend some time together.  We headed for the mall, hoping to get pedicures, but the only place we found was charging $40!  We opted for lunch and a movie instead.  We had chicken salad wraps and shared a mango smoothie inside Borders, while nearby a five year old (or so) boy screamed that he wanted pizza. (QUIERO PIZZA-A!!!)Lovely.  Katie explained that Puerto Ricans often treat their older children like babies and it's not unusual to see five and six year olds in strollers with pacifiers and bottles.  Sweet, huh?  We got outta there and went to our movie, Leap Year.  It had Spanish subtitles.  Ladies, go see it.  Take your daughters.  Your husbands will hate it, but it's the ultimate comedy romance that we all love.  Seriously, your husbands/boyfriends will ruin it for you, so go with the girls.  There's no bad language, no nudity, nothing inappropriate.  We loved it, and it was so romantic and fun.  I'm not going to say it could actually happen, but I'm not going to say it couldn't either.  Anything is possible, right?  And those are the kinds of movies I love.
We headed home, gathered up Mia and headed to Costco.  On a Saturday afternoon.  Yikes.  It was crazy, just like at home, except everything is in Spanish.  But here we are now, the house is quiet, Zach is at school studying, and Ghost Whisperer is on.  With millions of little frogs croaking away in accompaniment.
Soon I'll call L and check in with him.  He headed to Provo to see Andrew, as there was a little crisis brewing there.  *sigh*  So life goes on, even though we're thousands of miles apart.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  And blogs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Off To Puerto Rico

This is what my bathroom sink looked like tonight.  It's so hard to pack things that you use every day.  Whether you're going for a day, or for a week, you still need the same stuff.
I'm finally all packed except for the things I'll need tomorrow morning.  My bags are stuffed to the gills, although I'll be lighter coming back as I'm bringing some gifts for Mia.
It's been a busy couple of days getting myself organized both at home AND at work.  Sometimes it's easier not to leave, but then we'd never have any fun, would we?

I was very lucky today.  My daughter in law, Ronna called out of the blue and asked if I had time to have lunch with her and the kids.  I was swamped, but I happily made the time.  I was feeling a little sad because I hadn't seen a lot of her over the holidays.  She has a large family, and it's hard to fit it all in.  I had imagined that I wasn't as much fun as her family, and on and on.  It's terrible what your insecurities will do to you. We had a nice but hectic lunch.  (Lunching with toddlers, you know)  But I had so much fun just being with Lexi and Matthew, and being able to visit a bit with Ronna.  As we were packing the kids into the car, I gave her a hug and she started to cry.  !!!  She told me that she was sad because she hadn't seen much of me and now I was leaving and it was almost time for her to go home.  My heart just overflowed with love for this sweet girl.  In one sentence she absolutely made my day.  I felt loved, and needed.  And all of those nagging insecure voices in my head?  Gone.  Vanished.  This was a good lesson for me not to jump to conclusions.  Ever.  And to have more confidence in myself.  Always.  It's a lesson I seem to have to learn over and over again, but I'm sure I'm not alone.  So take it from me: don't let that mean little voice in your head tell your heart that you're less than what you'd like to be.  Today my heart got a huge boost, a late Christmas present.  Not only that, but Lexi let me give her many kisses, and Matthew gave me a huge smile and a cheery wave goodbye.  I'm already planning my next trip to Denver, and all of the fun Ronna and I will have with the kids.
But first things first.  Tomorrow its Puerto Rico and Katie and Zach and Mia and Hayden.  I'm looking forward to sweet little girls and warm sunny beaches.  And some girl talk with my daughter.  5:00AM is going to come early, however, so I'm off to bed.  So much sweetness in my life today.

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Engagement, A Surprise Gift, and An i-Phone

We have some exciting news in our family!  On New Year's Eve Scott became engaged to Ashley Patel!  We're all thrilled and are so happy to add Ashley to our crazy little family.  (We just hope she'll be as thrilled as we are as time goes on...)  The two of them were traveling from Florida (where her family lives) back to California, and on New Year's Eve in Sedona, Arizona while overlooking the city, Scott popped the question.  He said it was a very special romantic moment, but also a very cold one up on the hill where they were with a winter breeze blowing.
They came back bearing gifts: Ashley's mom sent some goodies to us from Florida - so nice!  We're looking forward to meeting their family.  Ashley had spent some time in India with her dad before Christmas time and she brought back a big bag of Indian goodies for us too!  There was also something else hiding in the bag which she did NOT mean to give us, but it gave us a good laugh.  We kind of got a quick up close and personal peek into Ashley's world - now we're really family, huh Ash?  What was it?  You'll have to ask her, but L was bug-eyed for a second, trying to figure out why this was part of the gift.  Bwahahahaha!  Those are the kinds of things that bond families, and that you never live down.
Seriously though, she's a wonderful girl with a good, hearty laugh.  I have a feeling that, being married to Scott, we're going to do a lot of laughing.  She's absolutely perfect for him, and we (and he) couldn't be happier!  We don't have a date yet, but I have a feeling we're going to have a summer wedding!

This evening was spent getting a new phone - I got an i-Phone!!!!  So awesome... and I have no idea how to work it, really.  I'm very fumbly with it.  My old phone was a pink Razr and so old that one phone call would drain the battery.  It's going to be nice to have this phone with me in Puerto Rico this next week.  I also got myself some new walking shoes - my old ones had holes worn in the heels.  (We do a lot of walking)  AND - they were completely muddy from walking the trails after our latest rain, so I didn't want to throw them into a suitcase for PR.  So I'm excited - a new phone and new shoes!
But my dear friends, I worked all day and did all of that phone and shoe shopping in boots that I just peeled off right before I started blogging.  That was a mistake, as my feet are incredibly stinky right now, so I'm going to excuse myself to go wash them and put some nice smelling lotion on them.  Seriously, I can barely stand myself right now.  You understand.  I'll be back before you know it, smelling much much nicer.  For now, just concentrate on the cuteness of this sweet couple:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

MiaMoo Designs Giveaway!

There's a cute giveaway on my daughter's crafty blog, MiaMoo Designs  She's giving away a really cute iron on applique - suitable for a T-shirt, onesie, or whatever your heart desires.  I would venture to guess that if you're not crafty, she would be willing to help you figure out what to do with it.  You could even enter to win it for someone else!  We all know someone who loves to do crafty things, right?
You must enter quickly as a winner will be chosen on Monday by none other than little Miss Mia.  It's not required that you have a blog - just leave her a comment, and include how she can contact you.  Also, you'll need to become a follower of her blog.  2 easy rules!  (And she has so many cute ideas, you'll be glad to check in often!)  So don't be shy - enter NOW to win!

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