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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last week's insanity is a distant memory.  Quarter end is over, and things will start fresh on Monday.  I've de-stressed and am feeling much better, thank you for asking.  I was out running some errands this morning and noticed that a new yoga studio opened just down the street.  I've been waiting for this for such a long time.  There are many yoga studios in Fullerton, in Huntington Beach, in ANY of the beach cities, even one in Brea.  But I know myself, and unless its right in my backyard and I can get there in 5 minutes, I won't go.  So now, here, FINALLY is one in my backyard.  I stopped in, talked to them about what they have available, and signed myself right up for an unlimited trial period: I can go as much as I want for the next month for just $25.  By that time I should know whether or not I'm loving it, or whether I'd like to forget it.
So for now I'm stoked.  I start Monday night at 8:00.  It's perfect - I have time to get home at 6, have dinner, change, and drive over without feeling rushed or crazy.  And I'm finished in plenty of time to come home, unwind, and get to bed.  One night it's a yoga stretch and meditation class, another night it's tai chi, another night it's a yoga cleanse class, and Fridays (should I choose to go on Friday) it's "shake your soul" yoga - explained as more of a cardio dancey sort of yoga.  Fun.  Rhythmic.  On some nights there wasn't a class planned in that 8:00 slot, but the lady said should there be enough of a demand she would create one.  Awesome! - I'm there.  I had some concerns that I would be the only stiff-muscled slightly chubby older yoga beginner there, but she soothed my concerns.  They may be valid concerns, but she took away the self conscious fears.
I feel like I've just done something incredibly good for myself.  I picture how lean I can look, how much my posture could improve, how much stronger and toned my muscles could be.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.   A month - I need to stick with it for a month.  But I think I will, don't you?



  1. I just hope you don't do what that pretzel man is doing.



  2. thanks for your comment! I am honored that you take the time to stop by my blog. I hope its ok if I do the same :) This post inspires me to work out! That is something I need more of in my life!

  3. Good for you Mom! I need to get on ebay and buy Hip Hop Abs since I'm borrowing Amy's and love it. Wish I could go to a Yoga studio. I did it once with Meg and Shannon and really enjoyed it!


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