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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Donkey On the Edge

Did you ever have a day where you wanted to shoot something?  Well, today was my day, and I wasn't feeling real picky about the target.  It's a combination of many many things: lots of stress at work, wedding in the works, achey joints, and, and, ...wow, that doesn't sound like much, does it?  It's hard to describe stress at work... it's like every day your boss is cranky and irritable (which is not his usual self so you wonder: is it something I did? What's up?), another sales district just did a hostile takeover of part of your district, we may not make our numbers for this quarter, and virtually every person in the company thinks that admins are fair game for every freaking task they need done.  In short, I'm not feeling the love.  I'm overwhelmed with work and stressed out.  But at least I'm not alone.  There are three of us in the office who are ready for intensive therapy.  So there's that. 
Then, there's the wedding plans.  For anyone who's ever been involved in planning a wedding, that pretty much sums it up.  Big time emotional ball of craziness.
Throw in the aching joints and that is the piece de resistance.  Nothing says "Good Morning" like knees that don't like to bend or ankles that don't like to bear weight.  Sweet.  The last two days I've literally cut out all sugar, doubled up on the Advil and Excedrin, and its slowly improving.  Maybe.  It's hard to tell until the Advil/Excedrin wear off.  
The cherry on top is, I also have a big zit on my face.  I had a facial on Saturday because I wanted my skin to look glowy.  Well, it brought up the mother of all zits, and it's glowing, all right.  Luckily, Bare Minerals does a great coverup job.  But c'mon - I'm 56 for heaven's sake!  WHY am I still getting zits at 56?!?
So you can see why, when my daughter sent me the picture of Mia, below, it made me want to leave all the junk behind, and be a small girl splashing her toes in a fountain at the park on a sunny day.  What a feeling!  Freedom, cool water on your feet, warm sun on your back, no cares.  Complete serendipity.

For what it's worth, I think my boss could sense there was a donkey (or two or three) on the edge today.  On his way back to the office from lunch, he called to collect our orders for Starbucks.  He has a wifey and two daughters.  The man has learned how to read the mood in the room, and do what he has to do to get himself out of the line of fire.  He's not only a nice man (just a little crabby lately), he's a genius.  You cannot get mad at a man bearing a tall soy hot chocolate, no whip, with peppermint.


  1. Wow, I feel stressed just READING this post. No wonder you aren't the happiest of campers!

    That picture of little Mia is to die for, and you're right. Sometimes it would be heaven to just go back into those carefree days and be a child again. The only problem is...then we'd have to go through the hard parts of life thus far all over again. I'm not sure I'd be up for that! Some of it was too painful to do twice.

    At any rate, I am definitely sending hugs your way!


  2. Sorry you had such a sucky day! Glad the picture brought some sunshine to your day. You've got a nice boss-thank goodness for that!


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