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The second best are very expensive.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

An Engagement, A Surprise Gift, and An i-Phone

We have some exciting news in our family!  On New Year's Eve Scott became engaged to Ashley Patel!  We're all thrilled and are so happy to add Ashley to our crazy little family.  (We just hope she'll be as thrilled as we are as time goes on...)  The two of them were traveling from Florida (where her family lives) back to California, and on New Year's Eve in Sedona, Arizona while overlooking the city, Scott popped the question.  He said it was a very special romantic moment, but also a very cold one up on the hill where they were with a winter breeze blowing.
They came back bearing gifts: Ashley's mom sent some goodies to us from Florida - so nice!  We're looking forward to meeting their family.  Ashley had spent some time in India with her dad before Christmas time and she brought back a big bag of Indian goodies for us too!  There was also something else hiding in the bag which she did NOT mean to give us, but it gave us a good laugh.  We kind of got a quick up close and personal peek into Ashley's world - now we're really family, huh Ash?  What was it?  You'll have to ask her, but L was bug-eyed for a second, trying to figure out why this was part of the gift.  Bwahahahaha!  Those are the kinds of things that bond families, and that you never live down.
Seriously though, she's a wonderful girl with a good, hearty laugh.  I have a feeling that, being married to Scott, we're going to do a lot of laughing.  She's absolutely perfect for him, and we (and he) couldn't be happier!  We don't have a date yet, but I have a feeling we're going to have a summer wedding!

This evening was spent getting a new phone - I got an i-Phone!!!!  So awesome... and I have no idea how to work it, really.  I'm very fumbly with it.  My old phone was a pink Razr and so old that one phone call would drain the battery.  It's going to be nice to have this phone with me in Puerto Rico this next week.  I also got myself some new walking shoes - my old ones had holes worn in the heels.  (We do a lot of walking)  AND - they were completely muddy from walking the trails after our latest rain, so I didn't want to throw them into a suitcase for PR.  So I'm excited - a new phone and new shoes!
But my dear friends, I worked all day and did all of that phone and shoe shopping in boots that I just peeled off right before I started blogging.  That was a mistake, as my feet are incredibly stinky right now, so I'm going to excuse myself to go wash them and put some nice smelling lotion on them.  Seriously, I can barely stand myself right now.  You understand.  I'll be back before you know it, smelling much much nicer.  For now, just concentrate on the cuteness of this sweet couple:

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  1. Congratulations on the engagement, Karen. How exciting! (And, boy, am I curious to know what was in that bag...)


    PS. Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. How can you miss?


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