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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Just Wanna Dry Out

The sun was peeking out this morning on my way to work.  Really - it was!  It's gone back into hiding, but it was out for a quick minute.  It's been nice having real weather for awhile, and I love to hear the rain on the roof at night when I'm all toasty inside.  But my house isn't next to a muddy burned out hillside.  I haven't been evacuated.  I haven't lain awake at night listening for the roar of tons of mud barreling towards my home.  So it's good that the last showers and bad weather and wierd tornadoes are on their way out. 
L and I went walking last night and just when we got far enough away from the house to turn back we were treated to a bout of thunder and lightning.  No rain - just a lightshow and noise.  But it made me feel a little vulnerable being outside while the weather was so volatile.  So enough is enough - its good to see a bit of blue sky poking through dark clouds.  I can't wait for a glimpse of the beautiful, snow covered mountains.  We live in a beautiful state with so much diversity - soothing ocean in one direction, and majestic mountains in the other.  Something for everybody.
Nothing much to report. 
Wedding plans: rolling along, but no venue yet for the non-temple festivities.  I hear rumblings, but really - I'm just trying to stay out of the way, and not have opinions or advice.  It's for the best.  Still looking for a dress.
New Glasses: Need some.  Need to make a Saturday appointment.  I'll be needing a new pair to wear when I'm not wearing contacts.
Diet: Ate 2 squares of cornbread this morning for breakfast.  There wasn't anything else, and I didn't have time to cook eggs.  I will repent at a later meal.  Otherwise going as well as can be expected for someone who sits all day at a desk.  I need to move more on the weekends.
Valentine's Day: It's coming.  I like it.  I like sending the grandkiddies cards and things,  and I like getting my sweet L a little surprise.  And I like the flowers he sends me.  Usually it's to the office, but this year its on Sunday.  A Valentine's Day quandary.
My i-Phone: I think L is enjoying it as much as I am - maybe even more.  He's researched all kinds of apps for me to put on it.  The first one I downloaded was Kindle.  Love it!  Then last night we downloaded Radio Paradise, so I can listen to great music wherever I am.  Today he found out that Pandora has an app too, so we'll probably do that one too.  AND - I want my scriptures on there. L has found the one that everyone likes, and that works the best (according to reviews).  Then I think I'll be set.  I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I have, but I have to say it rocks.

Newport Beach *water spout*

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  1. Maybe I'll get an iPhone next time. Everyone I know loves theirs, too. I always think I won't care about the newest technology, but when I get it, I often wonder how I ever did without! (That was certainly true of my kindle.)

    Our weather seems to be slowing down a bit, too. We even saw some sun today, but then it started drizzling again. I'm ready for a break from the rain, though. At least we kept our electricity this time.



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