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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Kansas in the OC

It's too wet and cold to go out walking tonight.  So I've just been watching The Biggest Loser, trying to get enthusiasm for doing some small weights (5 lbs) to try to firm up my arms and shoulders.  I hate weights.  But I did it.  I'm working up to 3 sets of each exercise but tonight it was just two.  With my RA, if I get sore it lasts for days, so I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible by breaking into it slowly.  Even though I hate it, that's hard for me to do.  I feel like I'm being a baby.
It was another pretty good day diet wise, although more difficult than yesterday.  The enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of losing weight wears off quickly, doesn't it?  So then you're left with - hopefully - your determination.  I'm proud of myself though.  For two days I've forced myself to walk past treats and get busy with something else so I forget about them.  Doesn't sound like much, but the first week or so is the hardest.  Then, as your body rids itself of the refined sugar, it gets a little easier.
To anyone out there trying to do the same thing, I'm with you.  I've never been one of those super disciplined people turning down bread and sweets without a second thought.  No, I'm the one who likes to have a good time and deny myself nothing.  So this is hard.  
I read my scriptures again today.  I'm hoping the discipline of that will help me be disciplined with food.  Couldn't hurt, right?  Sorry for all the diet and exercise talk.  Mostly it's to keep myself psyched up.  And to deny that I want a cookie.  As soon as I'm in more of a routine, I'll stop yapping about it.  Hopefully by tomorrow, huh?
It was so rainy today - there was a tornado warning for various parts of Orange County, including the Irvine area where I work.  So what did we do?  Did we head for the safer inner offices?  No, we all had our faces plastered against the windows, watching for the tornado.  Good times.  It didn't come to Irvine, but apparently it hit Huntington Beach and sections of Newport.  Cars and boats were thrown around a bit.  That's pretty dramatic for this neck of the woods!  Tomorrow promises an even bigger storm.  Better batten down the hatches.

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  1. Thanks for this post, because it reminded me that I need to really buckle down and be disciplined!


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