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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bed Nazi Goes Shopping (and other activities)

The rain was crazy this weekend!  Beyond our back patio, there are several large pepper trees that line the hillside we perch on top of.  These trees are messy, dropping leaves, berries, and spiders onto our patio.  In the fall and winter it's a lot of work to keep it all swept up off the patio, and in the summer there are always spiders everywhere that spin gigantic webs from the trees' branches.  The bright side to these trees is that they house hundreds of birds - many of them hummingbirds.  These little guys are always flitting around, first hovering on one of our patio trees, and then on another potted plant.  I never get tired of watching them.  The trees also provide privacy from the street below and the houses across the street.  It's not all of the trees I object to - just the ones that encroach on our patio.
Over the weekend it rained especially hard, and the wind was really blowing.  After the worst of it had passed I happened to look out of our bedroom window, which faces the back of the house where these trees are, and I noticed that something didn't look quite right.  Then I realized that the largest of the pesky trees that makes the biggest mess on our patio had literally blown down (it's HUGE!) and was resting on the tree just below it on the hill.  It had taken quite a bit of the hill with it, and sprinkler pipes were exposed, hanging in the air above what was now a huge hole.  It was kind of startling to think that, if it weren't for the tree below it, the whole thing would have landed on the street below.  I'm actually not sad that particular tree is gone, and I think there should be enough trees left for the homeless birds to find new digs. I'm just glad no one got hurt.  I'm going to keep an eye on the hill though - it would be just my luck to wake up some rainy night with my house sliding down the hill.
L and I went out shopping on Saturday in the pouring rain to get some new bedding.  Yep, I'm the Bed Nazi (as L calls me).  I can't stand it when sheets and comforters start to look sad and droopy.  We had kind of an idea of what we wanted: more color, more texture, and/or pattern.  We scored on all three counts.  We found a lovely burnt orange paisley duvet cover, and one of those silky looking embroidered light quilts.  A beige striped set of sheets rounded the set out, and we already had some eggplant velvet euro shams.  I'd seen a ruffley eggplant pillow in Pier One so we went to get that, and also found an orangey tapestry one to coordinate with it.  So now the bed is a festival of colors that we love, and everything is all soft and cushy.  It was so much fun to find all of the patterns and colors and textures and put them all together!  While we were in Macy's we saw a gorgeous bed that I'm still dreaming about.  It was a dark wood, and would look gorgeous with what we picked out.  Maybe one day...  Right now, I'm enjoying what I have.  We felt like we were on vacation in a beautiful boutique hotel, all wrapped up in gorgeousness and luxury when we snuggled in bed.  What do you think?

The rest of my weekend was spent doing chores (laundry, laundry, laundry...) and I did go to my Saturday morning yoga class.  This time it was yoga stretch and meditation.  I absolutely love it.  There was one other lady about my age in the class, although she'd been doing it a lot longer than I have.  One thing I'm noticing about these yoga ladies is that they have lovely skin.  Is this a benefit?  I hope so!  The class about killed me with ab exercises (which I desperately need), and also some wall push ups.  My little arm sausages and my riblets are sore today.  But not too bad.  I am going to my class tomorrow night for sure, and we'll do the whole week all over again.  I really do love it.  Unless I look in the mirror (which I try very hard not to do) I can imagine that I am willowy and graceful whilst going through the poses.  I can picture my posture improving.  And during meditation, I try to imagine that my whole body is lighting up with health and vitality.  One day it will be true.
I also spent some time painting, trying to finish some little projects I'd bought and never finished.  When I get some finished we'll have a giveaway.  I also went through some photos that I'd taken last year while in Puerto Rico.  I practiced retouching them with the new program I purchased on Piknic.com.  (Check it out - it's so much FUN !!)  Here are the ones I worked on.  One is a picture of one of the charming doorways in Old San Juan, and the other is a house there.  Everything there is so charming and Old World.  A lot of it is in disrepair - it's an island, and everything takes a beating from the weather and salt air.  But oh, how I loved wandering the cobblestone streets and looking at all of the charming architecture.  So here are the retouching efforts I completed this weekend:

So now you have a little idea of why I enjoy Puerto Rico so much.  I totally get why it's irritating to live there, but to visit - it's a little-known paradise.  The lure of my granddaughters notwithstanding (for the next year anyway), its old-worldly and historic, with gorgeous beaches and rain forests, and crazy little frogs that sing you to sleep at night.  


  1. sorry for my previous "rude" comment. i think i am starting to understand the blogging world a little better now.

  2. That bed is to die for, Karen. You're making me want to do the same makeover.

    And your photos look GREAT. I didn't even realize you knew how to do such things, although I guess I should have figured as much...


  3. Anonymous - apology accepted. Blogs can come off as self absorbed, but for a lot of us, its a way to alternately "get it off our chests" and/or inform family and friends of what we're doing. My family is all spread out from Puerto Rico to CA so this is a fun way for us to stay in touch. And it lets me blather on about whatever I want to. Self absorbed, maybe - but hopefully in a nice, entertaining way.

  4. Love your new bed! Again I'm jealous...Your retouches look great! Did I take that last photo?


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