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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Detoxing and Weaponry

Last night was the yoga detox class again.  I had a bad headache when I went.  I'd had it all day long, had taken Excedrin until I couldn't take any more, and I'd had more than one Diet Coke (medicinal - for the caffeine.  Cures headaches, don't you know?)  Nothing, nada, zip.  Still there.  That's not a good sign.  But I went to class anyway, ever hopeful.
We slapped and tapped and pounded on all kinds of pressure points and chakras.  We concentrated on our intestinal tract (translate that to ab work) until I was ready to scream.  But at the end, the lights went low, and a soft blanket roll was placed under each person's back and neck to open up the chest and breathing.  Hey.  Wait... the headache was gone!  I was almost afraid to move again, but it was gone, really really gone!  And just like last week, I lost pounds (yes, plural POUNDS) over night.  Now, you can say that it's just water weight, but I don't care.  I feel lighter today.  I think there really must be something to this detox business.  Sure, it would be even better if I hadn't gained back the 2 pounds I lost last week over the weekend, but I haven't yet mastered the trick of permanent weight loss.  Try, try again, I always say.  (And again, and again, and AGAIN...)
Before I left the studio last night my fellow yoga practicers and I got to talking, and I noticed for the second time what gorgeous glowy skin everyone had.  I asked about it, and everyone agreed that yoga will do that for you!  SWEET!  I also noticed some polished wood sticks, or canes, and a sword.  Our instructor said that they are used in Tai Chi, when we get more advanced. 
This just gets better and better.  I will have glowy skin, I will be graceful and limber, and I will brandish a weapon.  The sword is cool, but I kind of have my eye on one of the curvy polished sticks.  There's some kind ceremonial looking drum in the corner too.  Once a week we're going to have a drum beat class.  I can't wait.


  1. Can I come with you in June? :) Sounds AWESOME!

  2. You may really be on to something here! I think I'm going to see if they've got a class like that around my house, maybe at the college. I've always wanted to learn tai chi anyway...though I always thought of myself as not the yoga type. But, hey. You're winning me over.



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