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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm A LOST-ie

Last night was the long awaited season premiere of LOST.  I love this show, but it's so confusing!  Who's with me?  Anyone?  I mean, last season ended with Juliet being swept into a deep hole by a magnetically drawn chain.  We saw her at the bottom of the deep shaft, badly injured, and banging away on a hydrogen bomb.  Then a big flash. Assumption: Juliet is dead.  Syed gets shot in the last episode - he's still hanging on when the season premiere starts. 
I rushed home from my hair appointment, watched a quick recap of last season's finale (complete with quick reminders and explanations of little details you might miss or not notice - soooo helpful!) and THEN we settled in for the big 2 hour premiere, Trader Joe's kettle corn at the ready. 
Oh. My. Goodness.  WHAT is going on???  Juliet is ALIVE???  Yes she is, and Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Jin and Hurley are frantically digging to get to her.  But alas - she dies.  Sawyer is distraught, but the character who talks to dead people (I can't remember his name) says that she is telling him that "It worked."  (The bomb blast was supposed to reset time and make the original crash not happen.  Thus, they would not be on the island.)  But wait - it worked?!?  Suddenly, we're in an alternate time, and we can see all of the characters landing safely at LAX.  We see the island buried beneath the ocean.  We don't see Juliet, but as she was dying, she was talking to Sawyer about having coffee with him.  Was she in that alternate time?  We don't know...
The survivors make their way to the temple on the island, where The Others live.  (The island's God-figure or Christ-like figure - usually dressed in white -  told Hurley where to find it after he was killed by John Locke/the Man In Black who has taken on Locke's appearance - he is a shape shifter.  *Don't ask...*)  He said that Syed would be saved at the temple so off they go.  The Others are not happy to see them but when they mention Jacob's name (the one killed by the shape shifter evil person) they suddenly change their tune and drag Syed into the temple.  There is a healing pool there, but what's this?  The water is no longer clear.  It's murky.  They don't know if it will heal Syed, but they try their  best.  It doesn't seem to work and they pronounce him dead.  But just as the episode ends, Syed opens his eyes.  ???!!!???  In the alternate time period, John Locke and Jack both have luggage problems with the airline upon landing at LAX, and find themselves together at the counter.  Jack (who is a spinal surgeon) hands Locke his card (Locke is still paralyzed from a fall, and in a wheelchair. Before the time reset, the island had "cured" him)  He tells Jack his condition is irreversible.  Jack says "Nothing is irreversible."  A foreshadow??  WHAT IS GOING ON?
There's a whole season ahead to unravel these mysteries.  I have every confidence that all will be revealed and explained.  But it's so hard to wait.


  1. My kids rent Lost and watch it by the season so they don't have to wait. I haven't delved into it yet, but someday I will.

    Mainly, I had to laugh out loud as I read your account of yesterday's episode. And I'm still laughing.

    Sheesh! What a tangled web Lost weaves.


  2. LOL, you're funny Mom! I've never gotten into lost, but it was funny to hear me try to explain what was happening on Grey's Anatomy, LOL. It sounds so stupid when you try to explain all the drama, but when you're watching and into it, it's all so exciting!

  3. I haven't see Lost before. I am a Greys Anatomy fan like the Katie above. I should rent the seasons on DVD and watch them sometime. Sounds like i've been missing out!

    and i am totally with you on the trader joes kettle korn. I could just kiss that entire store!


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