Daily Affirmation

The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stopping To Smell The Roses

Things I am thankful for today:

1. Mia - who is trying hard to learn to say her "L's"  (la la love...)
2. L - he made me the best taco salad tonight.
3. A good hair day.
4. A hard (for me) yoga stretch class.  I am getting stronger
5. The tiniest hint of muscles in my upper arms - so exciting!
6. My yoga instructor's promise that all of my flab will be gone (one day)
7. Read The Scriptures.com - with this site I am finding it easy to get my scripture reading done every day.
8. My family - the good, the bad, the ugly.  I love them so much it's hard to be rational sometimes.
9. My comfy comfy bed.  I am going there now.  I hope I don't have a crazy bad dream about scarey ice skating door to door salesmen like I did last night.  (I think it had something to do with watching Ice Dancing before bed...)
10. I am thankful I can come here and write random stuff, and one or two of you actually read it.  It gives my day to day a little extra spice.  I love the ones who comment most especially.


  1. Door to door ice skating salesmen?!


    gotta love it


  2. What a random dream, LOL! Mia told me yesterday that we were "going to Mema's wAter (didn't say her l's on later)k? LOL, she always tells me she wants to go to your house. Miss you!


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