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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love Me A Weekend

Weekend Highlights:

1. Mia called me on the phone: "Hi Mema!  It's MI-a!"  Made my day to hear that little voice. And I found out that:
2. She went swimming and used "lots of big arms."  Huge deal.
3. We were both painting when she called.  When she found that out I heard a little gasp and then Katie laughing.  Katie came on and said that Mia was so excited that I was painting AT THE SAME TIME AS HER that she was running in place.  That gave me a laugh.  Mia is our little artist.
4. Hayden can roll over, so now she is all over the place.
5. We had dinner with L's brother Rick and his wife Diana.  Rick fell 30 feet while rock climbing a few weeks ago.  He's sporting a sort of "halo" around his lower leg that's holding his broken heel together.  (The other one was also fractured, but not nearly as severely.)  He's lucky to be alive, and we were so glad we could have some fun with them.  Ironically, he's a podiatrist.
6. Scott and Ashley came to church with us today.  Scott had a great time seeing old friends in the ward, and it was fun introducing Ashley around.  What a beautiful girl she is.  Ash had to go to work, but Scott came over after church and we had a nice visit.  I really enjoy being with my kids.
7. Dinner with L at Cafe Rio.  Brand new one just built in Laguna Hills.  I tried their salmon taco - they just don't make anything I don't love.   After dinner we drove to my office ( on a SUNDAY - it felt soooo wrong to be there!) because L had to weigh his Pinewood Derby car.  Yes, you heard right.  Our ward is having an adult activity Friday - a Pinewood Derby - and you wouldn't believe how excited all the men are about this.  (Do I really have to go to this???)  L has carved his in the shape of a Ferrari.  We'll paint it orange with a white stripe.  Ooooooh the excitement...  It'll be fun just to watch all of these man-boys play with their little cars.
8.  Dessert: a Lemon Drop Frostings cupcake.  It's calling to me down in the kitchen, so I'm going to answer the call.

Did everyone survive the lost hour of Daylight Savings this weekend?  I had to take a nap.  I NEVER nap, but I had to today.  You wouldn't think one little hour would make that big a difference, but it does.  Weird.

Another week begins.  What highlights will it bring?


  1. The DST thing has got me tired as can be. I feel like I could take a nap right now! I guess, when you're sleep-deprived already, that hour is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    That's neat that Mia shares your artistic bent. My eldest grandson loves to write, and that's nice connection for us, too. It's cute that she already cares so much (at such a young age) about the two of you having that in common.

    I always love it when my kids come to visit, and it's even better when I get a chance to show them off at church!

    And finally, I have NEVER been to Cafe Rio. But I've heard so, so much about it that I've got to go. Maybe we should go THERE when I come this summer...


  2. We'll have to go to Cafe Rio when I'm in town :) Well we found out this weekend that Zach really only has to come back to PR winter semester for 9 weeks, so it looks like we'll probably sell all our stuff at the end of August. Hopefully the girls and I can come back to PR with him during that 9 weeks and we can maybe rent a condo on the beach...we'll see, Zach doesn't want to talk about it, it stresses him out to think about what's to come. It stresses me out not to talk about it, LOL! Well, I'm off to take the girls swimming!

  3. Your post today was just what I needed to read. I'm sure it will become sweet. And thanks especially for your comment. I loved the perspective that it would grow on me a little at a time. Thanks so much!


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