Daily Affirmation

The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collecting Every Last Dollar

I've been a little incommunicado this week.  At work it's our 4th quarter/fiscal year end close.  And it's been a madhouse.  What it all means in my case, is that every bit of revenue lurking out there for our sales district needs to be gathered by hook or crook.  I've spent the last four days begging, cajoling, and groveling before various purchasing managers for purchase orders.  Today we had between $300 -400K left to collect and I managed to haul in a cool quarter million.  Nice haul.  I've got my sights set on the last holdouts for tomorrow - the most notorious misers being the Long Beach VA Hospital.  ANYTHING run by the state or government just hates to pay their bills - even though in this particular case they have possibly the nicest purchasing person I've ever talked to.  It's not her fault all of the people who sign off love to drag their feet.
Tomorrow is the last day of the quarter and fiscal year.  I have a cranky boss and stressed out sales reps.  I'll be glad to see it all end, so we can all move on to a calmer existence.  Till next time, anyway.  The silver lining in all of this is that, in the attempt to keep us chained to our desks and phones, we've been treated to nice lunches all week, so we don't have to leave the office to forage.  Tomorrow it's my boss's turn to buy, and it's Cafe Rio.  Sweet.  I almost don't care about anything else as long as I can have my pork barbacoa.
Right after I limped home tonight, L rolled in, and behind him came Contractor Lance.  He and L are installing the hardy board in preparation for tile.  Things are moving right along.  The shower got hot mopped the other day, and has successfully held water without leaking for the past two days.  I love Contractor Lance.
Last night L was stewing about the fact that he couldn't find a granite countertop at a decent price.  Home Depot was charging way too much in his opinion and online options didn't have the selection he wanted.  I suggested Lowe's.  We went, found exactly what we wanted at about a third of the price of Home Depot.  Plus, the young man who helped us knew his stuff.  Home Depot seemed to only have bewildered employees when it came to ordering granite, or else they just weren't anywhere in sight.  I was proud to have come up with the awesome decision to try Lowe's.  I kind of rubbed it in to L the whole night.  Actually, Lowe's did our kitchen remodel and it's beautiful.  I was frankly surprised he hadn't thought of it himself.  Oh well - all the online surfing for towel bars and sinks and black toilets has addled him a bit.
So here are the latest pictures of progress:

The recently hot mopped shower & hardy board being laid on the floor

Contractor Lance (l) and L (r) hard at work
I wish L had shorts on - he has those sturdy calves going on just like Contractor Lance

The bathroom cabinet with one coat of black paint
Are you starting to see how the black toilet and black sink fit in?  L is all about black.

The kalanchoe on my porch is in bloom.  Isn't it pretty?
Yeah, I know - it has nothing to do with the bathroom.  It's just pretty, so I had to take a picture.

So there you have it.  The latest bathroom development at our house.  And some pretty flowers.  It will sustain me as I trudge down to Mission Viejo tomorrow in my quest for revenue dollars.  Five o'clock won't come soon enough tomorrow, and I know that I'll leave my poor boss licking his wounds (it was kind of a miserable quarter), and I'll feel guilty that I'm so darn happy to get out of there.  Cafe Rio will make up for a lot, though.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Contractor Lance Leads Us Astray (and we followed willingly)

What a weekend!  We had winners in the giveaway on Saturday (speaking of which, I still haven't heard from Jess or Linda!  Let me know where I can send your gifts, ladies!), and we had progress on the bath remodel, AND (drum roll please!!!) I found a dress for the wedding!
YES - the relief I'm feeling now is almost mind-numbing!  Ashley met me at Macy's on her break, and let me tell you - the girl is relentless.  I started to whine at about the second rack of dresses.  She was unsympathetic and completely undeterred in her mission quest.  Before I knew it, I had a half dozen dresses in my hands.
Off to the dressing room.  One just didn't fit no matter what the size.  One was a little funky - one of those that looked really promising on the hanger, but once on made you just kind of go "hmmmmm...."  Very sparkly and beady though.  One I am completely in love with but my usual size didn't seem to be my size in this dress.  Another store supposedly has it, and they're looking, but so far no luck.  It's navy blue, a stretchy fabric on top, beading at the empire waist and then the bottom is sort of taffeta, fitted through the waist and hips (SPANX!!) and then, oh then it swirls out into a flouncy skirt with soutache braiding or embroidery along the bottom.  Total party dress!  But I couldn't zip it up, so I'm hoping we can find it in the next size up.  

Here is the dress I got - sorry its hard to see the detail on it.  And I'm sorry you can see what a mess my office/room is...

What I did end up getting is a black dress - kind of a stretchy fabric with tier of the same fabric down the front (hides that Saturday night Blizzard from DQ and a host of other sins!), has a high waist with a belt.  The belt isn't great - I need to find a better one, but that should be easy.  If I do end up wearing that dress, I plan to accessorize it with a turquoise necklace.  I saw a double strand one that would be nice with it.  I may go pick it up at the Friends and Family sale this next week.  YAY!!!  Next job: SHOES... But that is definitely for another weekend.
The remodel is coming along too.  Contractor Lance built the little wall for the shower edge, and also installed the wood pieces that the towel bar, and various other towel rings and hooks will be attached to.  The rough plumbing is done - you can see that the pipes were extended so that now the shower will be at about 6'7" instead of 5'7".

Next week sometime the slope in the shower will be done and the hot mop.  Progress is being made!

L has made a lot of progress on the cabinet too - look! Drawers!

Contractor Lance and his wife came to dinner on Saturday night and we had a really good time with them.  And then they did beguile us with the prospect of Buy One Blizzard at Dairy Queen and Get The Second One For 25 cents.  It was yummy and chocolaty, but oh my - no one should EVER eat a Blizzard at 10pm.  My head said yes YES but my gut was NOT happy.  Luckily I feel much better now.  Apparently you can eat such things late at night when you are but 28.  When you are 56 it's a completely different story.  Your body makes noises you really don't want to hear.  And it feels things it really doesn't want to feel.
Time to go put the sheets on the bed (sorry - I change the sheets on the Sabbath Day.  Because it just wouldn't be Sunday night if there were no clean linens on the bed.)  and then tuck myself into all that soft, clean goodness.  I'm beat.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

I've been so on edge to announce the winners that I've been circling the containers with the names and prizes for awhile now.  First I went to yoga, then I had to read blogs, then I needed a drink of water, then the phone rang...you know - anything to put off the inevitable drawing.  I don't know why I got so nervous, but that's the magic of me, I guess.
So without further fudging and procrastination, here are the winners of the giveaway, in no particular order:

JEN - Won the hair clip and headband from MiaMoo!!!  

JESS - I think we have a "J" thing going here - Won the pink and black Olivia clutch from Rockin'Ronna Accessories!!!

THURSTON FAMILY (aka Nellie) - Won the wristlet bag from Rockin'Ronna Accessories!!!

LINDA HILL - Won the Princess onesie from MiaMoo!!!

Congratulations to all of you - you're getting some beautiful things!  I'll need all of you to send me your shipping information.  You can email me at karennorman@hotmail.com    I'm so excited to send these things your way!!  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

For the rest of you (or all of you and anyone else), this was so much fun I'll be planning another giveaway later on.  I'm in the process of painting 6 little sleighs with various patterns and I'll probably have some other items ready to go as well.  In fact, today's drawing was done from the two sleighs I have finished at the moment.  I realize it's a little early to get excited about Christmas items, but in order to get them painted in time you have to start early!  So later in the year, we'll have another drawing for these things, and who knows what else.  You'll have to keep checking in as you can't rush art.  (That's my excuse anyway for not having them finished yet)

Thanks to all for stopping in.  I hope I've made some new friends, and I've certainly enjoyed going to your blogs and getting to know you as well.  We'll certainly do this again -

Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Wishes For Lexi

Today is Lexi's birthday and she's four years old.  I can remember the day she was born, and the excitement in her dad's voice when he called to tell us all about her.  Six weeks later I was in Denver, holding her for the first time.  I thought I would never get enough of her soft little cheeks.  I put her in her little carrier, and set her down near me while I painted the walls of her room with a mural of flowers and butterflies just for her.
I sang to her outside while watching the clouds blow across the blue sky.  We'd sit out there all by ourselves and watch the world together from her backyard.
It's hard because I live far away from her.  I have to hear about all the wonderful things she's learning and doing long distance.  Thank goodness for computers and cell phones and digital cameras!  I'm able to keep up pretty well thanks to technology, but it never makes up for the time spent together just playing.

The last time I was in Denver we went to the zoo and and such a fun day.  We played and played one night when mom and dad were out, and she ended up *trying* to go to sleep with me.  (Didn't work very well, but it was fun! Every time I'd look to see if she was sleeping, she was looking at me with her big eyes and she'd giggle.) 
She has been to California a few times since then, and we've had Christmas fun, and lots of playing fun with cousin Mia.  Last summer Lexi and Mia got very excited about the "manimal" sitting on a wall (A lizard! Sunning himself.)   I treasure every minute I get to spend with her, and hard as it is to see her grow up, it's one charming moment after another.  When one visit ends I can't wait for the next.
So I'm going in May for a quick visit.  We are going to play and play and play.  I'll have to stock up on lip balms because she tells me "They're my favorite, Mema." 
Happy Birthday Lexi!! I wish I were there to sing Happy Birthday to you, give you a big hug and kiss, and celebrate the day you came to earth with you and your family.  Words cannot express how much I love you, and how much I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.  And Mema is bringing some special surprises for you with her.

PS: Today is the last day to enter my giveaway!  (See post below) 
Tomorrow I'll announce the winners! 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who Loves Giveaways? I Do! I Do!

I'm having a giveaway this week in honor of nothing in particular.  I'm having so much fun with my blog that I just wanted to do it.  I have four great items that you'll have a chance to snap up:
From Rockin' Ronna Accessories:

The Olivia Clutch (This is would make a great little bag to take to the gym, to throw your makeup into, or to put your bare essentials into to throw into a beach bag, diaper bag or larger purse.)  I've chosen the pretty pink and black print below for my giveaway, but I'm showing the green one so you can see the inside (I was in too much of a hurry to take my own picture!)  Are you loving everything so far?

I can think of a million ways to use each one, and I'm sure you can think of a few bazillion more!

The next prizes are from MiaMoo Designs:

A beautiful fuschia flower clip trimmed with Swarovski crystals that will clip onto a white crocheted headband (included in the giveaway!)  The flower clip itself is suitable for tiny girls or big girls, and the headband ensures it will stay on little baby heads no matter how wispy (or nonexistent) the baby hair!

Last, but not least, also from MiaMoo,  is this adorable onesie that is trimmed with Swarovski crystals and stenciled with a princess crown for that very special new princess.  The back is trimmed with a fluffy pink tutu.  A very special baby gift to keep for your own princess, or give to another.  

So here's how we'll do this.  Everyone who comments will be entered once.  Please be sure to include an email address if you don't have a blog.  
If you're a follower you'll get another entry - so if you're not currently a follower, become one today!
If you have a blog and you link back to this giveaway, you'll receive another entry.  
If you devote a post to this giveaway, you'll get another entry.
FOUR possible entries per person!!!    To choose my winners I'll choose a name out of one bowl, and then choose the prize from another bowl.  My little brain can't think of any other way to do it, as these are all such great prizes you'll all be First Prize winners!  I'll choose the lucky ones on Saturday so good luck to everyone!  

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

I got a sneak peek at Ashley's wedding dress.  It's beautiful - a train in back and the bodice and lower skirt and train are covered in Chantilly lace and beading.  Well, actually the beading hadn't been done yet, but it will be gorgeous!  They're also making a piece for the dress with the Chantilly lace so it will be temple ready - the original dress is strapless.  I was honored that she invited me to come see her dress, and I begged her to let me post a tiny piece of it - she wants it unveiled on THE DAY, as any bride would.
We had lunch afterwards, and it was a perfect afternoon.  I really enjoy being with her, and am looking forward to the years ahead.  She's going to be a fun addtion to the family.
I still have no idea what I'm going to wear.  I think I'm going to throw myself on the mercy of Macy's or Nordstrom, and just give a salesgirl free rein.  I'm have no patience searching entire stores for things, and they already know everything that's there.  Yes, *nodding head* , that's what I'm gonna do.  I see an outfit I like but it never looks the same in a size 12 as it does in a size 4.  So I'm always disappointed.  That's why I think it will be better for the salesgirl to take a good look at me, and then fetch things that will look good in my size.  And *I know* I need to be less critical of myself, and less hung up on poundage.  It's a work in progress.
Ashley is an accessories maven, and she promised me that she would help me accessorize when I finally choose an outfit.  I'm a little bad at that, too.  I know what I like and don't like, but sometimes I have a hard time picturing things on myself, so I tend to buy the same types of things over and over.  I have a million "tiny" necklaces.  I always admire the flashier statement pieces I see in magazines, but when it comes to actually buying them, I feel they're not for me.  And maybe they're not.  But Ashley will be good at helping me find just the right thing.
So what did the bride to be choose to wear on her big day?  Here's a tiny sample, but you'll just have to imagine the rest, as well as the extra piece they're creating to make it temple legal.

I promise - the lace is to DIE for.  And the back of the dress is one long row of covered buttons and loops.  When it's got all the beading done, I may weep.  It's an amazing dress.  I can't imagine what it would be like to actually be talented enough to create something like that.
My daughter in law Ronna (of the amazing bags and purses on this blog here) took some cute pictures of her daughter Lexi wearing a dress she'd made her.  I stole the pictures right off of her family blog and photoshopped them a bit and here they are:

And then the same one in black and white with a few other tricks thrown in:

I think the black and white one is my favorite.  Its surprising how much time you can use up sitting at the computer fiddling around.  (And that's why I don't get my projects done...)  I hope you all are having a good weekend, and I hope you all went to Sue's blog and did your thing to be included in her giveaway. She draws the winners' names tomorrow!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contractor Lance's Bathroom Project Begins

Tomorrow is the big day when the work officially starts on the bathroom.  I rushed home from work today so excited because I had JUST enough time to quickly change and make it to my 6:00 yoga class.  But as I pulled into the driveway Contractor Lance was just leaving, and he wanted to show me what he'd done that day to prep for tomorrow.  I love Contractor Lance, and didn't want to appear less than enthusiastic so I trudged upstairs after him and showed proper appreciation for the fact that he'd found a way to enlarge our shower space by several inches.  LOVE IT!  Of course, this probably means we'll have to buy more tile...  *sigh*  But we'll be able to really move around in that shower now!
And so I missed getting to my yoga class.  No late class on Thursdays.  *double sigh*  L got home shortly after and we went for a walk instead.  It wasn't as good a workout as yoga, but at least it was something, and it was good to walk, and talk, and hold my honey's hand.
He isn't sleeping well, as is usual when he's in the middle of a project.  He is stressing about how to cut the glass tile.  I told him he should let a professional do it if he's so worried about it that he's not sleeping.  That was the wrong thing to say.  He got a little defensive and started to talk about budgets and how money doesn't grow on trees.  ???  He stopped when he saw my eyes glaze over.  I just want him to sleep at night, but I think his manhood depends on doing this tile job right so I will be quiet.  (But if I were literally losing sleep over a tile job, I'd let the tile guy do it.  That's what tile guys are for.  Just sayin'...)
I'll take a picture tomorrow, and then you can see how exciting it is when the plumber moves the shower pipes and moves the toilet over a few inches.  Are you getting goosebumps?  I don't know what happens after that.  Maybe they start hanging the hardy board to put the tile on?  Then the hot mop in the shower and then the tile!!!
My almost daughter in law texted me that her wedding dress had come in and she is going for her first fitting on Saturday, and would I like to go with her.  Now that I'm excited about!  I don't know what I'm more thrilled about: getting to see the wedding dress, or that fact that she invited me to go.  It'll be a fun time to share.
Other than that, its been life as usual.  I've got a few painting projects in the works, but haven't had enough time to get much done on them.  I need to dedicate more of my weekend time to them.  (Good luck with that...)  Most days I feel stretched to the limit, and yet it feels like I don't get much accomplished.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  Most evenings I have just enough time for me to work in some exercise, eat a little dinner, return some phone calls and/or emails, and then its time to think about getting into bed.  5:30 am comes very early.  And then there's this blog...  baring my soul, and exposing my foolishness - but it's actually very therapeutic.  And I'm embarrassed to admit how much I look forward to every comment.  So in honor of that, I'll be having my own little giveaway next week.  I'm still working out in my head the how and when, so stay tuned.  My girls (Katie and Ronna) have made some clever things for me to give away - you're going to love each item and want them for your own.  But that's next week.
I'm heading off to bed now.  I've got some new body balm that smells AMAZING.  The brand is Korres and you get it at here at Sephora.  The scent I got is Clementine.  It smells so citrusy and fresh and clean - perfect for drifting off to sleep.  I don't think Korres makes anything that doesn't smell delicious - you should try it out for yourself.  So I'm off to slather my skin with softness and lay my old bones down.  And pray that L can sleep in until 6am.

PS: I felt I should mention that I don't really slather $29 lotion on myself like it's water.  I use it in conjunction with a $2.99 lotion from Trader Joe's.  That way, I get the unbelievable smell and softening goodness from the Clementine lotion's more expensive ingredients, but I'm only using a a little bit mixed in with the other.  It's my way to boost so-so lotion with luxurious pampering, and to make the pricey lotion last a long time.

PPS: L slept 8 hours last night!! WOOT!  When Sleeping Beauty arose at 7am he looked refreshed and rested, and he had a rare AM smile on his face. (A very good omen as he is not a morning person.  At. All.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


No, not mine...yet.  But rush, scoot, HURRY over to my friend Sue's blog here   She's celebrating her 500th post (she's a little wordy) and she has some great things to give away. The grand prize is a set of Jane Austin novels.  Everyone I know loves these.  I've never read them, and so I hope to win!!  And next, but certainly not least, is a bag from Rockin' Ronna Accessories (my DIL!  So talented!  I'd be happy to win this too.)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you'll love Sue's blog.  She's become a dear friend, and I look forward to her funny, inspiring, sometimes silly musings every day.  I can't say enough good about her blog - or her.  So SHOO - join the party and help her celebrate.  You can earn extra chances to win, but you'll have to GO THERE to learn how.  Good luck - but not too much, because  I want to win!

And stay tuned.  I have my own little giveaway planned.  I'll let Sue blow her party horn this week, but next week we'll all get together right here for another little fiesta!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cloudy With A Chance of Hot Chocolate

Another busy weekend.  L spent most of it working on the console for the bathroom remodel, and now it looks like this:

On Saturday afternoon we ran and picked up the remaining tile (the glass tile mosaic) and exchanged a long towel bar for a shorter one.  I think we're ready to start.  Our contractor buddy gave us the bid, and we're so excited to start.  L and his dad will do all the tile themselves to save lots of $$$, and L will help our friend with the backer board that the tile hangs on.  This is going to be the most beautiful bathroom - its little but it'll pack a punch!  Before, when the kids were still here it was the ugliest, most disgusting bathroom ever.  Hard water had destroyed just about everything, and the kids weren't easy on it.  But now when people visit, they'll just want to go into the new bathroom and marvel at it's beauty.  Can you tell I'm excited?

Our beautiful weather disappeared, and it's been cold all day, so while I went about doing things around the house, we had a fire going in the fireplace.  I took a picture of the living room looking cozy and warm.  Because this is what it was looking like outside:

I think I'm going to go downstairs and fix us each a cup of hot chocolate to relax with.  L has been having trouble sleeping lately.  I think he's in overdrive with this bathroom remodel, and he's been waking up really early every morning and hasn't been able to get back to sleep.  He lays awake and listens to me snore, apparently.  Now I won't be able to sleep, worrying that I'm snoring, or drooling or worse.  Maybe I need a cookie with that hot chocolate.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Black Potty Has Arrived!

The wedding is fast approaching - only 2 months to go!  Our bathroom remodel is in full swing, and needs to be completed before our daughter and granddaughters arrive to stay with us for the wedding festivities.  (Three girls and no bathroom of their own?  Unthinkable!)
Today there is a large stack of two different tiles in our garage, and the third "accent" tile is ready for pickup.  L has been busy every night after work, and all day on Saturday working on the sink console.  When finished we'll paint it black - L wants to try milk paint.  We've never used it before, but it has a nice, old world look to it, and that's what we're going for.  It seems like every time he makes a piece of furniture we do a different finish on it than on ones before. We're learning a lot, but it would be nice - just once - to do a finish we're comfortable with!  Oh well - it's fun learning new things too.
We have someone from our ward - a newly licensed general contractor - helping us with the remodel.  L designed a great logo for his new business, along with the business cards, etc., and he is giving us a great price on the construction end of things.  A win-win.  We're excited to have his help, as we were feeling a little helpless and confused before.
It seems like every day I come home from work that more things have arrived: a new black toilet, new towel bars, sink and shower fixtures, light fixtures.  It's like Christmas for the bathroom.  We still need to pick out granite for the sink topper, and a mirror.  Just wait until you see how everything looks all together.  When we finally get started I'll post some pictures of the different stages.  Until then, here is what's been going on this week:

I know it's hard to see, but he's built all kinds of panels and the legs for the console.  He had it sort of put together this evening so I could see what it will look like.  It's going to be really pretty, but it's a little hard to see that from these pictures.  You'll have to trust me.
I also snapped a picture of this little gem:

It was my daughter's headboard and footboard when she was growing up.  We found it at a yard sale in Los Angeles one afternoon.  It's hand painted with a design that looks French to me, but I could be wrong.  It's a little beaten up, and could use some TLC, but I love it.  You can't see the painting on the headboard - you're looking at the back side in this picture, but it's really beautiful.  The main thing wrong with it is that (as it is now) there is nothing connecting the two pieces.  A clever carpenter could probably figure something out, but we just wedged the footboard around the twin mattress and frame and leaned the headboard against the wall.  The result of that is that the footboard got kicked over sometimes - it would be better if they were connected somehow.  Anyway, my daughter doesn't want it, (not her style) and we don't have anywhere to put it.  (Hence its in the garage...) Seriously, if anyone wants it, and you can come pick it up, you can have it.  It really is a pretty thing - it has a few scars, but the beauty outweighs them.  Lemme know if you're interested.

Now, back to the subject of weddings: the wedding presents have started to trickle in.  They're coming to my house, as both Scott and Ashley are living in apartments that are temporary.  When Scott moves in June to the one they'll share, they will collect their loot and take everything there.  In the meantime, my "office" is growing piles of interesting looking packages, and boxes beautifully wrapped and tied with ribbon.  So exciting!  Just the thought of this new family starting out in a couple of months makes me smile.  Partly from the sweetness of it all, and partly because I'll be able to call my room my own again.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Treats and A New Blog to Obsess Over

Lovely Easter weekend, wasn't it?  Beautiful weather, lots of things accomplished.  We were able to round up the last bits of tile we hadn't yet found for our little bathroom remodel.  It's going to be stunning.  I can't wait to see it completed, and I'll be sure to post pictures.  I love it already.
I found Grandma an outfit for the wedding.  Nothing for me, but that little cutie will have some gorgeous duds to wear.  (Assuming she likes them.)  She'll see them tomorrow - I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I hate returning things, and I really liked the idea of picking out her outfit.  It's a pretty cool ensemble for a 98/almost 99 year old.
Easter Sunday was such a nice day.  A great conference from Salt Lake.  So many good thoughts and ways to improve.  Such hope and light, rather than gloom and doom.  And I loved the speaker who winked so energetically - his name escapes me.  We had a nice, simple little dinner: Seared scallops with bacon and carmelized onions on greens, and then all drizzled with olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar.  And on the side, pesto pasta with heirloom tomatoes and asparagus.  I don't cook that often, but when I do, look out!  Almost-married Scott came over for dinner, but we missed Ashley, who was back home in Florida with her family.  It was fun to have a nice visit with Scott and also to be able to see their engagement pictures.  I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite! (Not that its up to me...)  It was a wonderful, busy yet relaxing long weekend, and I felt rested as I went to work today.
I loved hearing about the little ones, and their excitement over the treats they woke up to after the Easter Bunny's visit.  And I especially melted over Mia's tearful response to watching "Lamb of God" and witnessing the cruelty inflicted upon Jesus.  Her response?  "Poor Jesus... they're so mean to him.  Poor Jesus..."  All with tears filling up her big brown eyes.  So sweet.

Now - an exciting thing to tell you about.  You must visit my daughter-in-law's blog here  She is making the sweetest, cutest, and sometimes edgiest little purses, and is doing a fantastic job.  There are small ones that would be great as little gym bags, cosmetic bags, a small bag of your own things to throw in a diaper bag, etc. etc.  There are also larger ones, and ones in between.  A bag for every need.  All so versatile, and she's coming up with new ones all the time.  Ronna sews beautifully, and these are all so nicely made and finished.  Me?  I'm trying to talk her into designing me a yoga bag.  What kind of bag do YOU need?  Seriously, check it out.  You can thank me later.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mama Needs a New Dress

Sitting here on the eve of my 3 day weekend, I'm filled with anticipation of all of the chores and fun things I'm going to get done.  I could hardly wait to get out of work today and start relaxing - I find I get impatient to shed the daily grind and get on with my true, real life.
In my last post I talked about the sweetness of talking with our Lexi on the phone.  A couple of nights later, I heard the message from Mia - "Mema, thanks for the lips and the card. I love you Mema!"  She had received her Starburst lip balms in Puerto Rico just in time for Easter.  A minor miracle.  Here is a picture of her in her Easter dress:

So what's on the agenda this weekend?  L finally came to the realization that the hall bathroom was not going to remodel itself.  So the demolition is finally complete and he's started in on making the sink console.  We've talked to 2 contractors so far, and will see a third over the weekend.  We need someone to do the plumbing part, and the tile part.  So the decision on who will be the lucky winner will need to be made so the work can begin.  We will go to tile places until we pick out the tiles for the shower floor.
We really need to do some gardening: fertilize everything and maybe pick up some flowers to brighten the patio up.  It's looking a little iffy out there.
I need to find a dress for the wedding reception.  I haven't even started looking yet.  I don't even have an idea of where to begin.  I suppose the thing to do is to simply start somewhere.  I'm not a very good shopper, and I'm not in the kind of shape where I can wear just anything. (I think that's at the root of my hesitation, if we're being truthful here.  And we are.  Always.)  So if anyone has seen something in either an eggplant shade or turquoise, let me know.  I have a vague notion to find something bohemian-ish - loose and flowing, but it's sort of like a shadow-y vague image - nothing concrete.  I just know whatever it is should be loose through the middle, or maybe a long skirt with a flowy top over it.  It definitely has to have at least three quarter sleeves (my upper arms are not to be shown), and it should make me look cute and darling.  So... anyone?  Anyone??  I have a feeling I'm going to have to branch out from my happy place at Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor Loft.
Somewhere during the weekend I'd like to fit in a yoga class, and I am most decidedly getting my hair colored.  And a facial.  I've been saving my pennies for that.  A sweet indulgence.
One other thing to shop for: some special occasion clothes for my grandma.  Grandma is almost 99.  She is planning on attending not one, but two weddings in June for two great grandchildren - one of them my Scott.  She won't buy new clothes because, in her words, "I won't be around long enough to wear them out."  Practical through and through, but oh how she loves a bright pink or purple anything.  My theory is that you don't ask her permission - you just buy something and beg forgiveness later.  So she is on my list as well.  She and my aunt (who cares for her) are two of the most special ladies you could ever meet. In my family, they are known as The Girls.  A wedding wouldn't be a wedding without them.  You could say the the prospect is an iffy one, but I'm telling you right now that Grandma never likes to miss a good party.  My bet's on her.

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