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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Contractor Lance Leads Us Astray (and we followed willingly)

What a weekend!  We had winners in the giveaway on Saturday (speaking of which, I still haven't heard from Jess or Linda!  Let me know where I can send your gifts, ladies!), and we had progress on the bath remodel, AND (drum roll please!!!) I found a dress for the wedding!
YES - the relief I'm feeling now is almost mind-numbing!  Ashley met me at Macy's on her break, and let me tell you - the girl is relentless.  I started to whine at about the second rack of dresses.  She was unsympathetic and completely undeterred in her mission quest.  Before I knew it, I had a half dozen dresses in my hands.
Off to the dressing room.  One just didn't fit no matter what the size.  One was a little funky - one of those that looked really promising on the hanger, but once on made you just kind of go "hmmmmm...."  Very sparkly and beady though.  One I am completely in love with but my usual size didn't seem to be my size in this dress.  Another store supposedly has it, and they're looking, but so far no luck.  It's navy blue, a stretchy fabric on top, beading at the empire waist and then the bottom is sort of taffeta, fitted through the waist and hips (SPANX!!) and then, oh then it swirls out into a flouncy skirt with soutache braiding or embroidery along the bottom.  Total party dress!  But I couldn't zip it up, so I'm hoping we can find it in the next size up.  

Here is the dress I got - sorry its hard to see the detail on it.  And I'm sorry you can see what a mess my office/room is...

What I did end up getting is a black dress - kind of a stretchy fabric with tier of the same fabric down the front (hides that Saturday night Blizzard from DQ and a host of other sins!), has a high waist with a belt.  The belt isn't great - I need to find a better one, but that should be easy.  If I do end up wearing that dress, I plan to accessorize it with a turquoise necklace.  I saw a double strand one that would be nice with it.  I may go pick it up at the Friends and Family sale this next week.  YAY!!!  Next job: SHOES... But that is definitely for another weekend.
The remodel is coming along too.  Contractor Lance built the little wall for the shower edge, and also installed the wood pieces that the towel bar, and various other towel rings and hooks will be attached to.  The rough plumbing is done - you can see that the pipes were extended so that now the shower will be at about 6'7" instead of 5'7".

Next week sometime the slope in the shower will be done and the hot mop.  Progress is being made!

L has made a lot of progress on the cabinet too - look! Drawers!

Contractor Lance and his wife came to dinner on Saturday night and we had a really good time with them.  And then they did beguile us with the prospect of Buy One Blizzard at Dairy Queen and Get The Second One For 25 cents.  It was yummy and chocolaty, but oh my - no one should EVER eat a Blizzard at 10pm.  My head said yes YES but my gut was NOT happy.  Luckily I feel much better now.  Apparently you can eat such things late at night when you are but 28.  When you are 56 it's a completely different story.  Your body makes noises you really don't want to hear.  And it feels things it really doesn't want to feel.
Time to go put the sheets on the bed (sorry - I change the sheets on the Sabbath Day.  Because it just wouldn't be Sunday night if there were no clean linens on the bed.)  and then tuck myself into all that soft, clean goodness.  I'm beat.


  1. Boy, you are really making strides...wedding-wise and remodel-wise. Great stuff!

    I like the black dress, and it would look wonderful with the turquoise. On the other hand, Macy's can often come up with the dress they don't have your size in by getting it from another store. (They have a LOT of stores, and you can have it mailed to you.) I've never had that fail, actually. Either way, it sounds like you're set!

    Good weekend for Karen...!


  2. Yay for slave-driving shopping partners who complete the mission!

    I love that you can see an outfit and all its accessories in your head- I'm still in the white t-shirt and jeans phase (that's lasted pretty much my whole life)

    And seriously- both my husband and I said 'no way-she's not 56, there is just no way. 39-41 is believable'

  3. p.s. that cabinet is beau-t-ful!

  4. Cute dress, I bet it looks great on you.

  5. So happy you found a dress. It looks cute. It will look good with the necklace. Your remolding is coming along so great. Can't wait to see the finish look.


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