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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contractor Lance's Bathroom Project Begins

Tomorrow is the big day when the work officially starts on the bathroom.  I rushed home from work today so excited because I had JUST enough time to quickly change and make it to my 6:00 yoga class.  But as I pulled into the driveway Contractor Lance was just leaving, and he wanted to show me what he'd done that day to prep for tomorrow.  I love Contractor Lance, and didn't want to appear less than enthusiastic so I trudged upstairs after him and showed proper appreciation for the fact that he'd found a way to enlarge our shower space by several inches.  LOVE IT!  Of course, this probably means we'll have to buy more tile...  *sigh*  But we'll be able to really move around in that shower now!
And so I missed getting to my yoga class.  No late class on Thursdays.  *double sigh*  L got home shortly after and we went for a walk instead.  It wasn't as good a workout as yoga, but at least it was something, and it was good to walk, and talk, and hold my honey's hand.
He isn't sleeping well, as is usual when he's in the middle of a project.  He is stressing about how to cut the glass tile.  I told him he should let a professional do it if he's so worried about it that he's not sleeping.  That was the wrong thing to say.  He got a little defensive and started to talk about budgets and how money doesn't grow on trees.  ???  He stopped when he saw my eyes glaze over.  I just want him to sleep at night, but I think his manhood depends on doing this tile job right so I will be quiet.  (But if I were literally losing sleep over a tile job, I'd let the tile guy do it.  That's what tile guys are for.  Just sayin'...)
I'll take a picture tomorrow, and then you can see how exciting it is when the plumber moves the shower pipes and moves the toilet over a few inches.  Are you getting goosebumps?  I don't know what happens after that.  Maybe they start hanging the hardy board to put the tile on?  Then the hot mop in the shower and then the tile!!!
My almost daughter in law texted me that her wedding dress had come in and she is going for her first fitting on Saturday, and would I like to go with her.  Now that I'm excited about!  I don't know what I'm more thrilled about: getting to see the wedding dress, or that fact that she invited me to go.  It'll be a fun time to share.
Other than that, its been life as usual.  I've got a few painting projects in the works, but haven't had enough time to get much done on them.  I need to dedicate more of my weekend time to them.  (Good luck with that...)  Most days I feel stretched to the limit, and yet it feels like I don't get much accomplished.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  Most evenings I have just enough time for me to work in some exercise, eat a little dinner, return some phone calls and/or emails, and then its time to think about getting into bed.  5:30 am comes very early.  And then there's this blog...  baring my soul, and exposing my foolishness - but it's actually very therapeutic.  And I'm embarrassed to admit how much I look forward to every comment.  So in honor of that, I'll be having my own little giveaway next week.  I'm still working out in my head the how and when, so stay tuned.  My girls (Katie and Ronna) have made some clever things for me to give away - you're going to love each item and want them for your own.  But that's next week.
I'm heading off to bed now.  I've got some new body balm that smells AMAZING.  The brand is Korres and you get it at here at Sephora.  The scent I got is Clementine.  It smells so citrusy and fresh and clean - perfect for drifting off to sleep.  I don't think Korres makes anything that doesn't smell delicious - you should try it out for yourself.  So I'm off to slather my skin with softness and lay my old bones down.  And pray that L can sleep in until 6am.

PS: I felt I should mention that I don't really slather $29 lotion on myself like it's water.  I use it in conjunction with a $2.99 lotion from Trader Joe's.  That way, I get the unbelievable smell and softening goodness from the Clementine lotion's more expensive ingredients, but I'm only using a a little bit mixed in with the other.  It's my way to boost so-so lotion with luxurious pampering, and to make the pricey lotion last a long time.

PPS: L slept 8 hours last night!! WOOT!  When Sleeping Beauty arose at 7am he looked refreshed and rested, and he had a rare AM smile on his face. (A very good omen as he is not a morning person.  At. All.)


  1. I'm excited about your giveaway! And I'm also excited about that Clemenine scent that smells fresh and citrusy at Sephora. I'm going to be all over that as soon as I leave your blog.

    Hope all goes well with your bathroom and that sleep returns to your tortured, tile-cutting husband. (Dave wouldn't even touch that project with a ten foot pole. He knows his limitations!)

    I'd really love to have even a few more inches in our shower. It's pretty small and cramped, especially for a master bath. Maybe you could send Lance over here once you're done with him...

    Have fun getting the wedding dress fitted. It really is cool that she wants you to be there.


  2. THe clementine lotion must have helped him sleep too ;-) You're doing so well with your workouts! I wish I could say the same for myself. I've been too busy getting ready for this boutique next week. I was hoping to have lost my baby weight in time for the wedding, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen ;-(


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