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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Treats and A New Blog to Obsess Over

Lovely Easter weekend, wasn't it?  Beautiful weather, lots of things accomplished.  We were able to round up the last bits of tile we hadn't yet found for our little bathroom remodel.  It's going to be stunning.  I can't wait to see it completed, and I'll be sure to post pictures.  I love it already.
I found Grandma an outfit for the wedding.  Nothing for me, but that little cutie will have some gorgeous duds to wear.  (Assuming she likes them.)  She'll see them tomorrow - I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I hate returning things, and I really liked the idea of picking out her outfit.  It's a pretty cool ensemble for a 98/almost 99 year old.
Easter Sunday was such a nice day.  A great conference from Salt Lake.  So many good thoughts and ways to improve.  Such hope and light, rather than gloom and doom.  And I loved the speaker who winked so energetically - his name escapes me.  We had a nice, simple little dinner: Seared scallops with bacon and carmelized onions on greens, and then all drizzled with olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar.  And on the side, pesto pasta with heirloom tomatoes and asparagus.  I don't cook that often, but when I do, look out!  Almost-married Scott came over for dinner, but we missed Ashley, who was back home in Florida with her family.  It was fun to have a nice visit with Scott and also to be able to see their engagement pictures.  I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite! (Not that its up to me...)  It was a wonderful, busy yet relaxing long weekend, and I felt rested as I went to work today.
I loved hearing about the little ones, and their excitement over the treats they woke up to after the Easter Bunny's visit.  And I especially melted over Mia's tearful response to watching "Lamb of God" and witnessing the cruelty inflicted upon Jesus.  Her response?  "Poor Jesus... they're so mean to him.  Poor Jesus..."  All with tears filling up her big brown eyes.  So sweet.

Now - an exciting thing to tell you about.  You must visit my daughter-in-law's blog here  She is making the sweetest, cutest, and sometimes edgiest little purses, and is doing a fantastic job.  There are small ones that would be great as little gym bags, cosmetic bags, a small bag of your own things to throw in a diaper bag, etc. etc.  There are also larger ones, and ones in between.  A bag for every need.  All so versatile, and she's coming up with new ones all the time.  Ronna sews beautifully, and these are all so nicely made and finished.  Me?  I'm trying to talk her into designing me a yoga bag.  What kind of bag do YOU need?  Seriously, check it out.  You can thank me later.


  1. Easter sounds perfect (wish I could have been there for dinner), and I love the story about Mia. What a cutie!

    The little bags are darling and would make great gifts. Maybe I should offer one as a prize for my upcoming 500 post giveaway!


  2. Ditto, your dinner sounds SOOOO good! What doesn Nana's outfit look like?

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. That is so great you found an outfit for Grandma. I hope she loves it. Have a great week.

  4. So glad you had a nice Easter. Your Easter dinner sounds delicious.
    Thanks so much for the plug to my blog, and am working on posting everything I have for sale. I appreciate you helping me get my name and blog out there.

  5. By the way Sue, What a great idea to have a give away for your 500th post! I would be honored to have one of my bags as a give away! Let me know. Thanks Sue

  6. Your daughter-in-laws bags are adorable! So fun. That is so exciting your son is getting married. sounds like they picked an awesome photographer - i stalk Amelia Lions blog all the time ;) such cool pictures.

    oh and those blue flip flops I got last season ...they are "madden girl" brand. I guess a branch of Steve madden Shoes. I actually found them at Marshalls (or was it TJ Maxx?) but I am sure you may be able to track some down online!

  7. What a great weekend, and what a sweet comment from Mia.

    And thanks for your comment on my blog today.
    Just FYI, I thought I already was a follower, since your blog is in my sidebar. I just corrected that.
    Just sayin'!


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