Daily Affirmation

The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

On Sunday my grandma and aunt came out from Hemet to look at a couple of assisted living places they're thinking of moving to.  My aunt is having a really hard time with the enormous amount of work involved in the day to day care of my grandmother.  Her back hurts from all the lifting, and, well, it's just time to move on to a new phase of life.  They looked at one facility in Anaheim Hills before coming to my house (I was still in church) and once I was home we toured the next one together.  It went well, and they liked it, but were still a little undecided.  We went to Mimi's and had some lunch and discussed.  Katie called from Puerto Rico and put in her social worker expertise/great granddaughter two cents.  Grandma was refreshed after a good lunch, and she was up for going to the next place - Bradford Square.  We were only there a short time, and my aunt was hooked.  (And, I have to admit, the place is lovely.)  They had only one apartment left of the size they wanted so she plunked down her deposit right then and there!  Sweet relief!  They will only be living about 5-10 minutes away from me (as opposed to an hour and a half out in Hemet).  They will have great meals and lots of activities, and lots of help.  They will be cared for and safe.  My aunt can finally get a proper night's rest, and she can forget about the dreaded cooking.  I was so happy on the way home - and so excited for this new turn of events.  Our whole family is mobilized and ready to assist them in their move.  We're all so thrilled to have them close to us again, so we can enjoy them a lot more than they'll probably want to be enjoyed.
On another front, there was another milestone reached this weekend.  On Saturday Scott moved into the new little nest that he and Ashley will share in 19 more days!  After touring around with Grandma and Margie, I received a call from Scott inviting us over to see the new place.  L got my disease (sad face) so he stayed home, rather than risk getting them sick for their wedding day.  Its the cutest apartment ever!  There's a little man made "lake" at the front of the complex, and then all through the complex a stream runs by the units.  It's a lovely sound, and I could imagine how peaceful it would be to have your windows open at night and falling asleep to the sound of the running water.  Their patio overlooks the water, and they even have a fireplace!  It has romance going in every possible scenario.  It's going to be a great first home for them, and I was so pleased to be able to see it, visit awhile, and watch them open a few gifts that have arrived.
Wedding plans are progressing nicely.  AND - I found my wedding shoes!  I had the BEST salesman at Nordstrom on Saturday.  I sadly explained my predicament (wedding shoes, NO heels over 2", nothing orthopedic or practical, please), and I expected him to turn tail and disappear.  (The last time I tried to buy shoes there the salesperson acted like he couldn't be bothered once he found I couldn't do the super high fashionable styles.  (At NORDSTROM - can you believe it?  I've never had such bad service there!)  Anyway, he found a pair of little gold satin strappy sandals, 2" heels with rhinestone buckles at the toes and ankles.  Very pretty and very wearable.  What do you think?

I could have kissed the guy - he was so nice and helpful.  I even bought another pair of shoes from him - they were having their half yearly sale! L was tiling all day and so I spent the afternoon browsing sales at the mall.  Before I knew it I'd been gone for four hours and it was 7pm.  I can't remember the last time I did that.  The biggest disappointment was J Crew.  I'd been admiring several things in their catalog, had wanted to order online, but thought I'd better try some things on first to get an idea of how they're cut.  SO GOOD that I did.  Their clothes are not cut for curvy girls.  I ended up with a pair of pants and a little cardigan, a couple of necklaces and a black headband with flattish black flowers on it, but the majority of things I tried on were no bueno.  I can't wear those little thin T's and tops - too many rolls and curves on me, and there's no room for imperfection in materials like that.  I've never been built like a model, but throw in the middle age saggage and overage, and that pretty much sinks the ship.  Found a cute peachy short sleeve grandpa cardigan on sale at Ann Taylor.  Oh, and at Nordstrom I found a berry colored smallish messenger bag.  I've been wanting one for awhile - for some reason I usually gravitate to weekend size bags, as I like to take my whole life with me wherever I go.  But when out shopping or traveling, they are so heavy and cumbersome.  Regular shoulder bags fall off my shoulder.  Messenger bags can be worn cross body, and this one fits a wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone and a lipstick or two.  Virtually weightless.  And the color is like boysenberry sherbet.  Yummy.  And on sale!  I hit Sephora on the way out for some essentials (Korres body lotion, this time in Basil Lemon - they didn't have Clemetine).  You know how they have the little sample size things along where you wait in line?  Well they had a bin with tins of Rosebud salve so I picked up one.  Oh my gosh - the best lip balm ever with a little pinky tint to it!  Such a great thing to swipe on before running out the door.  Sometimes real lipstick is just too much trouble, and this is perfect.  No mirror needed.
So today - what's on the agenda?  L is back to tiling again.  He's made a miraculous recovery, unlike me.  I'm still coughing.  My RA meds make it so hard to overcome little infections!  But I'm better than I was - it just takes me longer than other folks.  I'm going to take Braden's book "The Road Show" out to the pool and read in the peace and quiet and sunshine.  (Unlike most places, our pool is rarely used so it's actually a nice place to go and have some quiet time.)  I'm going to pause at 3pm for a quiet and reverent moment thinking about our American heroes, past and present.  Then we'll fire up the grill and have a little grilled feast, thinking ahead to next year when we'll hopefully be disease free, family will all be much closer, and we can have a proper family gathering.  I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful day, and I hope to hear all about it one way or another - the BBQs, outdoor time, family gatherings and great food, maybe a slight sunburn.  Yeah, that's the stuff.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rate Your Job Performance

The Lakers are on, and L is downstairs cheering them on.  Went down to check the score: 55-45 Lakers.  Hmmm... forgot to check how far along the game is.  I only have a mild interest in the Lakers winning.   If they are still playing on Tuesday night, we don't have to have a long quarterly meeting at work that evening.  Instead we'll speed-meet and then go to BJ's for pizza and game.  (Actually I'll then go home.  9-10 hours of work is way more than I need or desire.)
Still struggling with a stuffy nose and cough.  Had L call Dr. Rick today (his brother).  I'm all fixed up with a Z-pack, so maybe by tomorrow I'll be able to being to breathe through my nose again.  Sweet relief!  I just want the sludge in my sinus cavities disappear.
At work its time to have our yearly evaluations.  At the company I work for we fill out an on-line form touting our successes and accomplishments for the year.  This year (my 8th with the company) I just couldn't come up with any fresh material.  I am stumped.  I started writing jokes, satire, anything to amuse. I ended up deleting everything.  Maybe I should try it anew after the Z-pack has freshened my sinuses and my outlook.  The job is fine, all is well.  I'm just at a loss to come up with a creative way to state yet again my devotion to serving my coworkers and supplying their every need quickly, cost effectively, and most importantly, while respecting the diversity and cultural norms of all I come in contact with.  I'm just kind of PC'd out this year, I think.
If my boss were a little less on the buttoned up side, I would maybe take a less serious approach, but he takes it all in a very serious, very CORPORATE vein.  (And to be fair, it IS a huge corporation)  Although I have made him smile at an irreverent comment or two along the way, but never when anyone else was around.  But really - how many ways are there to say that your plan of development this year is to answer the phone even faster, to get those Powerpoints done with even more panache than last year.  To ignore and rise above that really unpleasant physician everyone really hates to deal with.
Ahh, the admin position.  We are kind of at the bottom of the heap, and while I wouldn't ever aspire to having a position in management (there's nothing enjoyable to me about that kind of pressure), it's sometimes hard to be the person everyone considers fair game in the task department.  I do work with a couple of very smart, very funny ladies, though, and we have a good time laughing at the absurdity of life surrounded by so much corporate PC.
Popped the first two tablets.  Healing be done!  Maybe I'll have my rosy outlook back tomorrow and I'll be able to complete an eval that sounds sane and responsible and properly serious.  Either that, or I'll just cut and paste from last year's.
Heading to Starbuck's now for a soy hot chocolate with mint.  L had turkey chili with beans for dinner but I didn't want any.  I just didn't see that ending well for me later on, although I guess if we'd both had it there could be no finger pointing.  The things you learn about each other over 10 years' time - not always attractive, but usually still good for a laugh.  I do love that boy...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back From The Dead

I'm starting to emerge from the fog of devil illness, but I'm not quite there yet.  It's been awhile since I've received such a body slam.  At first, I thought I was going to get away virtually unscathed - minor cold, etc.  But Saturday night proved that evil was lurking, and I spent the whole of Sunday and Monday in bed, barely able to croak responses to anything L said to me.  I have to confess, though, that I did manage to sit through the 4 1/2 hour LOST finale.  Can you believe that???  Four and a half frickin' hours!!  And correct me if I'm wrong (because I could have been delirious from sickness) but I'm STILL confused about a lot of things.  I won't go into it here, as we could discuss and noodle for days, but it was awesome and totally HUH??? all at the same time.  I would have expected nothing less, though, so overall it was completely satisfactory.  For anyone who hasn't followed this show for the past six years, get the series and watch it.  Seriously, it's worth it.
As I said before, though, I was in a little bit of a haze while watching, although I already knew I was too sick to go to work the next day, so I pushed myself to watch.  Plus, I think L and I are the only two people on the planet who don't have Tivo.
Monday morning dawned, and L got up and went to work.  Before he left, he made me some scrambled eggs.  One bite, and I knew it wouldn't end in a good way if I continued on.  I was hoping I'd just gotten up too fast, spent too many hours in bed - you know, all of those hope against hope things you think when you don't want to face the fact that this disease had worked it's way into your digestive tract.  I tried to keep it simple all day - water, Emergen-C, Dreyer's fruit pops.  But it was the fruit pops that finally did me in.  One too many of those, I'm afraid.  Sooooo unpleasant.
So I laid in bed, hoping L would come home early.  *Please, please come home early.*  (There's just nothing quite like being sick all by yourself, is there?)  I received several calls throughout the day from various candidates running for office.  I wanted to shoot the phone.  I was too sick for Oprah, too sick for Ellen.  FINALLY I heard the garage door go up and L was home!  He assessed the situation, and quite rightly took two steps back.  He went to the store and bought proper sick food: Jello cups (sugarfree!) and 7Up, and some bread for toast.  I was finally able to eat a piece of toast later that evening.  I can't remember when anything tasted so good.
Today is my last day of home sickness.  I feel I can't stay home one more day, although I'd love to.  So today was spent getting my strength up.  I really just wanted to nap all day, but instead I went outside in the sunshine, and read Sunset magazine while getting some much needed Vitamin D from the sun.  I did take a one hour snooze on the couch, but I'm trying to stay out of bed.  I'm taking some medicine for the stuffiness, and the cough is almost gone.  I look frightening.  I washed my hair last night and just slept with it wet, so today it's a 'fro-y mess.  But who's looking, ya know?  L isn't frightened by crazy haired girls, luckily.  He can see inside to the deep wonderfulness of me and who I really am! (bwahahahaha...cough croak choke splutter)
But seriously, if you want to read something really good, go here and here to Sue's blog.  She gave a talk over the weekend that was truly inspiring, and I don't want ANY of you to miss it.  It's truly a must read, and it's in two parts, so be sure to read both of them.  It's long, but so worth it.  I feel like I'm babbling (it's the meds talking) but I promise you it's a great read.
Hopefully, I'll make more sense next time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking A Sick Day

I'm sick today.  That nasty cough thing that everyone had in Denver?  Turns out I'm not bulletproof.  BLEAH.  I must have a slight fever because I'm achey and keep getting hot and then cold.   I just couldn't lay in bed anymore so I got up to do something else.  ANYTHING else.  Which is how I wound up here.
I went to yoga last night, and thought it was odd that I was working myself up into such a sweaty dither. I thought it was because I'd not worked out in over a week, but I was surprised that I was having such a hard time.  But you know how every so often you get a slight feeling that all is not well with your body?  Yeah.  I kept getting that feeling, so at 3am I knew I wasn't going to work today.
I've looked longingly at the shower for awhile now, so maybe I'd feel better if I hose off.  Then I'll watch Ellen.  That always makes me feel better, and is the payoff for being home sick.  Hot water on aching body...sounds good to me.
Stay well everyone... stay well.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chutes & Ladders With The Princess

I'm back!  A good time was had by all.  Lexi begged hard on Night One to sleep every night with Mema, and her persistence paid off.  We were bunkmates for the entire stay.  The first morning, when we woke up, she sat straight up in bed and said "SO - how is my little cousin Mia?"  (They're 2 months apart in age.)  And the conversation never stopped.  She told me one night during bath time that the bubbles in the bubble bath that were slowly disappearing looked like soap scum.  This girl LOVES to talk!  And her second favorite thing is to play games.  I think I played at least 150 games of Disney Enchanted Princess, the Ladybug game, and Chutes and Ladders.  And ya'll know how much I love to play games.  (Oh, you don't?  Let me tell you: I don't like to play games at all, but for some reason, I enjoyed the heck out of every single one of them this time.)

Matthew hung back at first (he's almost two), but by the time I left, he would run over and hug me around the knees.  He doesn't talk much (typical boy, and Lexi talks enough for ten) but he can say what he needs to.  And the blue eyes! Oh my - he's an adorable little pirate.  But I did learn you can't put him to bed with only a shirt and diaper on.  Before you know it, he's sleeping bare bum - free as a bird.

To quickly recap the visit: Ronna, Lexi, and I had pedicures.  Lexi chose a sparkly blue polish and was very proud of her blue toes.  I enjoyed that pedicure more than any other I've ever had.

We supported a ward yard sale to make money for girl's camp.  We ended up with a desk and chair for Lexi's room (Ronna will paint and stencil it - maybe I'll have to go back and help!) 

Lexi got her face painted and was sad when she had to wash it off in the bathtub that night. We bought a peach pie from the bake sale and found some amazing Halloween lights that were only a buck!  Saturday night I babysat while Rex and Ronna went to a movie.  Lexi and I played games and had Hostess cupcakes, just the two of us, after Matthew went to bed.

We went to church on Sunday - they have such an awesome ward!  Such nice people, and I felt very much at home.  It was fun to see Lexi sitting all dressed up and with her friends in Primary.  Matthew was pretty much in it for the snacks in Mom's purse, but he had a good time in Nursery too!

On Monday, Ronna was sick.  She'd finally caught what the kids had had the week before.  I sent her to the doctor and then played outside with Lexi and Matthew.  

We kicked a soccer ball, scored many goals, walked along the retaining wall, and created "Big Sister Magic" by helping Matthew slide down the slide - you should have seen the smile created by the magic of his big sister helping him.  Lexi wanted her daddy to watch her making Big Sister Magic, but he didn't really know what we were talking about.  Silly daddy.  But I saw the magic happen, and do did she.  And it was beautiful.

They are such a special little family, and I had a good visit.  Ronna is one courageous, smart girl.  There are many reasons why - suffice it to say that she is pointed in the right direction. I expect great things from her one day.  I am so proud of her.

This is quick, I realize.  LOST is on in 10 minutes.  But I DID sacrifice Dancing With The Stars to be with you here.  That counts for something, right?  And I'll leave you with this new view of our progressing bathroom.  L worked hard while I was gone, and the tile has progressed to this point:

And how about the vanity?  Right now, it's still unassembled (no doors on) and sitting at one end of the living room.  The granite top came - it's lovely and looks so good sitting on top of it.  Things are coming along.  It's amazing how much gets done when you leave for a few days.  I'm glad to be back - I missed L, even though I was having fun.  And he missed me too, luckily.  He even admitted that next time, he would go with me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Vacation

Tomorrow I take off for Denver, so I'll be having a mini blog vacay.  I'm going to see these people:

My oldest baby Rex, his wifey Ronna, and the princess and pirate Lexi and Matthew.  I haven't seen them since January, so I'm prepared for all kinds of new tricks.  Lexi got a bike for her birthday so it'll be fun to watch her ride.  And Matthew - who knows what crazy stuff he's up to?
It'll be a quick trip - just Thursday to Monday - and then I'll be back in my "normal" routine.  BAA!  These trips are always way too short.  (Although they may not think so.)  The ironic thing is that half the people I work with, including my boss, are at a conference in Denver at the same time I'm there.  I'm avoiding the Marriott City Center like the plague.  It would be horrible to see work people while on vacation.  It's would be so wrong.
I'm hoping to have all kinds of cute pictures to share with you once I'm back, and I'm really REALLY hoping to have some pictures of real progress in the bathroom remodel.  (We're kind of at a standstill with the tile.) L's dad backed out on helping, and L is trying to decide if he's accomplished enough to tackle it solo.  It's making him neurotic, so I vote for hiring someone, but he says I always choose the easy way out.  He's probably right.  But I sleep well at night.  *stern look over at L*
So y'all have a good rest of the week and a wonderful weekend, and I'll catch you back here on Tuesday or so.  Maybe Wednesday, since LOST is on Tuesday and I may not have time to blog at work, because, ya know, I'll probably have *work* to do after being gone a few days.  And I'll have to catch up with all of you and your blogs.  *heavy sigh*   Going on vacation is tough!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a little pictorial of my Mother's Day weekend.  All parties heard from, and a good day was spent.  Saturday was spent with my mom and grandma.  My grandma is almost 99, and she showed up looking like a beautiful rose:

She was at her best, thanks to the wonderful care my aunt Margie provides her with.  She loves people, and seems to be energized by getting out and socializing.   But look at that face!  THAT is one joyful spirit!  And Margie - she's a wonder as well.  Always thinking of others and so selfless.  She has been a wonderful influence in my life, and I enjoy every minute of the time I spend with her.  We're trying to get her and my grandma to move in closer thisaway so we can help more and see them more often.  I would love nothing more than to have them within a few minutes distance.  Here is a very camera-shy Margie:

I tried to be better about remembering to get pictures of everyone.  I missed my brother Chris.  He had his gall bladder removed a couple of weeks ago, and he left before I engaged my brain and grabbed my camera, so we'll get him next time.  But here is the rest of my family (minus brother Matt and wife Greta who live out of state):
Dad, Mom, and the monkey in the middle (me)

Chris' wife Jill and, of course, me

My brother Brent and his favorite sister (again, me)

Brent's wife Becky (before they were married, she was one of my Laurel's in YW!)

I have such pretty sister-in-laws, and we all had a good time visiting.  It's funny, we all live within a short distance of each other, but we don't get together that often.  We really should be better about that, while we're all still around.  I've made an effort with the camera, so I'll try to corral everyone a little more often.  We had a good time - Mom made a great dinner, Dad manned the BBQ, and the conversation flowed.  Grandma had such a good time, she lasted until 9:00!  What a party girl!
I'll leave you with a picture of the flowers I got for my mom.  They were made by the girl who is doing the flowers for the wedding.  As you can see, I've got no doubt that the wedding flowers will be spectacular!  You probably can't tell from the photo, but she stuck some fresh lilac sprigs in the arrangement - they gave off the most heavenly aroma!  I just wanted to stick my face in the flowers and sniff.

Oh wait - PS: here's a Mother's Day photo of Katie and the girls.  Can you see why I can't wait for them to come next month?  Mia told me today she wants to go to Disneyland and see the princesses.  I think that can be arranged.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Gift of Self Worth

On my blogging friend Jen's blog (go here) she issued a challenge to any and all to talk about one fault we recognize in ourselves as mothers, and then what we've done (or are doing) to improve ourselves and overcome.  I thought to myself (as probably a lot of us do): Where to start?  My days of guiding children who are growing up are over, and now I'm in the early stages of grandchildren.  As I look back on those earlier days, I am sometimes overcome with remorse at how poorly I handled certain things, and then, almost in the same instant I can become quite warm and fuzzy over so many good memories: rocking my babies to sleep, the way their little shoulders looked from the back, their sweet smell after a bath, kissing their chubby cheeks and just sinking into them, like pillows.  I can remember quite clearly thinking that I would be the best mother in the world.  I would sit watching my oldest sleep in his crib.  Sometimes I would walk into his room in the middle of the night just to watch him sleeping.  It all seemed too good to be true.  My daughter arrived, and then another son.  They were happy, friendly, funny children who had a good time with each other.
I think the one trait I could single out as my Achilles Heel in mothering was my self esteem.  I've always had a hard time making choices or decisions, and knowing they were right and correct for me.  I usually felt that others would know better.  The children grew, I tried to teach them correct principles, I loved them unconditionally, but I had a hard time being happy with me.
As the years went on, my husband and I began to have problems.  I take responsibility for a fair amount of it.  As usual, I didn't have the confidence to stick to my guns and insist on certain things.  We were struggling financially, and I didn't have the confidence to go out and find a job to help out.  I was frankly terrified of doing so.  I really didn't think I was much good at anything.  The only thing I'd ever done that I loved was be a mother, and here I was mucking that up as well.  I'll never forget after one fight, finding my oldest sitting in the dark family room (where he'd taken refuge) and crying.  He begged us to stop fighting.  It broke my heart, and I felt such shame that I'd done that to someone I loved so much, and who I was supposed to protect.
The inevitable happened - our family fell apart.  The two youngest came with me, and my oldest decided he should go with his father.  The night he told me of his decision I thought my world would end.  But instead of having confidence in myself, and keeping the kids together as I know I should have, I let this boy go - thinking that of course he knew better than me.  It was probably the worst decision I never made.  I just went with the flow, thinking I didn't really know what I was doing.  Things have never been the same between him and the rest of us.  He's never said, but I think that he felt abandoned.  How could he not?  There were mitigating circumstances, of course, but I should have stuck with my gut and done the right thing.  Instead, I was weak and I gave up - on him, on myself, on our family.
So what have I learned?  The divorce was the worst thing I've ever been through.  I don't recommend it to anyone.  I was frightened, and I had to figure my life out.  Alone.  It took years, and there are still unhealed wounds, but I finally found out through many hard knocks that I'm smart, and I'm capable.  I can make good decisions.  I have talent.  I am worthy of love, and a second chance.  I still have a tendency to be wishy washy and too much of a pleaser, but I'm trying very hard to be more realistic in my expectations of myself.  I am better at setting boundaries and making promises that I'm able to keep.  I am slowly learning that the perfect vision of things in my head is just that: a vision, a dream.  I'm trying to be happy when life gets in the way and my vision has to be scaled down.  Keep it simple.  Keep it real.  And trust myself and my instincts.  Turns out that I'm almost always right when I can trust enough to listen to the little voice that guides me in the right direction, instead of looking to someone else to tell me what to do.  And I've been so blessed with children who, when their mother was a mess, became the adults and loved me unconditionally.  They continue to make me proud, and I'm grateful for their confidence in, and love for me - as well as their great patience.  They are the ones who make me strive each day to do the right thing, to improve myself, to lengthen my stride.  I am learning to be happy with me, with my decisions, with my life - which makes me a better and more valuable person to my children, grandchildren, and husband.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching Up

My life has been so centered around work for the past two weeks, I hardly know how to act now that things have calmed down.  The past two days have been very mellow - almost catatonic in their mellowness compared to the frenzy of last week.  But that's a good thing.  I can now look around me and pay attention to the things that really matter.  Like the fact that Hayden took her first roll off the bed the other day.  Apparently she is none the worse for wear.  She whimpered for a minute and then shook it off.  Mia is going through a "No" phase, and has earned a few time outs.  I'm hoping she works through this before she comes in June.  

I've been collecting little things to take to Denver with me next week.  I found the cutest Pirate swim/beach towel for Matthew.  At Target - I love that store!  I know - they live nowhere near a beach, but I couldn't resist. Besides - they'll come here in June to visit, right?  And we can go to the beach then, right?  I've got Lexi's birthday gifts all ready.  I got her a butterfly jewelry box that is also a music box.  When you open it up, a butterfly spins while the music plays.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is a Hoppy.  Do you remember those round balls you sit on and hold onto two little handles and then you hop around the yard on it?  Yeah, got her one of those.

The niche in the shower - we almost forgot to put it in!

The bathroom keeps evolving.  The cabinet is almost done. It's being varnished and it looks amazing!  I can't wait to see it assembled, installed, and topped with granite!  Hardy board should be done tomorrow, tile started this weekend.  Wait until you see - it'll be glorious.

                   L varnishing away on the cabinet doors.

The almost finished piece!

The wedding approacheth.  I went back to Macy's and purchased the turquoise necklace.  Next: shoes.  Ashley is immersed in the planning, Scott just wants it all to be over.  Typical.  We meet the father in law on Friday night over dinner.  Ashley calls him "Padre."  I don't think I will.

Mother's Day on Sunday.  I haven't a clue.  We're having a BBQ dinner with mom and dad and my grandma and my aunt and my brothers and wives on Saturday - in honor of Grandma.  I want to take my mom out for a nice afternoon, so it will have to wait until after Denver.  She's always been so good about not being hung up on the actual day.  She's always understood that, at least in our family, there has always been a multi-generational thing going on.  There's ALWAYS been a great-grandmother in the picture. (That side of the family is a long-lived bunch)  So it's hard to fit in all the mothers in one day.  I get something quickly from my kids so I can make a date not on Mother's Day with my mom so she can be with my grandma on Mother's Day.  Oldest mom takes precedence.  My mom will have her day, eventually, and so, hopefully, will I.  I just want to be alert enough to enjoy having reached the milestone.  Until then, I will keep squirming during the Mother's Day tributes in church (Angels From Heaven!  Sweet Spiritual Seraphim!) and will enjoy every minute spent  laughing with the two great ladies in my life who taught me what being a mother is all about. 

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