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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back From The Dead

I'm starting to emerge from the fog of devil illness, but I'm not quite there yet.  It's been awhile since I've received such a body slam.  At first, I thought I was going to get away virtually unscathed - minor cold, etc.  But Saturday night proved that evil was lurking, and I spent the whole of Sunday and Monday in bed, barely able to croak responses to anything L said to me.  I have to confess, though, that I did manage to sit through the 4 1/2 hour LOST finale.  Can you believe that???  Four and a half frickin' hours!!  And correct me if I'm wrong (because I could have been delirious from sickness) but I'm STILL confused about a lot of things.  I won't go into it here, as we could discuss and noodle for days, but it was awesome and totally HUH??? all at the same time.  I would have expected nothing less, though, so overall it was completely satisfactory.  For anyone who hasn't followed this show for the past six years, get the series and watch it.  Seriously, it's worth it.
As I said before, though, I was in a little bit of a haze while watching, although I already knew I was too sick to go to work the next day, so I pushed myself to watch.  Plus, I think L and I are the only two people on the planet who don't have Tivo.
Monday morning dawned, and L got up and went to work.  Before he left, he made me some scrambled eggs.  One bite, and I knew it wouldn't end in a good way if I continued on.  I was hoping I'd just gotten up too fast, spent too many hours in bed - you know, all of those hope against hope things you think when you don't want to face the fact that this disease had worked it's way into your digestive tract.  I tried to keep it simple all day - water, Emergen-C, Dreyer's fruit pops.  But it was the fruit pops that finally did me in.  One too many of those, I'm afraid.  Sooooo unpleasant.
So I laid in bed, hoping L would come home early.  *Please, please come home early.*  (There's just nothing quite like being sick all by yourself, is there?)  I received several calls throughout the day from various candidates running for office.  I wanted to shoot the phone.  I was too sick for Oprah, too sick for Ellen.  FINALLY I heard the garage door go up and L was home!  He assessed the situation, and quite rightly took two steps back.  He went to the store and bought proper sick food: Jello cups (sugarfree!) and 7Up, and some bread for toast.  I was finally able to eat a piece of toast later that evening.  I can't remember when anything tasted so good.
Today is my last day of home sickness.  I feel I can't stay home one more day, although I'd love to.  So today was spent getting my strength up.  I really just wanted to nap all day, but instead I went outside in the sunshine, and read Sunset magazine while getting some much needed Vitamin D from the sun.  I did take a one hour snooze on the couch, but I'm trying to stay out of bed.  I'm taking some medicine for the stuffiness, and the cough is almost gone.  I look frightening.  I washed my hair last night and just slept with it wet, so today it's a 'fro-y mess.  But who's looking, ya know?  L isn't frightened by crazy haired girls, luckily.  He can see inside to the deep wonderfulness of me and who I really am! (bwahahahaha...cough croak choke splutter)
But seriously, if you want to read something really good, go here and here to Sue's blog.  She gave a talk over the weekend that was truly inspiring, and I don't want ANY of you to miss it.  It's truly a must read, and it's in two parts, so be sure to read both of them.  It's long, but so worth it.  I feel like I'm babbling (it's the meds talking) but I promise you it's a great read.
Hopefully, I'll make more sense next time.


  1. So sorry you were dragged through the depths of sickness and back. I hope you get back to 100% soon! What a nice hubs you have to get proper sick food. Glad you're back with us- I missed you

  2. Glad you liked the talk, Karen, and thanks for sharing it here.

    But I'm very sorry to hear that you are/have been so sick. I didn't even realize!

    Feel MUCH better soon, okay? I wish you didn't have to go to work tomorrow. It'd be nice if you could wait just
    one more day.


  3. Feel better. You've got a wedding in how many days?
    And Sue's talk is definitely worth linking to. Wish we could have been there!

  4. awwwwrrrggg! I hate being sick. what a bummer. wow, i didn't realize Lost was 4 and 1/2 hours long! I am not a lost watcher...maybe someday I will rent the seasons on DVD...that is, if after watching the season finale you think it is worth it. (let me know, k?)

    I hope you are feeling better now!!


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