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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching Up

My life has been so centered around work for the past two weeks, I hardly know how to act now that things have calmed down.  The past two days have been very mellow - almost catatonic in their mellowness compared to the frenzy of last week.  But that's a good thing.  I can now look around me and pay attention to the things that really matter.  Like the fact that Hayden took her first roll off the bed the other day.  Apparently she is none the worse for wear.  She whimpered for a minute and then shook it off.  Mia is going through a "No" phase, and has earned a few time outs.  I'm hoping she works through this before she comes in June.  

I've been collecting little things to take to Denver with me next week.  I found the cutest Pirate swim/beach towel for Matthew.  At Target - I love that store!  I know - they live nowhere near a beach, but I couldn't resist. Besides - they'll come here in June to visit, right?  And we can go to the beach then, right?  I've got Lexi's birthday gifts all ready.  I got her a butterfly jewelry box that is also a music box.  When you open it up, a butterfly spins while the music plays.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is a Hoppy.  Do you remember those round balls you sit on and hold onto two little handles and then you hop around the yard on it?  Yeah, got her one of those.

The niche in the shower - we almost forgot to put it in!

The bathroom keeps evolving.  The cabinet is almost done. It's being varnished and it looks amazing!  I can't wait to see it assembled, installed, and topped with granite!  Hardy board should be done tomorrow, tile started this weekend.  Wait until you see - it'll be glorious.

                   L varnishing away on the cabinet doors.

The almost finished piece!

The wedding approacheth.  I went back to Macy's and purchased the turquoise necklace.  Next: shoes.  Ashley is immersed in the planning, Scott just wants it all to be over.  Typical.  We meet the father in law on Friday night over dinner.  Ashley calls him "Padre."  I don't think I will.

Mother's Day on Sunday.  I haven't a clue.  We're having a BBQ dinner with mom and dad and my grandma and my aunt and my brothers and wives on Saturday - in honor of Grandma.  I want to take my mom out for a nice afternoon, so it will have to wait until after Denver.  She's always been so good about not being hung up on the actual day.  She's always understood that, at least in our family, there has always been a multi-generational thing going on.  There's ALWAYS been a great-grandmother in the picture. (That side of the family is a long-lived bunch)  So it's hard to fit in all the mothers in one day.  I get something quickly from my kids so I can make a date not on Mother's Day with my mom so she can be with my grandma on Mother's Day.  Oldest mom takes precedence.  My mom will have her day, eventually, and so, hopefully, will I.  I just want to be alert enough to enjoy having reached the milestone.  Until then, I will keep squirming during the Mother's Day tributes in church (Angels From Heaven!  Sweet Spiritual Seraphim!) and will enjoy every minute spent  laughing with the two great ladies in my life who taught me what being a mother is all about. 


  1. I'm so excited to hear Mia sing in the Mother's Day program at church. I know I'm going to cry, LOL. I did last year and she wasn't even in primary yet. I wish I could be there for Mother's Day, but I've already worked out a surprise :) I still need to send off your card dang it. It'll make you laugh! You'll get it late...sorry...

  2. Hope you're preparing a post for Friday . . . :)

    And my kids love the hoppy toys. They fight and bounce and throw, and they never pop.
    That's a keeper in my book.

  3. Can't believe how busy you've been...And you have a lot coming up, too!

    I think the way you handle Mother's Day sounds just right...oldest mother, first served, etc.

    Have a great time in Denver. I know you will...


  4. Smart way to handle Mother's day- we don't get hung up on actual event days either, less complicated. My hubs was asked to speak in sacrament meeting for mother's day-ha!

    I hope you have tons of fun with your cute grandkids in Denver! And a beach towel is always appropriate- they're great everywhere because they're so big and fluffy!


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