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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chutes & Ladders With The Princess

I'm back!  A good time was had by all.  Lexi begged hard on Night One to sleep every night with Mema, and her persistence paid off.  We were bunkmates for the entire stay.  The first morning, when we woke up, she sat straight up in bed and said "SO - how is my little cousin Mia?"  (They're 2 months apart in age.)  And the conversation never stopped.  She told me one night during bath time that the bubbles in the bubble bath that were slowly disappearing looked like soap scum.  This girl LOVES to talk!  And her second favorite thing is to play games.  I think I played at least 150 games of Disney Enchanted Princess, the Ladybug game, and Chutes and Ladders.  And ya'll know how much I love to play games.  (Oh, you don't?  Let me tell you: I don't like to play games at all, but for some reason, I enjoyed the heck out of every single one of them this time.)

Matthew hung back at first (he's almost two), but by the time I left, he would run over and hug me around the knees.  He doesn't talk much (typical boy, and Lexi talks enough for ten) but he can say what he needs to.  And the blue eyes! Oh my - he's an adorable little pirate.  But I did learn you can't put him to bed with only a shirt and diaper on.  Before you know it, he's sleeping bare bum - free as a bird.

To quickly recap the visit: Ronna, Lexi, and I had pedicures.  Lexi chose a sparkly blue polish and was very proud of her blue toes.  I enjoyed that pedicure more than any other I've ever had.

We supported a ward yard sale to make money for girl's camp.  We ended up with a desk and chair for Lexi's room (Ronna will paint and stencil it - maybe I'll have to go back and help!) 

Lexi got her face painted and was sad when she had to wash it off in the bathtub that night. We bought a peach pie from the bake sale and found some amazing Halloween lights that were only a buck!  Saturday night I babysat while Rex and Ronna went to a movie.  Lexi and I played games and had Hostess cupcakes, just the two of us, after Matthew went to bed.

We went to church on Sunday - they have such an awesome ward!  Such nice people, and I felt very much at home.  It was fun to see Lexi sitting all dressed up and with her friends in Primary.  Matthew was pretty much in it for the snacks in Mom's purse, but he had a good time in Nursery too!

On Monday, Ronna was sick.  She'd finally caught what the kids had had the week before.  I sent her to the doctor and then played outside with Lexi and Matthew.  

We kicked a soccer ball, scored many goals, walked along the retaining wall, and created "Big Sister Magic" by helping Matthew slide down the slide - you should have seen the smile created by the magic of his big sister helping him.  Lexi wanted her daddy to watch her making Big Sister Magic, but he didn't really know what we were talking about.  Silly daddy.  But I saw the magic happen, and do did she.  And it was beautiful.

They are such a special little family, and I had a good visit.  Ronna is one courageous, smart girl.  There are many reasons why - suffice it to say that she is pointed in the right direction. I expect great things from her one day.  I am so proud of her.

This is quick, I realize.  LOST is on in 10 minutes.  But I DID sacrifice Dancing With The Stars to be with you here.  That counts for something, right?  And I'll leave you with this new view of our progressing bathroom.  L worked hard while I was gone, and the tile has progressed to this point:

And how about the vanity?  Right now, it's still unassembled (no doors on) and sitting at one end of the living room.  The granite top came - it's lovely and looks so good sitting on top of it.  Things are coming along.  It's amazing how much gets done when you leave for a few days.  I'm glad to be back - I missed L, even though I was having fun.  And he missed me too, luckily.  He even admitted that next time, he would go with me.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT trip, and how nice to get home and find progress made on the bathroom. It's cool that their ward is so nice; that always makes a big difference, I think.

    The kids look adorable, and I'm glad had so much fun with them and that they got comfortable with you so quickly. You are definitely a trooper for playing so many games. Much as I love my grandkids, I do not love Crazy 8's, War, Candyland, etc. etc. But they always want me to play...


  2. Your trip sounded fun. Your bathroom looks amazing!

  3. It sounds like you had a fun time. And yay for progress on the bathroom while you were away!

    That's what makes you a great grammy- you'll play games and listen (for hours) and paint piggies- you do the do and for it they obviously love you.

  4. We missed you too!
    And the bathroom is progressing. Good, because I hate to be the one to remind you, the wedding is coming. Just sayin' from experience.
    Glad you're back and glad you had fun!


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