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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

On Sunday my grandma and aunt came out from Hemet to look at a couple of assisted living places they're thinking of moving to.  My aunt is having a really hard time with the enormous amount of work involved in the day to day care of my grandmother.  Her back hurts from all the lifting, and, well, it's just time to move on to a new phase of life.  They looked at one facility in Anaheim Hills before coming to my house (I was still in church) and once I was home we toured the next one together.  It went well, and they liked it, but were still a little undecided.  We went to Mimi's and had some lunch and discussed.  Katie called from Puerto Rico and put in her social worker expertise/great granddaughter two cents.  Grandma was refreshed after a good lunch, and she was up for going to the next place - Bradford Square.  We were only there a short time, and my aunt was hooked.  (And, I have to admit, the place is lovely.)  They had only one apartment left of the size they wanted so she plunked down her deposit right then and there!  Sweet relief!  They will only be living about 5-10 minutes away from me (as opposed to an hour and a half out in Hemet).  They will have great meals and lots of activities, and lots of help.  They will be cared for and safe.  My aunt can finally get a proper night's rest, and she can forget about the dreaded cooking.  I was so happy on the way home - and so excited for this new turn of events.  Our whole family is mobilized and ready to assist them in their move.  We're all so thrilled to have them close to us again, so we can enjoy them a lot more than they'll probably want to be enjoyed.
On another front, there was another milestone reached this weekend.  On Saturday Scott moved into the new little nest that he and Ashley will share in 19 more days!  After touring around with Grandma and Margie, I received a call from Scott inviting us over to see the new place.  L got my disease (sad face) so he stayed home, rather than risk getting them sick for their wedding day.  Its the cutest apartment ever!  There's a little man made "lake" at the front of the complex, and then all through the complex a stream runs by the units.  It's a lovely sound, and I could imagine how peaceful it would be to have your windows open at night and falling asleep to the sound of the running water.  Their patio overlooks the water, and they even have a fireplace!  It has romance going in every possible scenario.  It's going to be a great first home for them, and I was so pleased to be able to see it, visit awhile, and watch them open a few gifts that have arrived.
Wedding plans are progressing nicely.  AND - I found my wedding shoes!  I had the BEST salesman at Nordstrom on Saturday.  I sadly explained my predicament (wedding shoes, NO heels over 2", nothing orthopedic or practical, please), and I expected him to turn tail and disappear.  (The last time I tried to buy shoes there the salesperson acted like he couldn't be bothered once he found I couldn't do the super high fashionable styles.  (At NORDSTROM - can you believe it?  I've never had such bad service there!)  Anyway, he found a pair of little gold satin strappy sandals, 2" heels with rhinestone buckles at the toes and ankles.  Very pretty and very wearable.  What do you think?

I could have kissed the guy - he was so nice and helpful.  I even bought another pair of shoes from him - they were having their half yearly sale! L was tiling all day and so I spent the afternoon browsing sales at the mall.  Before I knew it I'd been gone for four hours and it was 7pm.  I can't remember the last time I did that.  The biggest disappointment was J Crew.  I'd been admiring several things in their catalog, had wanted to order online, but thought I'd better try some things on first to get an idea of how they're cut.  SO GOOD that I did.  Their clothes are not cut for curvy girls.  I ended up with a pair of pants and a little cardigan, a couple of necklaces and a black headband with flattish black flowers on it, but the majority of things I tried on were no bueno.  I can't wear those little thin T's and tops - too many rolls and curves on me, and there's no room for imperfection in materials like that.  I've never been built like a model, but throw in the middle age saggage and overage, and that pretty much sinks the ship.  Found a cute peachy short sleeve grandpa cardigan on sale at Ann Taylor.  Oh, and at Nordstrom I found a berry colored smallish messenger bag.  I've been wanting one for awhile - for some reason I usually gravitate to weekend size bags, as I like to take my whole life with me wherever I go.  But when out shopping or traveling, they are so heavy and cumbersome.  Regular shoulder bags fall off my shoulder.  Messenger bags can be worn cross body, and this one fits a wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone and a lipstick or two.  Virtually weightless.  And the color is like boysenberry sherbet.  Yummy.  And on sale!  I hit Sephora on the way out for some essentials (Korres body lotion, this time in Basil Lemon - they didn't have Clemetine).  You know how they have the little sample size things along where you wait in line?  Well they had a bin with tins of Rosebud salve so I picked up one.  Oh my gosh - the best lip balm ever with a little pinky tint to it!  Such a great thing to swipe on before running out the door.  Sometimes real lipstick is just too much trouble, and this is perfect.  No mirror needed.
So today - what's on the agenda?  L is back to tiling again.  He's made a miraculous recovery, unlike me.  I'm still coughing.  My RA meds make it so hard to overcome little infections!  But I'm better than I was - it just takes me longer than other folks.  I'm going to take Braden's book "The Road Show" out to the pool and read in the peace and quiet and sunshine.  (Unlike most places, our pool is rarely used so it's actually a nice place to go and have some quiet time.)  I'm going to pause at 3pm for a quiet and reverent moment thinking about our American heroes, past and present.  Then we'll fire up the grill and have a little grilled feast, thinking ahead to next year when we'll hopefully be disease free, family will all be much closer, and we can have a proper family gathering.  I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful day, and I hope to hear all about it one way or another - the BBQs, outdoor time, family gatherings and great food, maybe a slight sunburn.  Yeah, that's the stuff.


  1. Sounds perfect! And the wedding shoes are darling.

    Let me know how you like the took, and have a fun day. (My family's out in the pool for the next couple of hours...)


  2. Your bag sounds fabulous! and I'm slightly envious of your pool, I'd be a pruned up fish for the whole of summer.

    Our Memorial day BBQ was very exciting- it started out with a grease fire, and ended with games.

  3. Geez, I'm missing everything!! I wish I could go to the wedding and now I could see Nana easier too!! It's not fair. Love the shoes! You would be a great shopping buddy. We should do that sometime. You are too fun!!


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