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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rate Your Job Performance

The Lakers are on, and L is downstairs cheering them on.  Went down to check the score: 55-45 Lakers.  Hmmm... forgot to check how far along the game is.  I only have a mild interest in the Lakers winning.   If they are still playing on Tuesday night, we don't have to have a long quarterly meeting at work that evening.  Instead we'll speed-meet and then go to BJ's for pizza and game.  (Actually I'll then go home.  9-10 hours of work is way more than I need or desire.)
Still struggling with a stuffy nose and cough.  Had L call Dr. Rick today (his brother).  I'm all fixed up with a Z-pack, so maybe by tomorrow I'll be able to being to breathe through my nose again.  Sweet relief!  I just want the sludge in my sinus cavities disappear.
At work its time to have our yearly evaluations.  At the company I work for we fill out an on-line form touting our successes and accomplishments for the year.  This year (my 8th with the company) I just couldn't come up with any fresh material.  I am stumped.  I started writing jokes, satire, anything to amuse. I ended up deleting everything.  Maybe I should try it anew after the Z-pack has freshened my sinuses and my outlook.  The job is fine, all is well.  I'm just at a loss to come up with a creative way to state yet again my devotion to serving my coworkers and supplying their every need quickly, cost effectively, and most importantly, while respecting the diversity and cultural norms of all I come in contact with.  I'm just kind of PC'd out this year, I think.
If my boss were a little less on the buttoned up side, I would maybe take a less serious approach, but he takes it all in a very serious, very CORPORATE vein.  (And to be fair, it IS a huge corporation)  Although I have made him smile at an irreverent comment or two along the way, but never when anyone else was around.  But really - how many ways are there to say that your plan of development this year is to answer the phone even faster, to get those Powerpoints done with even more panache than last year.  To ignore and rise above that really unpleasant physician everyone really hates to deal with.
Ahh, the admin position.  We are kind of at the bottom of the heap, and while I wouldn't ever aspire to having a position in management (there's nothing enjoyable to me about that kind of pressure), it's sometimes hard to be the person everyone considers fair game in the task department.  I do work with a couple of very smart, very funny ladies, though, and we have a good time laughing at the absurdity of life surrounded by so much corporate PC.
Popped the first two tablets.  Healing be done!  Maybe I'll have my rosy outlook back tomorrow and I'll be able to complete an eval that sounds sane and responsible and properly serious.  Either that, or I'll just cut and paste from last year's.
Heading to Starbuck's now for a soy hot chocolate with mint.  L had turkey chili with beans for dinner but I didn't want any.  I just didn't see that ending well for me later on, although I guess if we'd both had it there could be no finger pointing.  The things you learn about each other over 10 years' time - not always attractive, but usually still good for a laugh.  I do love that boy...


  1. Hi Karen, I'm Braden. Sue Anderson reviewed my book today on her blog and you said you were impatient to read it. That's pretty cool for me to hear, so I thought I'd see if you were interested in a deal. If you'll buy it through Amazon, I'll be happy to send you the PDFs and then you can read it right now (and I can get the royalty which will hopefully help me get braces for my kids :) ). If you are interested, you can contact me at braden at bradenbell dot com. Hope you feel better and good luck with the performance eval!

  2. I always hated job evaluations! Oh how I have no desire to go back to work-I'd rather lock myself in a sewing room, LOL!

  3. My old law firm always wanted us to have those yearly meetings, too, where we would set goals and make exciting new mission statements, etc. So lame. Same old, same old.


    PS. That happens at church, too, when you have to turn in your goals for the year as president of an auxiliary. You just keep reworking the tired stuff from years before. But I guess once in a while you manage to come up with something new.

  4. Evaluation time=kinda lame. I've always wondered why they even exist. Once I had an evaluation done, got raving remarks from all of the docs and supervising nurses, but the head nurse only gave me a partial raise and made up some bogus junk about my needing to improve some something or another. I finally just asked point blank do I really need to improve on those things or is that corporate speak for we can't afford it? I don't think my candor was appreciated.
    sorry for the epic novel comment

  5. Sue: I will probably never know what new year goals the pres of an auxiliary at church has to turn in. *wink* Playing the piano has no goals. And don't even talk to me about mission statements... Oi.

    Jess: I KNOW, right? I get so tired of the way everyone dances around issues. Just TELL me what's really going on and I'll deal with it. I hate it when they go on and on about inclusion and diversity, or when you get all star reviews but you can't get the highest evaluation available because they can only give so many of those out, and they just got given to all the sales reps. Grrrrr...
    FYI to all: I successfully BS'd my way through another year's eval form. Thank you.


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