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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast With Scott & Other Adventures

Today was one of those days where you have almost more to accomplish than you have time for.  And truly, I didn't get to all of it.  Normally on Saturdays, I love to be lazy and sit in bed reading until 9:00 or so.  It's a guilty pleasure I don't get any other day of the week, and I really look forward to it.  Not today, though.  Scott's birthday was last week, and the thing he wanted was some new temple clothes, so today was the day.  I got up early, got myself ready (mascara, blush, and red lipstick!  So Saturday...) and drove to Tustin to pick Scott up.  First stop was IHOP for breakfast.  Another guilty pleasure: big breakfast.  L doesn't really appreciate a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes like Scott and I do, so it's something we've liked to do together every so often.  (Can you tell I'm cramming all kinds of memories into this last week before the wedding?)
We feasted, and then it was off to the distribution center for temple duds.  He pretty much needed everything.  At one point, I asked him if he needed a new white shirt, and he paused and said, "Well...  I think I may have bought one about a year ago."  ICK - no year old white shirts on your wedding day!  A new one went on the pile.  We even got a new case for him to carry everything in.  He was pretty excited about it.  We'd planned to go to Macy's and get him some new dress shoes (not for the wedding - just to have) but Ashley called and reminded him that he was to be at a tasting appointment at the hotel for the reception dinner.  So off we went to taste.
Final decision: Hearts of Romaine Salad with either raspberry vinaigrete, or honey mustard dressing, and the Lemon Caper Chicken.  For those of the vegetarian persuasion there was a Portobello Mushroom Wellington (portobello mushrooms in an amazing sauce, encased in pastry dough).  It was so good I'm thinking of being a vegetarian that night.  Seriously good stuff.
By that time I'd rescheduled my nail appointment twice, so I needed to get going.  Scott's bachelor party was due to start around 3pm as well, so he had to scoot.  He and his friends were all going to the Dodger game.  It was so much fun to spend the entire morning with him, and a tasty hour or so with both him and Ashley.
Back home, fingernails buffed, toes done in French Manicure.  May have to redo before the wedding but I hope not.  I don't know when we'd squeeze it in. ("We" being me, Katie, and the girls.)
After nails, a quick trip to Birch Street Promenade for a quick search for a skirt.  Scored two cute ones, and a cute periwinkle scarf with little pompoms, or actually tassles, along the edges.  I don't know if you can get the idea from the picture below, but there you are.  I don't know what I'm actually going to do/wear, but I have a whole week to figure it out.  I got a black knit ruffly tiered skirt, and a khaki linen-ish one.  I'm sure it'll come to me.  But I couldn't resist those little tassles on the scarf or the yummy yummy color.

You thought I already had a dress.  Yes I do.  For the reception.  I needed something a little more casual to wear on Friday night to the pre-wedding dinner, and/or to the wedding Saturday morning.  Why is it that what you already have won't do?  I don't know, but it won't.  It probably has to do, in my case, with having to mingle with strangers, trying to feel confident, and I have a tough time doing that in a skirt that's 4 years old and tired.  Because mostly what I buy, folks, is pants.  Until I have a wedding or something, that is.  Then I realize my wardrobe is lacking.
Back home.  Done. Tired. Boys still tiling in the bathroom.  The wall grouting is done.  They are finishing the shower floor tiles as I type.  I don't know when they're going to grout the floor, but I heard them say they're done for the day after the last tile is set in.  Yay - I want some dinner, and didn't want to eat by myself.
So that was my day.  Trying to figure out the logistics of next week.  Thinking how, on Friday,  I can fit in picking up a rental car for Katie, a morning funeral for my friend's son, helping my aunt and grandma get settled in at the hotel in the afternoon (with Katie hopefully following us down to Newport Beach if the girls aren't napping, to take me back home), AND somehow have time to get ready for the Friday night dinner and look fresh.  I'm not sure it can all be done, sadly.  It makes me tired to even think about it.  I'm thinking my mantra should be "You can only do what you can do." 
I need to set priorities when I'm a little less tired.

ps: I don't think I ever showed you my teapot find.  I'm so ready for little girls and tea parties.  


  1. what a funny little teapot, how cute! can't wait to see you Thursday! we'll get through the BUSY weekend together...

  2. Cutest teapot I've ever seen! And I will be thinking of you this week and throwing lots of good joss your way. I'm sure it will all work out somehow. These things always do!

    And you're right. Just enjoy the moment and decide right now that all you can do is all you can do.

    Which is enough and plenty.

    Sue =)


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