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Monday, June 21, 2010

Events leading up to THE WEDDING

The wedding.  I've been trying for two days to figure out how to start telling about this crazy, wonderful weekend we called a wedding.  It started on Friday evening with the rehearsal dinner (for the ring ceremony)  We were supposed to be there at 4:30pm for the 5:00pm rehearsal, but at about 3:00 Katie and I received a frantic call from Scott that we needed to be there earlier - like at 4:00 because there was a load of Indian clothes for us all to change into.  That was new.  Katie was a bridesmaid and Mia was a flower girl, so we decided that they should go as early as they could be ready, and that I would hang back and wait for L.  L was a little bit late getting home from Torrance, and then he wanted to shower and shave before we went.  So he cleaned up, and I did my best to not act frantic that we were late.  We needn't have worried.  The rehearsal was running at least 45 minutes behind schedule.  When we got there, people were milling about, our Lexi and Mia started running around chasing each other, and Mia managed to spill a cup of ice water all over the aisle that everyone would walk down.  
Suddenly the bridal party appeared in full Indian regalia!  Each person was in a different color of sari, with Ashley in a raspberry colored one, all beaded and sequined.  Katie's was turquoise, there were green ones and blue ones - all different colors.  Each girl had a bindi on her forehead (the decorative jewel-ey thing between the eyebrows) and everyone looked beautiful.  Scott had on white flowy pants with a long red patterned tunic and white scarf around his neck, handing down in front.
We all lined up and practiced our walk in.  Two tiny flower girls held the hands of an older flower girl walking in - 6 in all.  The ring bearer had a hard time concentrating, but was so cute it was OK.  After running through it a couple of times, it was time to go to dinner.  My phone rang, and it was my parents.  They were at the restaurant for the dinner, and had been told it was cancelled.  Baffled, I asked Amrut, the father of the bride, and he said that it had indeed been cancelled from the original restaurant, and was now at another restaurant.  No one had told us (this was to be a familiar theme throughout the weekend) but we directed my mom and dad to the new restaurant.  Beth (bride's mother) grabbed me and my ex-husband's wife and towed us upstairs to get our Indian duds.  
I'm so glad I decided to be a good sport because it was more fun than I would have ever thought possible.  At one point I looked at New Wife and said "If someone had told me 15 years ago that you and I would one day be in a hotel room trying on Indian clothes together I'd have said they were crazy!"  We had a good laugh over that one.  Beth had gotten each of us punjabi pants, a tunic top, a scarf, and a matching set of bracelets.  I had brought a perfect pair of shoes in anticipation (that I love but never wear so I was happy to have an occasion!) and the "look" was complete.  I was happy to have had some time with Beth where we were having fun, and we were able to enjoy a moment away from the nuttiness.  She apologized for any misunderstandings, and I did likewise.  It was a good moment.  We did all of this while she and New Wife were ripping the sleeves of my tunic because my arms were too "fluffy" for the short sleeves.  With the seams ripped  open, it was perfect.  So picture me with both arms raised, two women ripping the seams, and all of us having a virtual sisterhood love fest.  You couldn't make this stuff up.
We went to the restaurant - all of us like a big colorful rainbow - and had a great time.  The food was good, it was fun to try some different things, (Chicken Tikki!) and we all had a great evening.  And let me tell you: those punjabi pants are great eatin' pants.  They're loose, they're comfy, and as soon as Ashley has a moment, I want her to take me to buy more.  They're seriously what you want to relax in.  Either those, or hospital scrubs, but these are way prettier.
I have to apologize for the lack of pictures.  Katie took some which I will have her sent to me tomorrow. I was so busy having fun that I didn't take any pictures until we got home, realized I hadn't documented anything, and had L snap a couple of me in my getup.   

So here's a closeup - you can see the bindi:

And here is a shot of the whole outfit (sorry it's shot against the newly tiled bathroom walls - it was an uncluttered background.  You'll be sick of that bathroom before it's done - which it's not):

Tomorrow I'll attempt to go into the wedding itself and the reception.  The whole weekend was filled with so many crazy moments, many upsetting moments, but also many MANY really good ones.  I found that the things I thought would be the most stupid (because I was being judge-y and not understanding), such as the 6 flower girls, and the elaborate ring ceremony turned out to be some of my favorite memories.  I'm sure not everyone felt the same as I did, but even admid all the chaos ( and there was a lot of that) I was happy with the end result.  I came away thinking that it would be very hard for a mother to plan a wedding from 3,000 miles away, without any drama or meltdowns (yes, there were lots of those), and it would be even more difficult for it to turn out as nicely as it did.  So, more tomorrow on the actual wedding, the ring ceremony, and the reception.  Each part was awesome and beautiful in it's own special way.  And oh, the stories we'll tell for years to come...


  1. WOW. What an event. Can't wait to see more pictures. And you looked gorgeous!

  2. I Love those pictures of you! You looked so pretty. Wish we had taken a picture together, but you're right, it was all so crazy and busy we didn't get a chance!

  3. Hey, love your new look! ;)

    Sounds like a really interesting wedding...can't wait to hear the rest!


  4. You are so stinking beautiful (and still don't look anywhere near your real age) I love those shoes with the outfit! Glad that everyone was happy despite the melt down. Can't wait to read about the rest when I get back from trekkin'


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