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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've Been A Little Distracted

Sorry - I haven't forgotten about you all.  It's been so busy this week.  I'm preparing at work to be on vacation the end of next week.  I'm preparing for the wedding on the 19th (mentally anyway) and for the family to be here then and the week after.  We're busy tiling (STILL) in the bathroom, and I'm busy painting the dresser.  Then there's all the mundane tasks like paying bills, going to yoga, tidying up the office/playroom, watching the Laker's lose tonight *shaking head*  I still have some last minute things I need to organize for next week, and I need to make phone calls to family and make sure everyone is on board with the schedule of events (it's complicated and busy).  My 99 year old grandmother and aunt are moving to their new digs next week, and I'm worrying about the logistics of that.  And I'm wondering how two jet lagged little girls are going to handle all the travel from Puerto Rico, plus the flower girl duties and just being hauled around from event to event.  *sigh*  It's all kept my mind up at night.

And then today I learned that a friend of mine lost her 30 year old son in a camping/drowning accident yesterday.  So I'm a little sad.  I don't know how you get through that kind of grief unless you know what I know about where we came from, why we're here, and what happens next.  Luckily, my friend knows.  I'm not saying it takes away the gut wrenching grief and sense of loss, but at least you know the loss is only temporary.  They're still out there, just around the corner, waiting for us to catch up.  And that knowledge is what gets you out of bed every day, putting one foot in front of the other.  Val is a great lady, and one of those noble souls - a kind of angel on earth - who always knows the right thing to say or do.  She makes everyone feel good.  It makes me wish I knew just the right thing to say and do right now.  But knowing her, she'll be the one to make me feel better.


  1. Just be there to listen, whenever she needs to talk. And don't judge her if she always seems to have it together. She's falling apart when she's alone. It sucks to lose a child, and I can't imagine it being your adult child.
    Best of luck with the wedding.
    Pictures, please.

  2. That is the saddest thing ever...so hard to lose a child in the prime of life like that. Breaks my heart every time I hear of it. I'm sure you will be a good friend to her, even though you don't know exactly what to say. Just being there and letting her talk when she wants to is the main thing.

    I'm glad that you also have some happy news with the wedding. And everything will work itself out fine...It always seems to.

    Finally, we all agree that the Laker loss is a bummer. I hope we win the next one!



  3. That is a lot to keep a person up at night. Good luck with tiling and hosting, and wedding-ing and all of the other verbing you must do!

    What a tragedy- you're such a great friend, you'll know how best to help when the time comes.

  4. I've had a lot on my mind too! Can't wait to get through all the busy things and get to the fun relaxing time with you...


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