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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weddings + Babies = Busy Summer

It's official: the peeling of my shoulders and chest has begun.  And I'm actually kind of happy about it.  I was afraid it was going to wait until the day before the wedding to begin.  This way, at least, it will be over and done with.  If only it didn't ITCH so much...
I went to my niece's baby shower this morning.  Her sister's bridal shower is on Tuesday.  In my family this summer, it's one continuous round of weddings and babies.  Two weddings and two new baby boys.  Happy stuff.  Busy stuff.  Our own wedding is in exactly two weeks.  The final payment for the flowers is due today - that's a good indication that the wedding is just around the corner.   I still don't have a belt for my dress, and I'm quickly losing interest in finding one.  I'll either cut the belt loops off the dress or find a way to fasten the belt that came with it.  Either way, I'm done.  I'm shopped out.  I did have highlights put in my hair.  I'm kind of excited about that.  Not that anyone will be looking at me.  I'm just letting you, my peeps, know that I'll be rockin' some really nice carmel highlights.
It was Scott's birthday on the 3rd.  We are going to get together next Saturday to shop for what he wanted for his birthday (new temple clothes) and so I wasn't too concerned about the actual day.  I was thinking I would go work out that night after work - try to make a yoga class.  But as I was having those thoughts, I couldn't help but think that THIS birthday would be the very last one I would spend with him where I would have him all to myself.  But I really wanted/needed to work out.  In the end, however, he was excited to go to dinner with me, and so we did.  I told my husband he wasn't invited - this was a mother and son birthday dinner.  He was OK with that.  Scott and I had a great time.  We talked and talked (like we always do) and I was so, SO glad that I'd given up my workout to spend this time with my boy.  I can always work out, but next year he'll be someone's husband, and not just my son.  The time shared this year was priceless to me, and I'm grateful I was prompted to take the opportunity.  One less regret, one more good memory.
The tile job continues today.  L and his helper (his ex-wife's husband...don't ask...) finished putting up the rope-y trim, and now it's time to start on the glass tile strip.  *gulp*  It's the moment of truth, the do or die moment of this particular tile job.  So I'm in here, trying to act like I'm not worried that they won't be able to pull it off. (I was happy to hear L say that when we do OUR bathroom, he's going to pay someone to do it.)  When they get a strip in, I'll snap a picture and post it.
Aaaand here it is:  (isnt' that glass tile strip AWESOME?!?)

The whole job looks great so far, (I KNEW it would, but you're always just a little worried that it won't be as awesome as it is in your head) - although we had a snafu with the shower floor.  Our contractor neglected to tell us (or maybe he didn't realize) we had to build up the shower floor to the level of the drain before tiling.  Luckily, L only put on about 12 tiles before he realized that something more had to happen.  (the drain is about 2 inches above the current floor.)  So we're calling in a professional to do it.  It's kind of important that the shower not leak, in my opinion.
Did I mention the wedding is in 2 weeks?  That means my daughter is coming, which means she'll be coming to get her dresser that I've been meaning to finish painting.  I have one more drawer front and I've been dithering forever about what to paint.  Each drawer so far has been painted with different flowers.  Each one is symbolic of something pertaining to Katie: a sunflower for cheerfulness, roses for strength and beauty, chamomile for strength in adversity, pansies for loving thoughts and hibiscus for her time in school in Hawaii (her ultimate happy place).  So what to put on the 6th drawer?  I think I've hit on the perfect thing.  Here is what I've started so far:

Can you see what it will be?  Two butterflies in honor of her two beautiful little girls, Mia and Hayden.  Stay tuned for the finished product.  I think she'll be surprised and pleased at the same time.  And I'll be glad to finally have it in her house.  It's been a work in progress for the past 14 years.  I started it when she broke her neck in high school in a diving accident.  It was meant to be something special we were planning and designing together.  Well, you know how that goes.  I got just enough done and she wanted to use it.  So I'd paint a little here and there.  When she went away to school in Hawaii I got more done.  Just before she got married I finished the top of it.  But there was always this one drawer giving me trouble.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  Because, you know, I never know until it's done.


  1. I cant believe the wedding is coming up so soon! It'll be good too have everyone together. So exciting! The shower seams to be taking forever! Cant wait to see it. I bet L will be so happy when it's done. Oh and I LOVE this dresser, I'm excited to see how it turns out. Katie is so lucky to have such a special piece of furniture.

  2. Two weeks--it's crunch time. It will be beautiful. What I would have given to know when Heidi's last birthday was with us. You are really lucky. And who needs yoga anyhow?
    Can't wait to see the dresser, and the tile is amazing. I'd like to ask the story of the ex's hubby. That sounds juicy!

  3. I LOVE your idea for the dresser. Katie is going to be thrilled.

    And you made the right decision to spend time with Scott. It can never be quite the same after they are married, because they always have somewhere else to be, in a sense.

    Not that it isn't still great!


  4. PS. The bathroom is looking good!

  5. Holy Crow- you are one talented painter/artist! And your bathroom tile looks great. Good luck with all of the wedding prep.


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