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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blah blah blah

Hot today.  HOT.  Woke up with a headache (as I usually do when I'm sleeping and I get hot.) The air ran all night long.  My throat got dry and sore from it.  I can't wait until it cools off and I can open the windows and sleep with fresh air.
At 7:30 or so I slipped downstairs and toasted an English muffin so I could down some Excedrin.  Came back up, propped my pillows up, and went back to sleep with my little rice pillow over my eyes.  (I LOVE that thing - especially when it's cool from the air conditioning.  Feels so good on tired eyes.) While the Excedrin was working it's magic, I thought about how I could decorate the little wooden sleighs I still have to paint - 6 of them!  I think I came up with a good idea or two, so I need to act soon before the creative mojo eludes me.  I remembered that it's Marion's birthday in a few days.  I thought about going to a craft store today to see what I could see.  Dozed off for another hour or so, then Contractor Lance called to say he wanted to bring over the vent cover for the bathroom.  Hmmm... time to get dressed, I guess.
Checked my blog.  2 people commented.  Discouraging. No one is finding my stylings that engrossing, apparently.  I'm not feeling the love - except from those two people.  I'm feeling a little bit sorry for myself.  It's really hard to be interesting in every post.  It's hard to be interesting in most of the posts.
Let's face it: life, for the most part, is very routine.  For me it's pretty much get up, get ready/transform myself, go to work, come home, eat dinner, off to yoga, home to bed.  Yeah... fascinating stuff.  And in between, I struggle with what I eat, struggle with my weight, struggle with trying to keep this body that's gone crazy from going completely over the edge.  Struggle with belly fat, swollen ankles (this week) and aching feet/back/knees.  Menopause and rheumatoid arthritis are not my friends.  I struggle with having not enough time to fulfill my (self imposed) obligations to family members.  I struggle with wanting to initiate a girl's night out with ladies from the ward - whoever wants to - but feeling flakey about it at the same time.  I value my down time, and it's hard for me to share it - especially with a group.  Is anyone else like that?  Seriously, I need to improve in that area.  I'm a curmudgeon after work.
Back to my day: My mom called and needed me to help her do the french knots on a needlepoint she is trying to finish.  Showered and dried my hair.  Had to keep standing under the A/C vent to cool off.  I hate drying my hair when it's hot.  Ready to go - hopped in the Miata and headed down to Newport Beach and mom's.  Too hot to take the top down.  Turned on the A/C full blast.
When I got down to the Celestial Kingdom there was a cool breeze blowing and it was actually nice outside (as opposed to the hot blast from Hell further inland where I live.  I was glad I came.  I did Mom's french knots.  It's a good thing her eyesight isn't great, because my knots were a little wonky.  I brought her a Ludovice Enauldi CD (see previous post) to download on to her laptop and also onto her i-Pod.  I set her up with a nice classical music station on Pandora internet radio.  I showed her the Piperlime website for shoes - free shipping/free returns!  We spent a little time looking at shoes.  It was nice to visit with her, and we made plans to go shopping next Saturday.  I even went upstairs and tried to find some nice podcasts from BYU or the like to download on my dad's i-Pod.  I found a couple of things but I don't think he was happy with them.  He's a little picky, so I'll look some more at home.  He likes church things that are more intellectual, and I couldn't find anything that filled the bill.  Any ideas?
Hurried home, and L and I went to see "Inception" with Leonardo di Caprio.  REALLY GOOD.  Fantastic special effects, and the ending.... well... you decide.
So that was it.  Nothing funny, no good stories to tell today.  I didn't lose 5 pounds.  Just an ordinary day.  Except I got to sleep in a little bit.  That part was really nice.  And now I'm ready for bed, so the cycle is complete.  Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow.  I heard it rained in Puerto Rico today.  Tropical rain.  Sounds heavenly.


  1. Your posts are always interesting. ALWAYS.


  2. I think your posts are always interesting too, I just dont always comment, Sorry. I know what you mean about valuing your down time, so much to do, so little time, I'd rather be alone during my down time too. Or with Rex of course.

  3. I think lots of people find your blog interesting but don't comment. Ginger and Michelle both brought up your blog when I was in town and said how funny they think you are and how they love your posts-they just don't comment. Anyway wish i could be in Newport Beach today. the weather here stinks!

  4. Karen- I love you, and I also think you look too young to have all those married children. How's that for blog love?
    I'm a little jealous of the living so close to the beach AND your mom. I live nowhere near either.

  5. p.s. do you know about 6pm.com? look at it now and thank me later. and THAT my friend is blog love


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