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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma Is A Cat With 9 Lives

Grandma is still in the hospital after running a temp of 104 last night.  L and I went over there today to see her and meet up with my mom and dad.  I wasn't sure what I would find.  While showering and getting ready I gave myself a talking to, and told myself to quit praying that she make it through another crisis.  Maybe she wants to go, I told myself.  Maybe she is sick and tired of surviving for all of us.  So with a half heavy heart I rode with L to our little local hospital.  I was prepared for a lot, but I wasn't prepared for what I got: Grandma sitting up in bed, entertaining everyone with her sense of humor.  After a fever of 104 the night before??? The woman isn't mortal...  But this is what we've become accustomed to - these near crises that she always miraculously pulls through and survives.  She clearly has more work to do here.
When we arrived, she was in the middle of telling everyone how she'd terrorized the nurses the night before.  She'd awakened in the middle of the night not knowing quite where she was, or where my aunt (her caretaker) was.  I mean, she's 99.  So she demanded that they find my aunt.  She knew my aunt would never leave her alone, and where was she??  Apparently this went on for a little while, and finally one of the nurses told her that my aunt had gone home to get some rest.  My grandma started laughing and said that was pretty nervy of her.
This is my grandma shaking her finger while saying how nervy it was:

Well, she started laughing and laughing at how naughty she'd been.  (My daughter told me later that a high fever in the elderly sometimes causes them to act irrationally - ahhh...that explains it)  I noticed my aunt wasn't in the room, and I asked where she'd gone.  Grandma said she'd gone to the bank and was "messing around somewhere."  Anyone who knows my aunt knows that never messes around.  So I told her she was a mean old lady, and she started laughing so hard I was afraid she'd choke.  I haven't seen her in such good spirits in a long while.  Those IVs must be doing her a lot of good.  Especially since her body was experiencing a water shortage.  Now she's all giddy.
My aunt returned after messing around somewhere, and we all left to give them some peace and quiet.  My mom and I made her maiden voyage to Sephora.  The second we walked in there her jaw just dropped.  She'd never seen anything like it.  They were having a promotion for the Benefit brand.  A pretty girl gave us both makeup makeovers, and it turns out she is the niece of the founder of the company.  My mom looked wonderful.  I didn't like mine - but I never like how other people do my makeup.  Still, it was fun to try something new, and Mom had a good time looking around the absolute Fort Knox of the makeup world.  I think she ended up with an Urban Decay eyeliner pencil (although she couldn't wrap her head around the name "Urban Decay"), a Tarte gel blush, and an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer (she also has the oiliest eyelids, like me).  Oh - and a Benefit cream eyeshadow.
Before Sephora, we'd had lunch with Scott at Wolfgang Puck's.  It was so much fun - he always keeps us entertained.  We all shared a banana split.  That was the last thing I needed to eat, but it was really really good.
After shopping we picked up the boys (L and my dad) and went to dinner.  I know - I just made it sound like we ate lunch, and then ate dinner.  There was a fair amount of shopping and walking in between.  Just so you know.
We made our way home by 8:30.  I kept thinking I should stop by the hospital one more time, just to check on Grandma.  Plus, I'd brought her some Sees candy from the mall.  (She has a SERIOUS jones for chocolate)  I turned out the lights in her room and we sat there for about 20 minutes while she told me stories from her childhood.  She got to laughing about some story involving she and her cousin in an outhouse.  It was the kind of story that I think you had to be there, but she laughed so hard over it that I couldn't help laughing too.  This same cousin also taught her to shoot a BB gun and to shoot birds out of the sky.  I know - it's horrible.  She said she didn't think she could do it now (well, I hope NOT) but she was a little kid then.  She grew up in Mesa, AZ, born in August, 1911.  Living large meant you got to go downtown to JC Penney, or you had a dime to go to the movies.  Simple times.  Playing in the great outdoors with whatever you could find.  Dragging your bedding outside to sleep in the hot hot summers - the house would be too sweltering.
Soon it was time to go home.  Grandma needed her sleep, and it was time for the nurse to come in to get her settled in.  But for a few minutes it was so nice to sit in the dark room with her, holding her hand, stroking her arm the way she used to do to me when I was a kid, and listening to what life was like in the early 1900s.  Simple times, and a simple life.  Sweet dreams, Grandma.  I love you.  Be nice to the nurses tonight.

The armband she has on says it all - medical staff BEWARE. This woman means business!


  1. Your grandma is a wonder. I'm glad she is doing better now.


  2. Gosh I love her! Wish I could be there...

  3. I love stories about your grandma. I'm glad she recovered from that fever. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Oh, and I love trips to Sephora, I use alot of things from Urban Decay too. I dont get to do many visits to Sephora since I have Matthew, I dont know if it's because he's a boy or what, but he likes to take everything off the shelf and onto the floor. And Sephora has shelves loaded with goodies right at his height! Lexi on the other hand loves it because she wants to sample all the lipsticks and lipglosses. When I take Lexi I usually end up buying her a lipgloss too. Such a girly girl like her mom.

  4. That wristband is absolutely hilarious! I need one of those! Can you pilfer me one?

  5. Your grandma is such a sparky old gal- she's darling and you're lucky to have her!
    I wonder what my hospital wristband would say?


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