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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grandma Learns the Value of Water

I sit all day long at my job.  8 hours of pretty much straight sitting.  Walk to the restroom or back to the kitchen, but other than that, it's sitting.  8 hours a day.  Today my coworker Olga and I decided to take ourselves to Target for an hour of walking around.  Retail therapy.
I love that store - they have everything you need from shampoo to Venus Embrace razor blades to dishes and bed linens.  Today I needed to replenish my stock of Excedrin (which, in my world is it's own food group), contact lens solution, and the makeup remover cloths I love so much.  Most things have their own counterpart in a generic Target brand, so I'm saving, saving, saving.
We continued walking around, and I found one of those sitting-up-in-bed pillows with the arms - you know, so you can read in bed without being all slumped over.  Kind of like a soft pillow-chair.  My grandma needs one of those so she can sit in bed or on her couch and watch TV or read in comfort, even if she falls asleep.  This would let her be supported, and - BIG BONUS - it was so so soft, and came in Barney purple - her favorite color.  I found some new workout pants and top, and a Target brand version of a Spanx camisole (compress and smooth out those lumpy fat rolls!)  Oh, and new Q-tips and Target brand Cetaphil face wash.  So. Much. Good. Stuff.
At home later, L and I had a quick dinner of tomato soup (my favorite!) and decided to drop the pillow off with Grandma, and walk the streets over that way.  We called but no answer.  My aunt finally called back and said Grandma was in the hospital!  WHAT?!?  Oddly enough, the other night when we were all at dinner, my Grandma said she didn't drink water very much.  Doesn't like it.  And today she had a raging bladder infection - so bad that she had a fever and couldn't keep anything down.  My poor aunt was with her at the hospital all day, and had just gotten home.  We dropped off the Barney pillow with her, and scooted her back in to get some sleep.  Then we headed over to the hospital.
Grandma was resting when I got there.  I said, "I know you don't like to drink water, but how are you enjoying your bladder infection?"  She laughed and said she would be good and drink her water from now on.  Cheeky girl.  Such a survivor at 99.  I don't know what we'll all do when she finally decides to move on.  We definitely won't laugh as much.  After all, she's the one, who, a few years ago, when asked where she wanted to go eat said      " How about Mother Fudrucker's?"  *Grandma! Watch your language... *  She's hilarious, and the first one to laugh at herself.  I'm so glad she survived this latest little setback.  Such a blessing. And tomorrow she can go home and prop herself up in bed with her new Barney-purple pillow.


  1. I had no idea! Why didn't you call me? Glad she's OK. I would love a pillow like that!-but not in barney purple ;-)

  2. She is definitely a character! How lucky you guys are that she is still around, and I hope she continues to be for a long while.


  3. You are so sweet to think of little things like that to pick up for your grandma. I hope she gets better soon, cause bladder infections suck.


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