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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rock & Roll in the Southland

I'd like to lose about 30 pounds.  (I'd settle for 5 right now.)  But I also really really want to eat some BBQ Kettle Chips.  *scratching head*  It's a daily dilemma...  that's why I'm up here in my office, hiding from the food.   Why is it so hard to lose weight when you get old and crusty and menopause-ish?  Why do I love food so much?  Why do I keep thinking about strawberry shortcake?  {STOP IT!}
We had an earthquake today.  5.4!  I was sitting in my little cubicle at work, and it started shaking and swaying.  It lasted about 30 seconds.   A long 30 seconds of rocking and swaying from a 2nd floor in Mission Viejo.  Then it was time to go home.  Ended the day with a little jolt
That's all that happened today.  An earthquake.  And I'm hungry and BBQ chips sounded really good.  Oh - and yoga with Ashley.  Thank goodness for yoga.  And thank goodness that Ashley likes to go, too.  It makes me more accountable.  Less likely to weasel out of it and sit in bed eating marshmallows or pouring chocolate chips in my mouth.  And I keep thinking that one of these days it's not going to be a little earthquake.  It'll be a big one.  And I'll need to move or run.  Fast.  Hence, the attempt at physical fitness at the yoga studio. Plus, towards the end of class, we have about a 5 minute period where we turn the lights low, and we have a little rest on a blanket.  It's heaven.  There've been a couple of times I've almost almost snored.  I've caught myself just in the nick of time, congratulating myself on a good save.
Still thinking about strawberry shortcake.  Sugar is the devil.  I'm going to go wash up and crawl into bed.  If I go downstairs I'll give in to the evil goodness of every sweet thing I can find.  I'll be glad in the morning that I didn't give in to the devil.  But right now, I've got a serious sugar Jones.


  1. I hear you sister! Why is it that 9pm is the hour of the sugar Jonesing, why I ask?

  2. I know what you mean. I'm always so happy the next morning when I wake up knowing I resisted.

    But it's so HARD!


    PS. Hadn't heard about the earthquake. I imagine I will when Matt is done at the office. He's doing his sessions in Newport today.

  3. You're better than me-I always wake up feeling guilty because I DIDN't resist! Brownies in the fridge are calling my name right now!...I HAVE been eating a lot better this week however, and would also like to lose 30 lbs. OK maybe not 30 but 15-20 would be great!


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