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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sarah + Johnny = Cash

My niece Sarah and husband John had their first baby yesterday - a little boy named Cash.  L and I went to visit tonight after work, and were surprised to see Sarah up and about and quite lively after her C-section yesterday.
Cash is a good little guy - as long as he's wrapped up like a little burrito he stayed quiet and mellow - and fast asleep.  Towards the end of the visit, he started to try to wake up.  It was fun to sit and hold a newborn for a little bit - you forget how they weigh nothing at all.  Sarah is excited and anxious to get home and start being a mommy.  John was so sweet holding him - there's nothing like a new daddy.  And Cash has a complete Daddy face - he and John are going to look very much alike.  Luckily, that's a good thing!
Anyway, for family members and anyone else who is interested, here's a very grainy picture of me holding Cash in the hospital room.  It was the sweetest thing I did all day.
Now - we need to get my other niece Emily going.  She is overdue and her poor belly is so big for her teensy little body.  I told her about drinking castor oil to get things going (that's what my daughter did her first time around... ewwww...) and it totally worked.  For some reason, she was less than enthusiastic about this suggestion.  I know I'd rather pull my eyelashes out than drink castor oil, but sometimes you reach a certain point of desperation and I was trying to help.  I'm a giver like that.

Congratulations to John and Sarah on their adorable little Cash.  He's a keeper - well done!


  1. I did castor oil with a few of my babies. If you can stand the truly nasty side effects, it's worth it!

  2. yeah, i think i would do it again-it really got things going! LOL, it was just hard to swallow. Cash is a cutie! Glad to hear Sarah is doing so well! You look great by the way...

  3. I've got no suggestions for making a baby come early because mine were always a little earlier than they should have been.

    You are lucky to spend some time with the new baby. I didn't get to hold Bryce because he and his family opted out of our vacation due to the sickness. He can't afford to be around a virus that could cause pneumonia. Drag.

    But I did get to see him for just a minute yesterday.

    Babies are GREAT.


  4. If you're brave enough to try castor oil (which is iffy on the success rate) orange juice is an effective medium for disguising the awfulness that is castor oil.
    And I think I just figured out your youthful secret- baby head sniffing. It's the fountain of youth I tell you- you must have more than your fair share to look so young still!


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