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Friday, July 30, 2010

Saying Howdy Do to Sue

It was our quarter close today at work.  A day full of numbers.  Inputting numbers, calling for purchase order numbers, checking revenue numbers.  Going cross-eyed from the numbers.  The boss bought lunch for everyone today, which sounds really nice until you realize it's a thinly disguised ploy to keep you at your desk with the numbers.  Still, a red velvet cupcake did look very cheerful at 3:00.  But it was a long, lo-o-o-o-ng day.
Many of you may know Sue from the Sue's News, Views 'n Muse blog.  It's one of my favorite blogs, and the first one I go to every day.  You could say it starts my day out right.  She and her family have been here in Southern California all week vacationing in Newport Beach.  Right in my back yard.  We made tentative plans the first part of the week to have lunch one day.  I was so positive I could make it work.  But you know how things go.  The week gets more and more hectic (because as quarter closes go, the numbers get more manic every day), and that anticipated long lunch with your as-yet-unmet blogger buddy becomes more and more an elusive fantasy.
I tried not to sound really disappointed when I had to call Sue this morning to tell her there was no way I'd be able to leave work for 2-3 hours, today of all days.  It's just the way things worked out, but truly, I was SO DISAPPOINTED.  I had looked at the lunch as a kind of reward at the end of a long, hard week.  And now I couldn't have it.  I was bummed, and when I got home I was more than a little bit sulky.  My sweet husband said, "Let's just drive down there (I knew where they were staying), see if she's around, and then we can go get some dinner after your meeting."  Really?  It was so kind of him to indulge my little whimsy.  He knew how much I'd been looking forward to it, and I'm sure he was anxious for me to meet reality face to face and shut the heck up about Sue.
So off we hopped in the Explorer (Exploder) and set off for the beach.  It was a beautiful evening down there.  A bit foggy and overcast, but warm.  The perfect kind of evening to wander around.  Turns out Sue was not at the house.  Her daughter (who answered the knock of the crazy lady stranger at the sliding glass door) said she was at the Balboa Fun Zone with the rest of the family, so L and I meandered over there to present ourselves.
Honestly, it was like meeting a very dear, old friend.  She is so familiar and comfortable to be around, and her family is lovely.  We stood and talked for awhile about this and that, while L shot hoops with her menfolk.  It was a very nice slice of time.  I would have loved the long lunch and visit, but I'm glad I had the opportunity for this short meeting, and that she was kind enough to let us crash her family party for a bit.
Blogging is kind of like pen pals on steroids.  What a wonderful opportunity to get to know people from all over, from all walks of life, from every age group.  So many different talents, so much to learn from each one, and the tasty bits they add to my ordinary life are truly delectable.  The chance today to actually meet one of these friends (and yes, some of them I do consider "friends") was stellar.  She did not disappoint.  Thanks, Sue - maybe we'll have that lunch one day, yet.


  1. Ooh- Lucky girl! How fun to meet Sue. And seriously, the hubs looks at me funny when I say 'one of my friends...' and he knows it's a blog friends, someone I've never met- but I consider them a friend. Boys just don't get it quite the way we do.
    p.s. If you're ever heading out to Utah...

  2. Oh how fun! You two look like school girls :) I love blogging friends too!

  3. It was so much fun to see you, Karen. I recognized you the minute you walked in...and we should definitely do the lunch next time.

    (Our picture is pretty cute, too, except for the fact that I had disgustingly flat hat hair!)


  4. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog when I featured Sue! What a neat picture--you two look great! :)

  5. Cute pic! That's cool that the meeting went well. I have a blogger friend from Australia. I would love to take a vacation and meet her one day. But it's kind of weird not knowing what to expect in real life. Hopefully it would be like a movie where you've already read the book and the movie is just the way you pictured it.

    My college friend from Utah is blogger friends with Sue, too. Her name is Emily (emilisq?). I guess the blogger world is small.


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