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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tri-Tip Thursday

The whole country was sweltering today.  We here in the Southland went from cloudy and cool to 90+ within a couple of days.  Today, coming home from work, the sky had that funny light it gets when there's a thunderstorm somewhere.  It was sunny and bright, but just off to the east were dark clouds.  As I hit Santiago Canyon it started to rain.  Hard.  In full sun.  I do love a summer storm.  The air smells of damp earth and wet streets. Special bonus if there's thunder and lightening, although in Southern California we don't get that very much.  The air was thick and heavy (for So Cal) and rain was coming down in big drops.  I could see a huge rainbow over where the dark clouds were.  I can't describe the feeling that summer storms give me, but they take me right back to childhood.  I'm sure it's the scent in the air of the cooling rain hitting hot, dusty streets.  Nothing like it.  I want to sit on the porch, and just watch it come down, washing everything clean.
And the perfect soundtrack for that is a new discovery my son Scott told me about: Ludovico Einaudi.  I put off investigating because it was a 26 year old telling me about it.  But it's just the most beautiful music I've ever heard.  It's piano, but not in the usual sense.  This is a soundtrack for nature.  Seriously, go to i-Tunes and check him out.

 I personally purchased the Devinire and the I giorni CDs, but there are about 3 other ones to choose from as well.  I would be happy to own them all, but one must be reasonable, and not go crazy, although you'll want to.
This is music to create by, to chill out with, the soundtrack to a beautiful evening's romance. *waggling eyebrows*  Tell me that you don't agree.  And you're welcome.

My second tip of the day concerns shower gel/body wash.  I am an aficionado of bath and body products that smell incredible in a natural, not too sweet or cloying way.  I cannot use most Bath and Bodyworks products because they develop this sickeningly sweet scent on me that stays and stays, and gets nauseating. I don't notice it on other people so maybe its just me.  And I don't like scents like Angel Food Cake or Chocolate.  Ick.  There are some really good shower gels out there, but a lot of them are expensive: $20 and more.  I found a brand at Target that's amazing: Boots.  When I look at their logo, it's like they're trying to remind you of the much more expensive Kiehl's brand, but I've never seen Boots anywhere but Target.  They have a line of body washes and shower gels that are themed from different parts of the world.  For example, Pomegranate and Avocado from Hawaii, Mango and Babassu Seed Oil from the Amazon, Lemon, Orange and Grape Seed Oil from the Mediterranean.  Those are the three that I chose - for only around $6 each!!  They smell delicious but refreshing, and are not too sweet.  Best of all, when you rinse, the scent rinses too.  It doesn't linger all day, making you sick.  To me, they're the same quality as Origins or Korres at a fraction of the price.  They're satisfyingly foamy too.  Target is such a great source for products that are both great quality and  great value.  I heart Target.
Last tip:  L burned me the new Tom Petty CD.  It's great. You'll want it too, if you're an old (or young) rocker like me.  When I'm finished with my Ludovico, I will rock out to Tom.  He's one of my favorites.  It'll be a great to put it on as I drive to work, persuading me to feel alive and ready for the day.
So there you have it: my personal picks for today.  I didn't have any other creative thoughts to share with you- it was just the same old same old today -  so take these with my fond regards.  You know though - Ludovico is putting some romance in my soul.  I think I'll go see if I can pry L away from his computer for a little rendezvous. *waggling eyebrows*  


  1. I've tried downloading i-tunes to my computer but it keeps disapearing! What's up with that? I have so much credit on i-tunes there is a lot I want right now. Wakey Wakey is one of them!

  2. PS, we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night! It kept waking me up because it shook our house!

  3. You almost sound like the villain from an old melodrama- except you're married so it's all kosher. Glad you found a soundtrack romance worthy!


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