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Monday, July 5, 2010

Unveiled: The BATHROOM Plus: Sparklers & Smoke Bombs & Kids

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend with family and friends.  Unfortunately, Katie and the girls had already gone back to Puerto Rico, but we still had Rex and Ronna with their kids, Scott and Ashley, and Andrew was also here for the weekend.
L and I spent Saturday morning and afternoon just getting chores done.  We also took a trip down to South Coast Plaza to shop for towels and accessories for his NEW BATHROOM!

Where the tile pattern stops above the vanity? That's where the mirror will go... when it's done.

Yes, my friends, it's now an almost completely functioning bathroom.  The only things missing are a mirror (which L has currently under construction.  It will be black like the cabinet and have the same moldings to match) AND you may have noticed there is no toilet seat.  That is in the mail and should arrive shortly.  When it does I'll be able to use the bathroom too, although our contractor said that in Brazil (where he served his mission) there are no toilet seats - everyone just balances and it saves money.  I think he should tell that to his wife and see how she takes it.  I'll go out on a limb and use my savings to buy a toilet seat, thank you.
Anyway, what do you think???  I know - you want to take a shower in it right now, don't you? Come visit me and you can!  It's so pretty I want to spend most of my time in there.  So, I just walk by it a lot and turn the light on and off (it's on a clever little auto-dimmer switch.  So cool.  I'm not sure what's next: the master bath?  New flooring upstairs? New patio and cover?  Or perhaps my OFFICE??  (Oooohh THAT would be nice...)  I have a feeling, however, that L isn't in the mood to talk about what's next, yet.  He needs to recover from this one first.

Back to the weekend.  I wanted to BBQ on the 4th, so we also made a whirlwind trip to Home Depot and bought a BBQ.  I could tell that L didn't really want to, but I gave him The Look, and he got on board.  I love to BBQ - L not so much, but I think it's because he hasn't done it all that often.  Before we were married, I BBQd all the time.  It's what you do in the summer, right?  (And in the winter, spring, and fall, if I had my way.)
On Saturday night, L and Andrew went to the Angel game, and I met Ashley after she got off work.  We went to see the movie "Grownups."  Apparently, most of the funny parts are in the promos... It was funny, but not as funny as I'd hoped it would be.  But it WAS nice to spend an evening with Ashley.  We had such a good time.

Sunday came around with perfect weather.  We went to church in the morning, and spent the afternoon getting the house and the food ready.  Rex called and said they'd just meet us at the park.  Hmmmm... I never know what Rex is going to end up doing, so I'd only half planned on him for dinner anyway.  We're still good.  Then I called Scott and asked him what time he was coming.  He said "I told you we weren't coming."  Say what??  I'd talked to Ashley about coming just the night before.  I was about ready to cry.  I had a BRAND NEW BBQ sitting on my patio and lots of food ready to go.  Turns out my 2 boys were a little mad at each other over something and so they were cancelling.  Oh no no no - it didn't take much coaxing to get Scott to come.  A few minutes later, Rex called, said they were on their way, and did we have enough food for everyone after all?  *smacking forehead*  {HUGE SIGH}  Yes, we would figure it out.  (See what I mean??  Craziness... Is it just my family, or is this how grown children can get?  Where's the Love At Home??)  We just threw more hamburgers on the grill, along with some chicken strips.  Voila.  Dinner for a crowd - just the way I like it!
Everyone arrived about 7:30.  We got everyone full on hamburgers, chicken, corn on the cob and juicy red cherries by 8:30, and got a very late start over the to park for the fireworks show.  Parking is dicey even if you get there much earlier.  By 8:30 we really had to park way up on the avenues and walk fast.  Right when we got to the corner where we cross to go into the park, the lights went off and the show began.  As luck would have it, we had a perfect spot to set up chairs and blankets, and plunk down to watch fireworks.  Matthew and Lexi loved it, and me - I NEVER get tired of watching fireworks on the 4th of July.  It's always magical and awe inspiring.
After the show we hurriedly packed up, got back to the cars, and went home for strawberry-blueberry shortcake (it was red, white, and blue!)  After dessert, Grandpa L had another treat for the kids: sparklers and other little fireworks like smoke bombs with bright colored smoke, snakes, and tiny fountains.

 Lexi and Matthew had the time of their lives waving sparklers around.  Lexi took it all pretty seriously, but Matthew giggled the entire time.  I loved it.

Finally: the finale.  L bought these little things called "eyeballs." When you lit them, they would spin around and shoot out sparks - kind of a mini version of those flowers or pinwheels we had as kids.  When the last one appeared to stall, L poked it with the lighter.  It EXPLODED with a loud CRACK, and we all jumped out of our skins.  Lexi started to cry a little bit and wanted to go into the house.  It really didn't come close to causing any damage - we just weren't prepared for the loud noise.  A quick game of Memory calmed her down while Matthew played with some little cars.  Too soon it was time to go and they flew home to Denver this morning.
As we were settling down and getting ready for bed, L commented about how much fun it was to have everyone over for dinner and fireworks.   And I had to smile to myself.  He will always be quiet and reserved, but last night I saw a new side of him that I quite liked, and made me love him even more than I do already.  He was a Firework Lighter, a procurer of many sparklers, the man with the smoke bombs.  He was Grandpa.


  1. What a great post!

    "He was a Firework Lighter, a procurer of many sparklers, the man with the smoke bombs. He was Grandpa."

    I LOVE it!

    (And I love the bathroom, too.)


  2. I'm with Sue! I am new here but wanted to say how grateful I was for your sweet and understanding comment on my crazy lady in the corner post. You have amazing talent and I think I may have to come live in your bathroom!

  3. holy cow - that bathroom looks posh. Nice work. Looks like you had a great 4th!

    Oh and that Lake we were at is called Deer Creek Lake in Midway/Heber, UT. Just outside of Park City. Really Pretty!

  4. Your bathroom rocks! Good work. I love the 4th of July too. The 4 F's: fireworks, Food, Family, and Friends. I think it's my favorite holiday, but in December Christmas will be my favorite so don't hold me to it.

  5. Looks like you all had fun! Wish we could have celebrated with you all!


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