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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Barking Dawgs, Cool Showers, Restful Nights

Just got back from a hike with the mister through the hilly streets of the 'hood.  It's 82 degrees out there, my friends.  At 9:30.  In the night.  I realize I'm preaching to the choir - I mean, it's summertime everywhere, but I ditched my tai chi class tonight because I couldn't fathom being cooped up in a hot little studio sweating buckets while wobbling on one leg.  So instead I'm dripping wet from tramping around outside.  UGH.  Gotta be done though, to keep my sweet body in shape.  *killing myself laughing*  Yuck.  I'm dripping from every pore.  (Will you still be friends with me?)  I am dewy and glowing to the max.
It's been a tough few days, folks.  Ever have one of those weeks where you have mild to severe worries about a few people, places, and things, and you just don't sleep well?  *raising my hand* That's me this week.  I fall asleep.  I do.  But I dream all night long.  And they're kooky, restless dreams, and when I wake up my thoughts switch back to the real life bogeymen.  The circles under my eyes were hard to cover up this morning.  
The weather changed to kind of mildly humid and a change in air pressure always gives me a headache.  When I hit work this morning, I made my special cocktail: Coke Zero, 2 Excedrin, and 1 Advil.  You know I don't feel good when you hear that Coke can popping open first thing.  It usually does the trick, however, and soon the world was back in focus.  The worries are still there - but we worry because we love.  I don't have a lot of control over this bunch of troubles - the choices and actions are for others.  But the wish to be helpful, to somehow be a strength is always there.  To make a difference in a good way.  To bring some peace.  I've found, in my case, at least, that there's a fine line between wanting to be helpful, and becoming bossy, so I'm trying to err on the side of restraint.  In my zeal to help, I fall in love with giving advice.  Helpful tips, I love you.  It drives my kids nuts.  It makes my friends and relatives want to jump off a cliff, I'm sure.  So I'm trying to content myself with comments like "Hmmmmmm..." and "Ahhh..." or really, nothing at all, except a compassionate face perhaps.

Speaking of cute (which we weren't) how do you like this new little picture of granddaughter Lexi?  Here is the original image:

Aaaand here's what I did with it:

This was at Scott and Ashley's wedding.  She was resting from her labors as a flower girl and I guess her mom snapped her.  I love the look on her face, and the dreamy softness of her dress floating behind her.

Yikes - look at the time.  You've kept me up past my bedtime on a school night.  My dawg's 'are barkin' from the hike, and it's time for a nice cool shower, a Dreyer's Fruit Pop, and (hopefully) a peaceful sleep.  I was a good girl today. I deserve it.


  1. Love the photo, before AND after.

    Sending hugs your way...Have you tried clutching your All is Well necklace whilst saying your Ahhhhhs and Mmmmms?

    (And can you show me how to do the compassionate face sometime?)


  2. You are a whiz on that photoshop- she's darling.

    So can I call and solicit advice regularly? Please? I think I have sapped my mother of all of her supplies of advice and she has none left for me. She gives me those mmms and ahhhs- not cause she wants me to put on my big girls pants (though she probably does) but because she says she honestly doesn't know good advice for my problem.

  3. Sue: You can be sure I've been wearing my "All Is Well" necklace. I love it. It jingles just a little bit, and the sound and the words cheer me up.
    Jess: Oh darlin' - I will give you advice anytime at all. But be warned, the sound of tips and helpful hints droning on and on may put you into a complete coma. Just ask my kids. But they love me. I just know it.

  4. Yes, sometimes it drives me nuts, LOL! But mostly I just love you :)You need to change the pics of my girls in your sidebar-they are out dated now ;-) Well Hayden anyway! We're going to the beach tonight for family pics, wish me luck! I hope they turn out!

  5. You see what I have to put up with?? Sheesh...

  6. LOL, I know! Hey, we got some good ones at the beach all together as a family! YAY! Will email them tomorrow.


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