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Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday 99...And Counting...

April 14th was Grandma's birthday.  Her 99th.  Our family all got together on Sunday afternoon to celebrate.  My aunt Margie looked exhausted.  (Poor thing - she does all the heavy lifting and getting up in the night with Grandma.)  Mom and Dad brought Olive Garden takeout for everyone and a cake.  The rest of us just showed up ready for a party, and happy to see everyone.
Those who came (besides L and me and those already mentioned): my niece Sarah and husband John (minus new baby Cash who was home with the other grandma), my nephew Arron (sporting some magnificent mutton chops - so 1970!  Made me nostalgic for a school dance...), my brother Brent and wife Becky, sister in law Jill (minus my brother who was away on business) and my niece Margot (ready to head to BYU any day now), Jill's mother Shirley, and my youngest son Scott and my newest gained daughter Ashley.
Grandma sat at the head of the table and held court.  I've never seen anyone who gets energized by people the way she does.  My mom and aunt look wilted after family gatherings.  Grandma could head to a couple more parties, I think.  She positively glowed.  Every so often she would see me at the other end of the table, and she'd raise her hand and wave happily at me.  When I grow up to be an old woman, I want to be just like her.  Happy, interested in everything around me, lover of life.  I'm sure she hurts and has aches like the rest of us, but she never complains or dwells on the unpleasant.  She looks forward to her next meal like a teenage boy.  She loves a funny story, and has a hearty laugh.  And she's full of surprises.  I'll never forget the time she held Scott as a baby and called him "Little Shitzy" when he had a full diaper.  (What the...?!?  Grandma... )
It's hard for her to be in a wheelchair, and not be able to cook for herself.  She misses her house and her fruit trees.  She misses her sisters and brothers and my grandpa.  And probably all of her friends.  But she still enjoys a good spare rib, and the latest funny story about a great great grandchild.  Her hands are all knarled, but I could hold them forever.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!  Let's go for one more and make it at least an even 100, ok?  Hopefully we've still got some adventures to share yet.  I love you!

Grandma having fun directing her own party

Grandma and me sharing a laugh

Grandma opening her gifts


  1. She is just plain wonderful, isn't she? It shines right through the photos.


  2. Aw...I wish I could have been there!! I'm glad Josie has met Nana. I hope Donny will get to soon!! She's just remarkable!

  3. I LOVE the one of you and her together. You look really skinny too :) What a fun time, wish I could have been there to celebrate with everyone!

  4. I love your grandma, by proxy. she is darling and you are so lucky to have her still. It's so great that ya'll threw her a 99th bash, hopefully there will be a 100th!


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