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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Butter Dish Goes Boom

I was helping clean up the kitchen after dinner.  I have a butter dish that's part of a set of Franciscan Ware.  The Apple pattern.  They were our everyday dishes growing up.  My mom never liked them, so she gave them to me when I got married.  A little piece of sentimental home.  L had used the butter while making his delicious grilled vegetable medley for dinner.  (Yes, he cooks most nights.  It's an amazing luxury to not have to think about what's for dinner when I get home from work.  I cook on special occasions and holidays.) 
ANYWAY - I picked up the butter dish to put it away, and somehow it slipped and whacked into the cabinet, top and bottom separated, and they both crashed onto the granite countertop.  The bottom piece fell butter first, so it was saved by the big, soft blob of butter.  The top wasn't so lucky, and it got a large piece, and small chips broken out of it.
That butter dish is one of my favorite pieces.  It has the little apple handle on top, and the apple branches all around the plate part.  It's so cleverly designed and detailed.  I've seen the newer versions of this pattern that are still being made, and they're not as nice as these older pieces, so I was sick when I realized what had happened.  (It's even too chipped to glue back together)

AUGH!!  I'm so clumsy sometimes...  I googled the pattern, and found it on a couple of websites new, but, like I said, the pattern was a little funky on the new pieces.  So I decided to try EBay.  And I found it!!  The watermark on the bottom is even the same.  (Franciscan Ware with "Made in California" in the middle)  The seller only wanted $9.50 for it (new they were $59.99!!) and so I bid $15.00.  I've never tried this before.  Do you think I bid enough?  There are 6 more days until the bidding closes.  Do any of you have any experience with EBay?
Now I'm a nervous wreck.  I'll have to obsessively check the bids every few hours to see if I'm being outbid.  I don't know how people do this on a regular basis.  I'll be crushed if I don't get my little butter dish.  It's exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.  (Clearly, I need to get out more...)
In other news, L and I went to see The Switch with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman.  The premise is a little weird, and Jennifer Anniston is kind of an annoying mother, but the whole movie is worthwhile just to see Jason Bateman.  I kind of loved him a little bit - don't tell L.  And the end, while predictable, was totally satisfying.  I love happy endings, don't you?  Especially when they involve Jason Bateman.  
I'm thinking of having a giveaway for my birthday in September.  (It's September 7th - in case you wanted to - you know - send me birthday kisses and greetings.)  The daughter of a good friend of mine makes jewelry, and she's offered a nice little piece for my giveaway.  More about it later, so stay tuned.  And wish me luck with the mysterious EBay process. 


  1. Karen, my grandmother had this same pattern and I always LOVED it! Also try www.etsy.com which sells handmade and vintage things. Click on the vintage (it's a drop-down option I think) and do a search.
    Oh and I saw The Switch with 3 of my lady friends this weekend. I totally agree with your review! I think the love b/w the little boy and Bateman's character was TOO adorable. Plus it was the first movie I've seen in the theatre in about 2 years! :)

  2. You said our lives seem to parallel each other, and you must be right. My vintage butter dish was broken recently, and I found a replacement on Ebay, too. In fact, I was going to tell you that I'd seen your very pattern on Ebay...then I read the rest of your post and you had already found it!

    If you really want to win, make the limit on your bid pretty high. Then Ebay will automatically bid for you until that limit is reached, without your having to offer it up front and pay more than anyone else was willing to pay. If you don't get what I'm talking about, just call me on my cell phone and I'll give you the detailed instructions. You can win, for sure, especially if you're willing to to pay a bit extra.


  3. I have my kitchen decorated with apples - maybe I'll go bid against you - ha ha Just kidding! It is a super cute piece though and I could see why you want to replace it.
    The trick with E-bay is to watch at the very end, those last few minutes it usually when the bidding war happens - if it's going to happen. You could have the top bid for a week and someone will swoop in the very last 2 minutes and outbid you - then you just need to have some fast fingers and be ready! Good luck!

    BTW I have never seen a Jennifer Aniston movie I have liked. Why do they keep casting her as the lead?

  4. A long time ago, I broke my mom's butter dish that she inherited from her mom (it was irreplaceable) and I still feel sick about it. Luckily my nice mama was never even ruffled. Said I was more important than the butter dish. So I hope you win yours on Ebay!

    And happy birthday early- it's your 38th right?

  5. Good luck with the butter dish. That is so agrivating to break something you love like that.

  6. I am an ebay novice so I'm pullin' for you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who breaks things.

  7. So sad it's broken, but good luck with your bidding! I haven't had good luck with ebay purchases, but Amy has great luck and experience with it, so maybe I'll give it one more try. Have you seen the Julia Roberts one yet?


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