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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Practicing A Loving Facial Expression (can make you look creepy)

I've been researching the subject of compassion this week.  I've read, and read, and read.  I've printed reams of material.  One article I came across listed several things one could do to increase your ability to practice compassion, and I was on board with most of them.  Great ideas, all.  Until I came to this one, and I don't even think I could say it with a straight face, let alone actually DO it:
"Work toward developing a loving facial expression.  Try to look at others in such a way that they know they are loved, even if they have no idea who you are."
*Blink. Blink.*  {Dewy soft doe eyes and crazy half smile}  NO - I'm sorry.  That's just scary, especially when practiced on someone who has no idea who you are.  {shudder}  I'd come off like a stalker.

I've caught myself half a dozen times this week being sarcastic and snarky.  I was kind of funny, but not really nice.  It's a tricky thing being non-judgmental and accepting.  It's odd how we all hate being judged, we all like to feel included, and we all love a good listener.  And yet - we're so quick to judgement, we tend to avoid new/different people and situations that put us out of our comfort zone, and we just can't WAIT to force our opinions and good advice on whoever will listen, instead of shutting the heck up and opening our own ears.  The few times I've managed to do those things, I've given myself (and whoever I'm dealing with) a great gift.  I've embraced new ideas, I've made new friends, I've found joy in offering another an empathetic, listening ear.  In short, I've grown.  You'd think it would become an easier habit, wouldn't you?
I KNEW I'd have some serious thinking to do this week.  And some uncomfortable inward glances.  Dang it! 


  1. I'm very interested how your loving facial expression practices go. I too am snarky and sarcastic much of the time- luckily I keep the really good zingers to myself now. I've been working on the filter you know.

  2. I'm with you on the loving facial expression. Gag me. If you are feeling loving inside, that will reflect in your countenance automatically. If not, it comes off phony...and SCARY.

    There is a lady in my ward who has a smile on her face all the time. Her affect feels inappropriate and reminds me of a Stepford wife. I avoid her.


  3. LOL, I love their comments! Ha! I need work on myself...


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