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Monday, August 30, 2010

Puerto Rico: An Adventure to the End

My daughter Katie, husband Zach, and the two princesses Mia and Hayden were supposed to kiss Puerto Rico goodbye this afternoon and have arrived in Phoenix by now.  Puerto Rico and (hurricane) Earl had other plans.  When I called Katie this morning, she and Zach were finishing up cleaning the condo.  In the dark.  With no electicity.  Or good water.  Earl was starting to shriek.  They'd sold all of their possessions, except what they had packed into several bins to bring home.  The car, furniture, and food were gone.  Did I mention they were supposed to board a plane?

No plane.  All flights cancelled.  Roads were flooded and jammed.  It was dangerous to even be out and about driving.  While they waited, wondering what to do, some good friends came and got them, and took them in for the night.  Mia was excited to have a slumber party with her friends.  Katie and Zach are exhausted, and I doubt anyone is sleeping tonight, with the wind howling, and everyone wondering if they'll be able to fly out tomorrow. (And even if they do, their flight is to Houston, arriving at 8pm.  Their flight to Phoenix doesn't connect until 8am the next morning...  Katie was trying to improve that scenario last time we spoke tonight.)
It's a frustrating feeling not being able to help.  The most I can do is get them a hotel room in Houston if they need it.  I can't get her through this little slice of Crazy Town.  The thing I'm most grateful for tonight is the cluster of really good friends that have surrounded them, and continue to support them, in Puerto Rico.  These girls, and their families, have together made life in Puerto Rico a joy - even though they're all so far away from home.  They've enjoyed and celebrated the beauty of Puerto Rico, and have laughed and cried together about the things that make it nuts.  I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of people for my daughter to sign up with.  It's been an interesting, wonderful, aggravating, absolutely incredible three years in a foreign country that's also part of the good old USA.
I think Puerto Rico is just giving Katie a big sloppy wet kiss goodbye.  In the form of Earl.  Enjoy the moisture while you can.  Safe travels, Hatch family.  Puerto Rico will soon be just a blue ocean white sand memory.


  1. I loved this post, Karen. Especially the wet, sloppy kiss good-bye image...and the mention of wonderful friends.

    Hope they get out of there soon!


  2. I hope they get out safely, and soon. I sometimes wonder what I'd do if given the opportunity to live abroad for a few years. I'd like to hope I'd be brave and make it as fun as Katie did.

  3. This is scary. I am glad they have such a great support system. I know they will make it to Phoenix and to safety!!

  4. Yay! We're home :) It feels so good. I have the BEST friends a girl could ever hope for. I couldn't have finished cleaning my apartment or gotten to the airport OR made it through that last crazy night without them. I'm going to miss them-and Puerto Rico, but I have to say I felt pretty happy this morning waking up here in a nice comfy house!


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