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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer On A Plate

Today was Mental Health Day for me.  After a very late work meeting on Thursday (during which I wondered repeatedly why I was even there) I finally got home around 10:00 feeling very glad that I'd taken the next day off.
I woke up when I felt like it, I read a little bit, had a nice, relaxed conversation on the phone with Katie, went through the blog list, worked a bit on the current Christmas sleigh I'm making, and then jumped in the shower.  After becoming presentable for company I took the Miata out for it's smog check.  I thought it would be a long wait, so I was happy that I had a new book on the i-phone Kindle to read.  I had barely started (it seemed like) when my car was done.  On the way out of the parking lot I tried to call my aunt and grandma.  No answer.  The girls were out catting around somewhere.
Went to Henry's Market and bought some pure deliciousness.  I was having a major sugar jones, and sometimes, if I bake something sweet, the tasting while I bake kind of satisfies the craving.  In the morning, while going through blogs, I spent some time on The Pioneer Woman blog, looking at recipes.  In particular, the Raspberry Cobbler and the Berries and Cream desserts.
Save me.  (How did I go this long without reading the Pioneer Woman blog?!?)
I'd jotted down the ingredients, but when I got to Henry's there were no raspberries. None.  Not a one.  Time to get creative, so I decided to make a peach and blackberry cobbler instead.  Beautiful white peaches (the halves come apart so easily, and they're so sweet and delicious!), and slightly tart blackberries - what could be more gorgeous mixed together?  I started throwing flour and oats and brown sugar together, cut in the butter, and then peeled and sliced the peaches.  Gently stirred in the blackberries.  Dropped on the lovely oat and brown sugar crumbly goodness.  Baked it and oh my - it is summer on a plate.

Then, just for fun, I bought extra blackberries, and made Ree's recipe for Berries and Cream.  Basically it's a little bowl of berries, that you pour this vanilla custard tasting nectar over.  So each bite of berry is accompanied by a spoonful of vanilla yum.  Now, we didn't sample this tonight.  There's only so much my mouth can handle in one night.  But the tasting of it was heavenly.
So now I've satisfied my little craving, but now I've got enough dessert to feed an army.  We'll have to invite someone over tomorrow night to do some clean up or L and I will be in trouble, and up to our ears in sweetness.  It's a good thing I don't take vacation days a lot.  This dessert making frenzy could become a bad habit.  Although if I gave it all away, I could make a lot of friends.


  1. mmm... that looks so good. I'd so be your bff for desserts like that (I'm so not above bribery- can you tell?)

  2. oh how i wish i lived near you so i can have a taste too! that looks soooo good right now.

  3. Why, oh why do I not live closer to you?

    I could help you dispose of these things!!!



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