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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's End

Although weatherwise it hasn't been a typical summer, or even a typical August, today was just about as perfect as it gets.  Mid 70's, light breeze blowing, and sunny.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I'd planned something to do as perfect as the weather.  Unfortunately, it was a day of getting an oil change for the Miata, a car wash for the Exploder, and {hallelujah hear the angel choir} getting my hair colored.  My regular stylist was still sick, but another lady kindly fit me in.  It was getting to be a desperate situation.  If you have (otherwise) dark hair, when gray roots grow in, and the light hits the gray/silver just right (and it always seems to hit it just right) you look like you have a bald streak.  Has anyone else ever experienced that phenomenon?  Seriously, when I first noticed it, I had to check it hard - I thought my hair was thinning.  So after a day of running around doing boring errands and self maintenance, L invited me out to dinner.  By that time, neither one of us was in the mood for fancy, so we headed to Costa Mesa and our favorite standby restaurant, Mi Casa.  Good, reliable Mexican food, a casual friendly, yes, even neighborhood-y atmosphere, and some of the oldest waitresses I've ever seen.  One of them calls us "honey" when we get her table.  We've been going there for years (ever since I've known L) and by now they all know to bring us both a Diet Coke first thing.  L and his love for Mi Casa is even a little joke with my kids - he can go on and on about how great their food is.  I like it because it's such a friendly little place, and because their bartender looks like Frank Zappa.  (We eat in the bar sometimes when it's crowded.)
When we came outside after dinner, this is what the sky looked like:

Now that's what makes me want to keep living here, even though this state is nuts, and there's too many people, and most of them are crazy.  It's these beachy evenings that make me fall in love with California, and particularly the OC,  all over again.  It's going to be my birthday soon, and I've decided what I want to do.  No fancy dinner out. I want to go to the beach, get a bonfire going, and roast hotdogs and make smores.  I'm hoping that Scott and Ashley will join us.  Then, when my hair is all wild and salty, and my clothes smell of bonfire smoke, and the marshmallows and chocolate are gone, I can go home and say goodbye to summer for another year.

* A very happy birthday to Marion today!  We both agree that our birthdays are getting much too close to the big Six-O.  It's weird to be this old, but what're ya gonna do?  We may be older, but we're wiser, we're funnier, and dang it, we've still got it going on.


  1. We should all be so lucky to love where we live this much. Love the picture. And I for one am glad summer's almost over!

  2. Beautiful sky! I love So. Cal. We were in Huntington Beach a few months back - It is so pretty.
    I am a native Northern Cali girl and our beaches are pretty but can be cold.
    I know what you mean about the hair. I am lucky that with my dark hair my gray kind of creeps in a little here and a little there so I just have to do touch ups and highlights about every 2 mths. but my friends gray comes straight down the middle and she has to get it colored once a month or she looks like she has a skunk tail. Ahhh the joys of getting older!

  3. I've had a gray patch since I was seven-freaking-teen. It's one of those lame hereditary things (i fell a little less bad cause all of my brothers have it too- they're just so dang tall that no one sees theirs)

    And I'm glad you find me funny when I have to take strange medications- at least someone gets my drug-induced humor!

  4. On the other hand, my hair actually IS thinning...to the extent that I'm afraid to color it and lose more.


    Ah well. Wish I could be there for your bonfire on the beach. It sound perfect!


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture mom! BEAUTIFUL, nice work!


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