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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, September 6, 2010

Catching Up With The Girls

For those who are interested, I saw Grandma and Margie yesterday.  You wouldn't think a 99 year old lady and her 70-something daughter would be so wily and hard to reach at home, but think again.  I've been trying for two weeks to catch up to them and finally did yesterday on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Nabbed 'em after dinner when they were too slow and docile to dodge my repeated calls.
 They're doing well in their new home.  Grandma continues to amaze me with her sense of humor and resilience.  Margie looks happy and relaxed.  Margie does not like to be photographed, so I respected it.  Yesterday anyway.  I did grab a couple of shots of Grandma.  They're not great, but I love old faces - the essence of their character becomes part of the lines and wrinkles.  And Grandma has a happy nature, and just enjoys the heck out of everyone she meets, which is evidenced here.

Grandma telling a funny story about her youngest great grandchild , Ariana.  It involved tooting/farting, which she found hilarious.  We're a classy bunch...


  1. All fart stories are hilarious! LOL, I think so anyway...

  2. 99....no way! And living with her daughter. And hard to keep up with. Perfect!

  3. I love those pictures. Enjoy her.

  4. I love your grandma vicariously- is that ok?
    And if you think farting stories, etc. are classy- you so should come to my house cause we're about as classy as it gets

  5. I think she is wonderful. And how did I miss your birthday?!


    PS. I heard many fart jokes from my grandkids this weekend. They are at that age...(And I guess it must come back on you!)


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