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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

The Mister is back home from his travels to Provo.  It was so sweet to sneak out of work early and run to pick him up at the airport.  He threw his bags in the car, and the first thing he said to me was "I'm starving - are you hungry?"  (Music to my ears since since we were down to some old romaine and a small round of Bonbel Laughing Cow cheese at our house.  And some eggs.)
The 55 freeway was jammed so we got off and went to Pei Wei in Irvine.  After a lo mein bowl and yakking L's ear off, I felt much better.  So good to have my best friend home again - I get kind of lonely without him sitting in the glow of his computer.
He had a good trip.  He and Andrew accomplished a lot.  Andrew's doc told him he needs to move on, expand his sights.  Right now he is living in an apartment owned by the state.  The other people who live there have mental health issues, and really don't live normal lives.  Andrew, by contrast, is getting better.  So much better, in fact, that he was told to move somewhere where he could be surrounded by higher functioning people who would inspire Andrew, rather than tempt him to become complacent.
In order to move, Andrew needed a job to help pay for the added expense.  His doctor told him he was up for it, and he was feeling pretty confident himself.  While his dad was there with him, he submitted several applications, and actually went on an interview.
Today, while we were sitting in Pei Wei, Andrew called.  He got a job!!  It's part time work, cleaning carpets.  This may not seem exciting to most of you, but really, this is huge.  Andrew has been recovering from a breakdown for the last year or more.  He's been fighting hard to come back through a haze of meds that have gradually been reduced more and more, giving him more clarity.  L said he was even talking a little bit about the possibility of going to school.  (!!!!!) For now though, a part time job is perfect.
Andrew will probably never be completely normal.  He'll always be a little quirky, and a lot sweet.  He fights mood swings and depression.  When he's heard enough talk or commotion, he'll get up and leave the room without a comment - even if you're in the middle of a sentence.  He sometimes needs a gentle nudge to get going.  But he tries so hard to do the right thing.  The carpet cleaning people will never regret hiring him because Andrew is one reliable, on-time, hard working person.  We're hoping that this little part time job will lead to him going to school or finding some type of training for a career he'll enjoy.
We're so grateful for all of the people around him who have been so kind and helpful.  For some reason, people who have worked with him - doctors, social workers, and counselors - have always wanted to go the extra mile for him.  Maybe in their world they don't see a lot of success stories, and in Andrew they see possibilities.  Thank goodness for all of them and their hard work and extreme kindness.  It does make a difference.

Arizona news: I've gotten reports that Mia got her first bicycle - a pink Princess one.  She loves it, and is riding it all over.  Life is getting better and the big move in is imminent.  I'm getting very excited to see everything when I go in a couple of weeks.  I've also heard rumors of a dance class and preschool.  It doesn't get better than that, does it? Well, ok - maybe if it were in Hawaii.  Other than that, preschool, dance class and a new bike are the things that make life sweet at four years old no matter where you live.


  1. I loved this post. Andrew sounds absolutely wonderful!! I am not even his mom but felt so proud when I read he got a job - that is fantastic!!
    I've dealt with these types of things in my own family and the best medicine is love and parental support - Andrew is blessed with wonderful parents who love him unconditionally - Because of this he is doing well and others like him and want to help him. Like I said he sounds wonderful. Congratulations on his recent successes.

    As for the hubs being back I can relate. It is hard to have the other half gone even for a short while.


  2. That is such great news about Andrew. And the job sounds perfect...part-time, not too stressful, but still enough responsibility to get him up and going.

    Glad things are improving in AZ, too. They are going to settle right in, I'll bet.


    PS. Glad your hubby is home.

  3. Glad that your mister is back!
    Sounds like Andrew...and Mia (with her dancing and new bkie) and both in really good places these days!

  4. Yay for a hubby back at the homestead. So glad he was able to help Andrew get things lined up, and that Andrew got a job.

    That picture of Mia is fantastic- I'm sure we'll be seeing some of her on her bike too.

  5. Just dropping by and thought I'd leave a comment. Hope you don't mind.

    Your Andrew sounds terrific. I'm so happy for him and his new job. It sounds perfect for now. I have a 25 year old son who battles depression so I could relate to this post. As parents, we can only offer love, support, guidance, hope, and prayer. All of which are the best medicine!

    Your Mia looks adorable! I want to be a grandmother in the worst way but I just keep reminding myself "All in God's timing Linda! All in God's timing!"

  6. So I picked Mia up from preschool and she didn't look happy at all. The teacher said she had a tough time and asked if she has ever been involved in a play group. i wanted to laugh since that's all she's been doing, but I'm chalking it up to her adjusting to Zach not being home and not knowing ANYONE at preschool.

  7. I think having her daddy with her might make life perfect.
    But she'll get used to it and take advantage of those weekends!

  8. Jen - you're absolutely right. Daddy is all she really wants. But seeing as how he's only home on weekends right now, at least the bike and keeping busy will take the sting out of it a little.

  9. I am new here! Just wanted to say hi :)
    Shauna from

  10. Hey Karen! You won my giveaway! Email me at jensinkpen@aol.com
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Yea Andrew!!!!! Baby steps are the ticket and it sounds like he is doing it right. I wish him success in the world and peace in his mind.

    Glad your hubby is home. Mine just got home for his 2 week stay but left this morning to go down to Idaho to fix a daughters car. It is ALWAYS something!

    Thanx for the kind words on my blog--will try to do better about getting over here to comment. I read all your posts tho--

    That little girl is soooo very yummy!


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