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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Blogging At 11:24 pm ?!?

Can you feel it?  Fall is just around the corner.  The days have been perfect blends of sunshine and warmth with just a hint of crispness, while nights are cooling off quickly once the sun goes down.  It's almost time to bring out light sweaters and maybe even some boots, but not just yet.  It still feels like I'd be pushing it just a bit - just like when I was a kid and I couldn't wait to wear a new sweater I'd gotten for school, so I'd impulsively wear it, and roast to death that day because the temperatures were still hovering around 80 during the day.  But I just couldn't wait.  I've gained a little discipline over the years, but not much.  I've got boots begging me to pull them on every time I open the closet.  Sweaters calling to me from the drawers.  Not yet though...not quite yet.
It was a rough week.  Our company is going through transition - sales territories are being realigned, people have lost their jobs.  More to come next week.  I am having to adjust how I do things, and get used to new people joining our group because their group got split up.  I'm happy to have my job still, but it's hard to know that others weren't so lucky.  The down time this weekend is doubly precious in that respect.  It's time to escape job pressure and to actually forget about the job for 48 hours.  This weekend I am going to concentrate on spending time with my true companion L, celebrating my friend Colleen's birthday by going to lunch with her and her daughters, and planning for my upcoming trip to Arizona.
I'm getting more than a little bit excited to see Katie's new house, and spend time with her and the girls, who are both getting so big.  Mia has started preschool (although she says she "doesn't need it") and Hayden is crawling all over the place.  I talked to Katie tonight, and "Daddy" had just gotten home from Tucson.  I could hear Mia in the background giggling and playing with him.  All was right with the world. Daddy was home.
I'm so tired I can hardly sit here, so I'm off to bed.  L and I went out to eat and he fed me Chinese.  It was delicious - something called "Wonderful Chicken" (Chinese restaurants are so funky!!) - and it really was wonderful.  I have to say, though, the best Chinese food I've even had was in San Francisco at a little hole in the wall called Nan King.  Amazing food.  People standing in line outside to get in.  Typically rude and abrupt waiters - they just want you to eat and get out so others can come in - but it's all part of the fun.  Anyone in the Bay Area ever eaten there?  I can't remember exactly where it was, but I loved it.  OK - I'm babbling because I'm tired.  I'll leave you with 3 new pictures of 10 month old Hayden, in honor of our upcoming visit there.  I might have to bite those chunky little legs.


  1. Oh my goodness--will you ever want to come home after being able to nibble on all that yumminess??!!! Have fun!!

  2. Can't wait for you guys to come!

  3. I'm an emotional eater too- and I love me some baby legs.

  4. Oh my goodness this little sweetheart is beautiful!! What a darling little face and YES those legs are edible!!

    I am a Bay Area girl born and raised but I have never eaten at Nan King. Our favorite is in Sunnyvale - when we lived there it was literally a little hole in the wall and it has blossomed but is still THe BEST - Oh my gosh my mouth is just watering talking about it. It is called Tao Tao.
    I will have to try Nan King next time we are down there :)


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