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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Katie's Not In Puerto Rico Anymore...

It's been a week of angst.  My daughter has landed in Arizona after 3 years of Puerto Rico.  Talk about whiplash.  The baby is teething (again), is cranky, and has cried almost nonstop since their arrival.  Her poor little nose is probably all boogery from the dry AZ climate, after only experiencing PR humidity her whole life.  Seriously.  I feel like that every time I go to Utah or Colorado to visit.  I just don't cry about it because I have discovered Mentholatum and Vick's.
Every day I've talked to Katie she's expressed loneliness (Zach is already in classes in Tucson, she has no car, and hasn't met any friends yet) and frustration (no car, living with in-laws, trying to get her house set up while having no car and living with in-laws.)  I've tried to think what I can do from California, and a couple of days ago L and I were this close to jumping on a plane to try to give her some help.
And then I had an epiphany.  I have a blogging friend who lives near where Katie moved.  I emailed her asking her a couple of questions.  And instead of simply answering my questions and telling me to have a nice day, this lovely lady (and very busy lady, I might add)  provided complete contact information and offered her help to my daughter.   I am blown away by her generosity.  She couldn't have picked a more effective way to get my friendship for life.  I offered to take her to lunch when I'm there visiting later this month, but that is totally inadequate payback.  If one of her chicks ever comes to my neck of the woods, however, I will totally be there for them.

Update today: Katie sounds like her old self.  She'd gone to her new/old house (see, its new to her, but it's about a 60 year old house...  Retro.  Yeah.  Retro.) She'd started to unpack boxes.  She bought a couch which will be delivered tomorrow.  She bought some bedding, and had some fun unpacking dishes and flatware she hadn't seen in over 3 years.  She plans to be in her "new" house by this weekend.  Tomorrow is her 6th wedding anniversary, but it seems like yesterday she was the beautiful bride.
I can't wait to get there to see everything, and help her with some things, get her little house in shape, shop for some "extras."  Until then, thanks to one of the nicest blogging friends I've never met - Jen - who was willing to go out of her way for us.  If you want to "meet" someone nice, go to her blog here .  You'll enjoy her perspective on life, and her lovely family.  She's someone I'm truly excited to meet in person.


  1. Jen is picking me up this morning at 9:30 for a trip to IKEA. Just what I needed today. I have another venting story for you later, hahaa! Thanks for contacting her Mom :) Love you!

  2. That is the best story ever, Karen! I'm not surprised in the least that Jen went the extra mile for Katie, but I am so, so delighted by it.

    Makes me smile!!


    PS. So is he attending classes at the U of A? That's where Todd is, remember?

  3. update for you, Mom:
    We had a fun morning. I'm sorry I introduced your daughter to the benefits/evils of IKEA. Once you go, you can never resist the pull again!
    Your granddaughters are darling, and once they have a few days to acclimate to AZ, they'll love it here.
    I saw the couch--it's great. And the house? I think it's really got character and potential.
    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm glad I got to spend the morning with your girls.

  4. How lucky we are to have friends we've never met, who are willing to go the extra mile to do something for someone they've never met in person, but love anyway!

    p.s. if you're ever in UT- just so ya know


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