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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good To Be Home

I'm back from Arizona, and we had a great time!  From the change of scenery (which forced me to reach for the Clariton) to different activities to family time, a good time was had by all.  It's late and most of the day was taken up with conference - a nice end to the vacation week - so I'll just post a quick couple of pictures and get myself organized later.
L and I had a really nice drive to Sedona.  Here is our first glimpse of Arizona landscape:

The blue skies and fluffy clouds just blew me away.  We reached Sedona around 6:30 in the evening and this is what we saw as we got out of the car to check in:

The sun was just setting behind the rock canyon walls.  The place we stayed (Junipine Resort - highly recommend it - ) was about 8 miles up the canyon from Sedona proper.  Our unit had a fireplace in the living room and also in the bedroom.  It had a nice little kitchen so we could cook breakfast every morning.  Along the back was a deck that ran the length of our unit and overlooked the creek below.  We left our sliding glass door open every night and fell asleep to the sound of the creek running over the rocks.  I don't normally take pictures of where we stay but I loved this place.  Here's the living room:

and... the bedroom:

Everything was so clean and cosy, and it smelled soooo good.  Not just of pine trees.  There was something else we had a hard time identifying.  When we went to the Grand Canyon a couple of days later there was a plant there that had that same scent: it was lemon sage.  The mountains in So Cal just smell dusty to me.  I've never been a big fan of mountains.  But this place smelled so fresh and clean and green - but even better.  It must have been the lemony scent thrown in.
I'll go into what we did in another post.  We had lots of fun, we got blisters on our hands from one activity, I got my view of the Grand Canyon, and we got a little fix of grandkiddie sweetness.  As an added bonus, my daughter and I got to have lunch with Jen of the Denton Sanatorium blog.    We had to deal with active kids, two babies (ours was teething and cranky), and the awkwardness that always comes (at least for me) from meeting someone for the first time.  But you guys - she is lovely.  She is cool and collected, and she came fresh from teaching a class at Institute, and still managed to be gracious and welcoming.  We ate at a wonderful little Mexican place - Tia Rosas - and had a good time.  She is even nicer in person that I imagined her to be, and I hope my shyness (because in person I am a little bit shy) wasn't too apparent.  Too soon it was over - we had a cranky baby, and she needed to get Hyrum and Evie home for naps.  Katie and I made her pose with us for a little group picture - if I'm looking a little wilted, I WAS - I wasn't used to the heat :

And we snapped a cute one of Mia and Hyrum, once they started having fun:

More adventures later.  Work tomorrow...  I'm a little bit sad about that.  It's good to be home - especially now that the weather has cooled.  Arizona was HOT!  It feels more like fall now that we're home.  Back to routine.  *sigh*


  1. I love that you got to meet Jen. You both look great in the photo!

    Sounds like Sedona was wonderful. And the place you stayed? Perfect.

    Glad you had fun.


  2. I was going to post about our lunch today. Now I can copy your pictures!
    Thanks for lunch. It was a little crazy, but that's life with kids. Hopefully you'll be back soon, and I really mean it about my guesthouse. It's furnished and empty, waiting for visitors!

  3. Like I said to Jen- green with envy, but so happy for you too. It looks like your trip was a blast.

    That last pic of Hyrum and Mia is so darling they could be siblings- those brown little peanuts!

  4. What a wonderful trip and your hotel sounds beautiful. I love the way you describe the smells - I am a "smell" person too it definately make a difference to me.
    I was over at Jen's blog a few minutes ago and saw the lunch picture. It is so fun to meet blog friends in person - so glad you guys could get together. The picture of Mia and Hyrum is darling.

  5. I'm so glad you had fun in Arizona and that you got to meet Jen. Darn, I wish I had been at Tia Rosa's, I would have invited myself to sit down. I was there last week too!

  6. Sounds like you had a good trip. Love those scenery pictures.

  7. It sounds like you had a great trip, to a part of the world I've always wished to visit. Thanks for the peak at it!


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