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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Prep

Saturday, October 9th.  Time to decorate for Halloween.  I love this time of year.  It's the gateway to the holiday season.  Nights are (supposed to be) crisp and cool, days are a bright blue haze with just a little nip in the air.  I actually got to wear sweaters last week.  And boots.  

Our neighbors beat us getting the Halloween decor out.  By the first of the week they had a ghost hanging from their tree, a RIP grave marker on the lawn, and a Jack O'Lantern sign on the way up to their door.  They have a couple of little boys who are probably getting really excited for Halloween.  So today we opened up the garage and started getting our Halloween gear out: the haunted archway with the orange and purple lights, the old ghost pirate, and our white pumpkins that spell out "BOO."  We assembled the spooky skull fence that runs along the walkway, and hung up the Haunted House sign.  

Inside, I put the Halloween runner on the table: orange and black segments embroidered with spider webs. Each end has a fluff of black feathers.  The glittery black haunted tree hung with bats is the centerpiece, flanked by two amber glass pumpkins.  We have a bowl of eyeballs and a black wire basket filled with skulls.  Halloween candles, a glass skull candle holder, an apothecary jar (topped with a silver skull) filled with gummy worms and chocolate body parts, and a large glowing Jack O' Lantern that lights up help to complete the Halloween mood in the house.

L doesn't get excited about Christmas.  He doesn't get excited about his birthday.  Or my birthday either (darn it).  But he does get excited about Halloween.  One of the tragedies of his life is that our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of children who come trick or treating.  Truly, we could buy 10 huge candy bars and we'd have enough for all of the kids who come.  It's a little sad.

This year Halloween falls on Sunday.  Which means a Saturday night Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot.  L is so excited he can hardly stand it.  He's going to decorate his car, hang the ghost pirate from the open hatch, and who knows what else.  The only thing that would make it better would be if Lexi, Mia, Matthew, and Hayden were here to enjoy Halloween with him.  (How about it guys?  One of these years, maybe??)  In the weeks ahead I'm going to try to make some special Halloween treats to give out (and send to the grandkids!)  There are so many blogs out there with some great ideas.  Check my sidebar list.  Just off the top of my head, I can list Craftily Ever After, Bakow Babble (which also has links to other ones), Creative Insanity, and for sure click on the button for Poca Cosas.  You won't be able to sleep because your head will be full of cute ideas.  I apologize for not linking to them here, but it would mean a lot of clicking in and out of this post, and copying and pasting, and I'm just too lazy right now.  Just go to my list.  It's easier that way.
What are your Halloween traditions?  I hope a lot of you will post about them.  I'm always anxious to add more to our repertoire.  One of ours is Halloween Soup.  L always makes it on Halloween night.  It's basically a heavy cream sauce to which you add slightly mashed steamed baby carrots, and slighty mashed cubed potatoes, and seasonings to taste.  Very simple.  But our grown children request it if they're around on Halloween, and L is sort of famous in our family for it.  It's become something fun to do, and is a quick hearty dinner before an evening of trick or treating.
I'm fully involved in the season, and am looking forward to all of the fun - scary and otherwise.


PS: To get the fun Halloween effects for your own photos, go to picnik.com and check it out.  I don't have the photoshop program (maybe for Christmas??) but picnik allows me to have all kinds of fun.  These Halloween effects are especially fun.


  1. Boy, do you have some cool decorations! I love that orange lantern-looking thing with the owl and cat and jack-o-lantern on it.

    I think Halloween at your house will be very fun indeed, and the soup sounds perfect, too.


  2. Is that an orange chair???!! You have the coolest decorations ever! I so need you to come help me start collecting for and decorating this vault that I have moved into!

  3. I must repent, I covet your Halloween decor- will you forgive me?
    That said- I make black licorice caramels, and oreo truffles decorated like little ghosts.

  4. You really have some great decor - I especially love that you put up a spooky skull fence and your table is beautiful (oh and scary - ha ha!).
    I love this time of year too - It is a tie for my favorite holiday - it is so fun to decorate.
    We don't get many trick or treaters anymore so I love the Truck or Treat at church.

  5. You're Halloween decorations are awesome! Funny, I saw those effects on picnik before seeing your blog and was wondering how they worked. They look amazing over your photos, so spooky! You forgot to add my link for Halloween goodies (halloween skirt tutorial, pumpkin candy bracelets, etc.)


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