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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Your Sassy On

OK girls - I'm going to tell you about this cute thing I learned to do with my hair on days when I don't want to do anything with my hair, but I want it to look like I really thought about it.  As I already told you, this can be done with short hair, medium hair, or long hair.  Makes very little difference.
To back up, when I went to get my hairs did on Saturday, my stylist came bouncing up to fetch me (she is adorable) and I almost didn't recognize her.  Usually she has the cutest short hair - amazing short hair - but that day she had a pretty cotton scarf covering her head and tied in the back in a sort of knotty bow.  Then she had put a newsboy cap over it all.  Don't worry - this doesn't involve a cap.  I loved the look, but I'd never wear a hat even if I had one.  Well, maybe I'd wear it once and then I'd get self conscious and never wear it again.  
I asked her how she did the scarf and she showed me, and then said that I could just use a scarf as a sort of headband, rather than a full head scarf, but tie it the same way in back.  Since her hair is short, she just knotted and tied it in the back.  For me, since my hair is long, I bring my hair over to one side behind my ears and twist and pin it into a little bun.  If little hairs stick out, so much the better.  It shouldn't look perfect.  The scarf that's shown in the picture is kind of long and not too wide and has fringe on the ends.  I usually use it as a belt.  So I folded it to the width I wanted and then brought the ends to the one side under the bun and tied them into a bow.  The ends are still long, so I pulled the bow parts as long as possible without pulling the ends through and tied them again into a bow.  (Like double tying your shoelaces.)  Whatever short ends are hanging down you just tuck into the scarf.  The bun is above the bow and the scarf keeps all the little short ends (my hair is layered) nice and tidy.  It's a little bohemian, and a little bit sassy.  My coworker called it edgy.  I was just happy that it was quick, easy, and I was out the door in a hurry while still looking like I'd done more than pull it back in a rubber band.

Back View: I know this is hard to see - in person the scarf doesn't look this bulky, but it was hard to photograph  well. You could even tuck the bow ends in if it looks too wonky out. You kind of have to play with it.

When I did this over the weekend L thought it was so cute, and I did too.  I wore it this way to work today, and I have to say it's a little bit edgy for the office.  Our office is more casual than some so it was OK but for knocking around town or on the weekends, this is the best little trick to do.  I let my bangs hang out, but you can experiment with how much or how little you want your hair to show in the front.  Everyone will be a little different.  I think it might depend on the scarf too.  The one I used in the picture is kind of natural and bohemian, but I tried it with a more preppy wool scarf I have (that is also not such a long length) and it was a little more polished looking.
So have fun and experiment a bit with it!  I'm sorry the pictures aren't more clear.  It was hard to get it right so you could see what was done.  But it's cute - it is!  (Although I know some of you are shaking your heads in doubt because of my pictures.)  Just try it, ok?

One more thing I must announce: my daughter Katie has purchased a new computer and is now ready to be able to begin again with her photography and retouching.  If you live in the Phoenix/Mesa area and would like your family photographed for the holidays - or for any reason at all - she is taking appointments.  She does beautiful work, her prices are reasonable (lots of bang for your buck!) and I don't think you'd be sorry.  For prices, information, and a peek at some of her other work, go to her photography blog here  And don't pre-judge her photography skills by mine.  I taught her nothing in this arena because I know nothing.  Amen.

I hope you'll try this little trick with your hair.  If you do, tell me how it works out for you.  I'm one of those people who buy scarves, thinking I'm going to tie them around my neck, and I never never do.  Now I can use some of the pretty ones I have in a way that's comfortable.  And it'll be a lifesaver on a bad hair day.  And you Arizona folk - contact Katie and let her work her camera magic on your beautiful families.  You'll get some memories that will be quite special.  And you'll rise up and call me blessed for suggesting it.

The latest photo Katie took of Mia - isn't this gorgeous?


  1. Yeah, but you're so cute anyway! Looks fun. I could try it on Halloween and if it looks doofus on me, I can just say it's a costume!
    Your daughter's a good photographer. Too bad I don't live in the Mesa area...any more!

  2. I was kind of afraid this would discourage people until they tried it... Connie - Try it with a tame, quiet scarf in colors that look good on you. (With your coloring you have a huge choice!) It's just a cute little accessory that sparks up a plain hair day - and trust me, I'm not really good with accessories. So if I can do it, so can you. (And I'm not that cute either - let's just say I love PhotoShop. I'm not nearly that dewy looking in person! I just present myself how I look in my head...)

  3. Actually, I think you're pretty cute in person...


    PS. The scarf idea is great. I'm no good with hair OR scarves, but maybe I'll give it a try!

  4. LOL, I've warn a scarf on my head before around you but I guess you didn't think it was very cute at the time, hahaa! You look so sassy and cute with it! I think it looks cuter with bangs so maybe that's why it didn't catch your eye when I had it on. I wore my hair in two buns instead of one off to the side. Maybe I'll give the one bun to the side a whirl. Thanks for the shout out!

  5. That is a super cute hair done- and you're pretty super cute too, photoshop and all. I wish I lived in the mesa area right now, we just got snow- yuck. And I'd be able to get some good photogging done by your cute Katie

  6. Mia, that sassy little pants!! I need to see them again. Sooo busy in life right now.
    I wish I could pull this off. I'm gonna try, and I'll keep you updated. My problems is that I have so little hair that I could end up looking like a chemo patient.
    But I'll try.

  7. I'm going to try it in front of my bathroom mirror with the door locked. That's where I do all my wild experiments.

  8. That looks very cute! So stylish! I wonder if it would look okay on me even though I don't have bangs. :)

  9. So pretty! I love this look! I don't have much time for my hair these days so this would be something I could do so I don't look too scary. Great idea--Thank you!!

    p.s.I agree-- Mia is gorgeous.

  10. Awww.. looks so awesome on you! I don't know if I could pull it off. Maybe test it out sometime......


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